Running Sessions

The following is a schematic of a generic session. It's intended as an example for new SHs to understand the process. Your own particular design process may vary slightly from these guidelines, which is entirely fine, these are just meant as a sample for those looking for guidance or a good place to start.

Preparing the Session

  1. Isolate a conflict - pick a challenge that the characters will attempt to overcome. It will need to be narrow enough in scope that it can be done in a single session.

  2. Plan the numbers - give your NPCs Stats and pick reasonable difficulties for the various challenges the PCs will face.

  3. If need be, check with World - If your challenge could have a lasting impact on the IC world, or if your NPCs have any mights over 140, check them with World department to make sure they approve everything.

  4. Schedule the session - Add a new Event via the "Add content" list to schedule the session and inform the players of when you'll be hosting it. Most of our sessions average out to roughly 30 minutes a round, so when you set the timeframe for your session, keep that in mind - it may help with planning out how much content you can fit in your time slot.

Running the Session

  1. Set the scene - Open with a narrative describing the immediate surroundings at the location you've selected. Try to give the characters a taste of something unique or amiss, so that they have something to respond to or investigate.

  2. Manage the pacing - As the session gets underway, keep things moving. If the characters seem to be stalling out, give them more details or change the environment slightly to give them direction and reason to keep going forward. Whenever combat breaks out, let the players know you'll be keeping track of rounds, and ask them to post only once per round so that you don't lose anyone in the shuffle.

  3. Run the numbers - Whenever dice are rolled, it's your job to rule them and determine the result. Use the Helper where possible to speed up running the numbers, and always remember to provide flavor and description with what's happening to translate raw numbers into digestible results for the characters.

  4. Write the epilogue - Once the action is over and the challenge dealt with, close things out for the characters, letting them know the difficulty has passed and letting them bask a bit in what happened, and what it means for their personal futures.

Wrapping Up the Session

  1. Award XP - Grant XP to your players. The typical rate is 1 XP per hour they participated. Use the "flavored" XP types where appropriate (PXP for physical actions, etc)

  2. Award Items or Silver - Any cash or items the characters looted or were awarded during the session should be added to their sheets. Items should be submitted through the "Add content" system for approval.

  3. Write up a Session Report - When all is said and done, add a Session Report (under "Add content") describing In Brief what happened during the session and listing the XP, silver and items that were awarded to each character who participated. As well as the location and date(s) of the session. Session reports are required to be posted within 48 hours of the session ending

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