Recent System Changes

January 2018

  • Derived Stats have been removed from the system.
  • Actions that once used those stats now either use the combination of stats that made up the derived stat or have been merged into a remaining stat.
  • Actions are now a standard 2 trait roll. Single trait rolls still exist, but in a more specialized manner or when reflecting actions versus the environment in general.

All of 2017

Over the year there was a series of updates made to the combat system and the general handling of magic actions to ensure that there is truly no difference between magic or mundane/physical actions in the system. This was a major overhaul but this is the basics of the changes:

  • The only difference now between magic and mundane is which stats will be used and flavored.
  • Stat descriptions were simplified and catergorized. Life was given its own role (Health pool and mental pool) then the remaining stats evenly divided up into Physical or Mental types with each type having a stat that had similar functions in combat. See stats page for more in depth information
  • Magical combat changed to work just like physical combat.
  • Magic combat actions can take advantage of weapon bonuses just like physical combat actions. They also are limited to weapon families just like physical.
  • Actions counter Actions - it's no longer tied to specific stats or ‘type’ of action (ie magic or mundane - they can counter each other since type no longer matters, just which action)
  • Defense actions have both a physical stat and mental stat set tied to each and can universally
  • Combat defense has been defined as 4 categories and a character can benefit from 1 type of defense from each category at a time
  • Movement worked on to have same rules for all types
  • Rules clarified for using movement in combat
  • Rules clarified for Phantasm and Mental Effects (ie non damage combat)
  • Rules clarified for Crowd Control
  • Rules clarified for AoE fields
  • Interrupting any action added to defense (avoid) aspect as an all or nothing special move.
  • Temporary companions categorized and grouped into difficulties for ease of play and ruling

March 2017

  • IC employment to move from granting a bonus of up to 15+ econ to being reflecting as an item akin to the buisness system. This item will provide a monthly perk that will be unlocked with RP for that month reflecting the employment.

September 2016

  • Item appearances do not have any effect on an items stats or reveal the traits of the item Appearances are all essentially flavor and have no real effect in the game.
    What does matter is the actual stats,and these can only be discovered by using a skill with a discover aspect or through general play until such a point that it would be revealed.

August 2016

  • IC businesses will be treated like all other organizations where applicable. In such cases where that does not apply then the business will be represented as an item. It is possible for a business to be both especially if it becomes more of a setting fixture in time.
  • Any PC created business must have a NPC in a position of control/management. If one is not set by the player then Setting will give them one.
  • Any perks granted by the business item will require active play to unlock.
  • If a player with a character owning a business goes inactive then Setting will assume control of the business using the NPC in the management position.
  • Should the player return - they will have to work to regain the business as if starting all over.

June 2016

  • All skills that make use of an item will work like skills using weapons.Where applicable rather than a skill being tied to a narrow and very specific item, it will instead allow use of any item that is in the same family group. Such as instruments: If a skill makes use of a guitar to perform then that skill will also be able to be used with other string instruments of a similar nature.
  • Groups and Organizations will make use of the Reputation System for ranks and how to obtain open positions. This includes, businesses, guilds, political organizations, military/law enforcement, etc.
  • All groups and organizations created by a PC will be required to have a NPC in a position of power that will take over in the absence of the PC/player. Certain organizations that are considered to have a great impact on the setting requires at least 50% of the positions be held by NPCs under Setting’s control.
  • Players do not retain control over organizations or positions their character’s hold should they become inactive. After 6 months of inactivity by a player, any group/organization they created will be considered abandoned and Setting will take over control. ANy positions their characters held will become available for other players to pursue if they choose or be filled by Setting with NPCs as needed. If the player returns they will have to work to gain anything back.
  • Players can not choose successors to a character’s position that requires use of reputation. When a player chooses to have their character leave a position, then any other character that may try for it must follow the reputation rules in place for that position.

May 2015

  • Weapons with Fixed Strength value (instead of percentage bonuses to damage) have been refactored to fall into the standard weapon groups. Firearms have gained a flat bonus damage based on weapon group to represent their enhanced lethality, per request from Setting.
  • Weapon skills now apply to a broad weapon type ("swords") rather than a narrow, specific weapon unit ("scimitars"). A single skill allows a given character to use a weapon in any group provided it's of that type (a sword skill allows the use of Light short swords, Medium long swords and Heavy two-handed swords).
  • Rules for Explosives have been added to the SH Course treating them as Environmental Damage effects. "Explosives" includes both mundane explosives as well as stored damaging magical effects (like a potion of fireball).

