SH Course

In order to become a SH one must undergo some additional training to learn the game system and setting details that is needed to run sessions and help with additional responsibilities such as approving items and characters, and helping out players.

To begin training to be a SH a player must have at least 40 HXP. This is to ensure that the player has some experience as a player, has a base idea of the system and setting, knows the site community, and are past the new-account probationary period.

The SH Course which is broken up into three stages.

    Stage One- The Basics: This is where one starts their training to become a SH. This is stage is about learning the very basics and getting an introduction on what to expect on being a SH. One becomes an ASH (Apprentice Story Host) - often referred to as ASH 1, once they have completed the Stage One Exam. Then the ASH 1 must run 3 sessions with the help of a SH mentor.
  • SH Course - Stage One - Basics Materials

    Stage Two - Ruling: During this stage the ASH will train more on their own, learning the more precise details of the system, how it works, how to design sessions one their own, and how to keep with setting continuity. After performing the 3 mentored sessions and passing the Stage Two Exam, the ASH 1 will become an ASH 2. Then the ASH 2 must run 5 sessions.

  • SH Course - Stage Two - Ruling Materials

    Stage Three - Advance Story Hosting: The final stage. Here the ASH will learn some of the more intricate and complicated responsibilities that come with being a SH as well as how to evaluate items and characters. Once the ASH has completed their 5 sessions and pass the, ASH 3 Test and the Final Exam they will then be a full SH. Unlike the other tests, the final exam is all open ended essay where the current SH's will review the answers.

  • SH Course - Stage Three - Advanced Story Hosting Materials

NOTE: Testing and Retesting
With the exception of Final Exam, all tests in the SH course are automatically and immediately graded, meaning a new ASH need never wait on outside confirmation until the end of the process.

Tests One & Two can be repeated as often as necessary until the ASH passes them. All submissions are recorded and can be reviewed by System at any time to get a feeling for areas where the ASH may be repeatedly struggling in case more personal instruction is merited.

If an ASH fails to gain approval for Final Exam within one month of the date of submission, they may be asked to retake the ASH course (including the 8 sessions required) in order to improve their story hosting capabilities to better meet site standards.

System retains the right to adjust the required number of sessions and the minimum number of SH approvals required after the Final Exam to better fit site needs in the future. For instance, if the site goes into a lull, the required number of SH approvals may be temporarily reduced in order to account for a low number of active SHs.

Additional Resources for Mentors

Why is the SH course designed like this?