Stats are numerical values which help determine in game play how strong or weak a character is at performing certain tasks.
For the most part they determine how your character should be played (are they frail, nimble, clever, gruff, etc).

Skills also have numerical values which help boots the chances a character will be successful at certain actions. and help reflect how proficient the character may be at certain tasks and professions in the game world.

The combination of using a stat with a skill is known as mights.

Which Stats a player may use on their character is largely determined by what kind of action they want to succeed at or situation they are reacting to..

Most actions will make use of these stats often using two trait rolls, though sometimes a one trait roll may be requested.

    Life: Has two functions - Hit Points and Mental Points.
    • Hit Points are how much damage a character can take.
    • Mental Points are how a measure of how long a character can withstand non-damaging mental or phantasm effects.

    The others can be grouped into two broad categories:

      Physical Stats: These are most often used for actions that make use of one’s physical capabilities.
      Examples: Running, Punching, Kicking, Hand to Hand Combat.

      • Endurance (END): Physical Resistance; Fortitude
      • Strength (STR): Physical Power; Toughness
      • Dexterity (DEX): Physical Coordination; Deftness

      Mental Stats: These are most often used for actions that make use of one’s mental capabilities, includes all flavors of Magic and Psi actions.
      Examples: Casting a spell, trying to convince someone of something, solving a puzzle

      • Intellect (INT): Mental Acuity; Reasoning
      • Spirit (SPIR): Mental Power; Wisdom
      • Charisma (CHA): Mental Resistance; Influence

In order to improve a character one must invest XP into its stats and skills.

How much XP it costs is tied to how high the stat already is: the higher it is currently, the more XP it will take to raise it even higher.

To raise a stat it costs 10% of their value, rounded down.
Example: When your INT is at 20, it takes 2 XP to raise it to 21. It will stay that 2:1 ratio until you get it to 30, when it becomes 3:1, and so on.

Skills, on the other hand, are cheaper to raise. Raising a skill costs 7.5% of its current level, rounded down.
Example If your skill is at 10, then it takes .75 xp to raise it to 11. Then when it is at 20 it will then take 1.5 XP to raise it to 21. The only exception is when you're raising a skill from 0-10, which also costs .75 XP per point.