April 2015

  • "Skill Verbs" to help firm up already-established three-facet system of skill balance have been added to allow players to clearly specify the abilities within a skill to avoid confusion during Character Creation and ruling.

    Skill Verbs/Aspects

March 2015

  • Major change to armor and magical shielding rules. Armor now works as direct damage reduction (incoming and outgoing), and mage shielding works as a PP/7 bonus to the same reduction to standardize the two systems - bringing magical shielding down in terms of effectiveness and physical armor up to match.

February 2015

  • Slight change made to Shapeshifting skills, allowing permanent (two roll) or temporary (pp/7 round) changes with any skill, regardless of existing wording. Previously, characters were forced to pick one type or the other and could not change it once decided for the skill.
  • Updated the Crafting Rules to accommodate Fixed value items (like guns or crossbows), as well as drones and golems

January 2015

December 2014

  • Added Vaxian Ships and Vehicles stats
  • Crafted Sirian EMP Mechanics after the situation came up several times in sessions
  • Removed Dynamic Difficulty from magic casting after a six-month pilot per results of System dept vote
  • Updated weapons to the new Unarmed/Light/Medium/Heavy model with associated MAP impact after a six-month pilot per results of System dept vote

October 2014

August 2014

  • Removed the heal/harm ban barring a single magic skill from both healing damage and dealing damage.
  • Removed the associated teleportation ban barring magic skills from including teleportation elements alongside damage or healing aspects.
  • Removed Sirian specializations. All skills were brought into the former "semi-specialized" band

July 2014

  • New rules for handling System Rules/Ruling/Environmental Damage (like falling) added to the SH course.
  • Added clarification of disarm as a kind of parry to the Combat Ruling section of the SH Course
  • Added clarification of the System Rules/Animal Companions and Drones rules, including how to build new companions
  • New cap on total Economy score boost from employment sources set to 15

May 2014

  • New weapon system pilot launched for six-month pilot (ending in Nov 2014), trying out a seemingly more balanced approach of weapon groups.
  • All existing items are being reclassified and the technical admin is working on a way for ASHs and SHs to submit session numbers for a real-data analysis at the end of the pilot period.

March 2014

  • Rules on System Rules/Animal Companions and Drones added to the wiki.

February 2014

  • Not so much a change as an addition: notes on handling multiple targets and area effects were added to the System Rules and SH Course. ASH Test 2 has been updated to reflect the change.
  • Session Reward Guidelines have been added to the System Rules and SH Course
  • Rules for handling special magical skills (Metamagic, Shapeshifting and Teleportation/Portal Magic) have been added to the System Rules and SH Course for clarification
  • The suggested difficulties for handling Teleportation and Portal Magic have been reduced slightly to bring them somewhat more in line with expected effect by might, similar to earlier changes to enchantment rules.

January 2014

  • Magic difficulties when targeting a person or creature have been updated - instead of using the target's mights as difficulty, it is now the base spell difficulty plus their resisting stat.
  • In the rare case that the target has a skill specifically for magic resistance or avoidance, it should be added to the difficulty. Most standard combat skills do NOT fall into this category - the skill would typically only provide magical avoidance or resistance.

October 2013

  • Skill specializations in Sirian now use flat penalties (a number assigned to the Difficulty, not the Might) rather than a percentage of the character's might.
  • Our rationale was that percentages disadvantage higher-might characters unevenly when they should affect everyone on a flat scale. Modifying difficulty also has less impact on the Points Produced than modifying the Might, and should be more predictable overall for SHs to account for during sessions.

August 2013

  • The previous guidelines for the XP required to learn a new skill have been abandoned in favor of a universal 3 XP requirement. If you want a new skill, you must roleplay 3 XP worth (210 KXP) of practice and learning.
  • If you have a teacher working with you (someone with a skill of at least 40 in a similar area), the XP requirement is reduced to 2 XP (140 KXP)
  • Some skills (such as forbidden magics) will still require a teacher, who must have a skill of at least 40 in the appropriate area to mentor.

May 2013

  • Many DEX-based skills now rely on Reflexes instead, in order to be properly matched with Awareness (another derived stat). The intention here is to match a derived stat against a derived stat, and full against full, for balance in skill cost. This list includes:
    • Stealth
    • Intrusion (breaking and entering)
    • Sleight of hand
  • Reflexes is to be replaced with Finesse, which functions the same way, just under a new name.
  • Ranged combat now uses DEX, STR and END, just like Melee combat, rather than the now-defunct "Aim" stat