SH Course - Stage Three - Advanced Story Hosting

Stage Three - Advanced Story Hosting

Content Evaluation
At any time between passing ASH Test Two and taking ASH Test Three, the ASH will need to become a certified content evaluator for items and characters. This step is required in order to become a full SH, but it can be done at any time, and no sessions are required for completion.

Item and Character Evaluation

Content Evaluation Exam
Take the Content Evaluation Test

Once the ASH has completed their fifth session, they'll be eligible for ASH Test Three. The Stage 3 materials cover advanced principles of story hosting, the importance of IC consistency, and how to deal with the difficult situations that can arise during a session.

Continuity and Realism

Best Practices for Session Running

Handling Difficult Situations

Tips & Tricks (Optional)

Stage Three Exam
Take the Final ASH Test

Peer Review
Upon submitting ASH Test Three, the site's active SHs will be notified by email that a new SH candidate has completed the final stage. The SHs will be able to review the ASH's answers to the final test, as well as their 8 session reports from previous sessions. Once at least three SHs approve the new candidate, the ASH becomes a full SH.