Sirian Vehicle Numbers

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list of Sirian vehicles, just a list of primary examples for standard models to help SHs calculating vehicle Stats on the fly, or to model custom craft off of.

Understanding Vehicle Stats

  • LIF is the HP of the vehicle. At zero, it’s disabled. At negative its LIF, it's beyond repair.
  • END is its armor and helps defend against outside attacks. It replaces the END might for passengers and pilot alike for any damage coming from outside the vehicle.
  • STR is the power of its weapons or its ramming speed for attacking. This replaces the pilot's stat, just like the fixed STR of a handheld gun would.
  • DEX is the maneuverability of the vehicle. This is the maximum might that a pilot driving/flying it can use. If the pilot's might (DEX + skill) is less than the vehicle's DEX, use the pilot's might. Else, use the vehicle's DEX. It serves as a cap.

Shuttle (750 build points, cost: 1500s)
A passenger vehicle capable of vertical takeoff and landing. Current shuttles are rigged for both atmospheric and low-orbit travel.

  • LIF 500
  • END 150
  • STR 50
  • DEX 50

Pipe Fighter (1050 build points, cost: 2100s)
Pipe fighters are one-man, combat-ready flying machines capable of both atmospheric and space travel.

  • LIF 300
  • END 75
  • STR 50 (Ramming)
  • DEX 125
  • Pulse Cannon (2x)
    • LIF 50
    • END 50
    • STR 150
    • DEX 0 (Uses fighter DEX for targeting)

Motorcycle (250 build points, cost: 500s)
A motorized two-wheeled vehicle with no cabin for passenger protection

  • LIF 70
  • END 50*
  • STR 50
  • DEX 80

APC (450 build points, cost: 900s)
An armored personnel carrier for transporting troops by land over any type of terrain

  • LIF 200
  • END 120
  • STR 60
  • DEX 70

Thruster pack (165 build points, cost: 330s)
A personal thruster backpack for advanced maneuverability in space by firing multidirectional vents of compressed gas

  • LIF 50
  • END 25*
  • STR 25
  • DEX 65

* Any open craft that doesn't surround its pilot, like motorcycles and thruster packs, does not grant its END stat to the driver/pilot. The stats are for when the vehicle is targeted directly or otherwise sustains and has to resist damage.