Skill Guide: Other Mundane Skills

General Note
There is no difference between ruling magic and mundane. The system treats them both the same one. The main difference is the flavor of the skill and how the player may describe the action, but the end result no matter if it is magic or mundane is the same.

Also like with magic skills it is possible to combine parts of combat skills with parts other mundane skills to make one skill. As it is all limited by three Aspects.

-- Examples --

Awareness: An enhanced sense of sight and scent.
(Aspect: Discover, Discover, --)
NOTE: Awareness skills can, at most, affect two senses: sight and sound, sound and scent, any combination of two. Magic/Psi detection is considered a '6th sense' in this case. So the third aspect for awareness is about expanding the use of the skill beyond the basic awareness - such as tracking to help bolster awareness, or the ability to operate an enhance sense.

Deft Movement: Careful motion and agile tricks to avoid notice, bypass physical obstacles like walls or narrow passages, and move nimbly to avoid immediate threats.
(Aspects: Move, Conceal, Avoid)
NOTE: Stealth and acrobatics can be combined into the same skill. Characters with wings or other natural, specialized motion do not need a skill to know how to fly, etc., and a deft movement skill would apply to all forms of movement.

Charm: A talent for playing the emotions of others to win them over, seducing their better senses and leaving them open suggestion.
(Aspects: Convince, Weaken, --)

Bluff: Clever manipulation of another through careful words and control over ones "tells" so that they seem sincere. Includes a talent at noticing when the user is being deceived by others using a similar talent.
(Aspects: Convince, Discover, --)

Intimidation: Forceful intimidation of others through real or perceived threats, which can be used to get information out of them, to coerce them into a given action or to make them flee the area with all haste.
(Aspects: Convince, Weaken, --)

Environmental resistance: Resistance against environmental factors such as extreme pressures, extreme temperatures and toxic elements, knowledge of how to avoid them and the stamina to stay conscious when weakened.
(Aspects: Endure, Know, Endure)

Linguistics: An aptitude for languages in the general sense, including intuiting structure for spoken or written languages to allow baseline, simplistic communication even with someone who doesn't speak any of the same languages, or those who don't speak a formal language at all.
(Aspects: Know, Craft, Operate)

Knowledges: Knowledge of the culture and history of the Gargorian people, as well as current political interactions, and the ability to use that knowledge to anticipate what may result from the interactions with the Gargorian politics.
(Aspects: Know, Discover, Predict)