Acquiring New Skills

Once you make a character doesn't mean that character is only stuck with the skills you made them with. In fact on of the many ways you can grow and develop a character is to gain new skills over time.

ICly there are many different methods one can take advantage of to have their character learn new skills. However Setting may have certain restrictions due to current events on which methods are available, or have to be done. We will post those here to help make that information available, but System can not change anything in that regards.

Game mechanics there are just three ways one can gain a new skill, however a couple of those are restricted by how much HXP (historical XP) a character has gained.

Under 20 HXPs

HXP stands for Historical XP. It is the total amount of XP that character has gained since its activation.

We understand that sometimes a concept may not work out as expected, or some ideas tend to go in a different direction then anticipated. Sometimes there is just a learning curve. Whatever the reason, we give a grace period to let a player try out their idea and have some time to switch it up if they want, which is until the character reaches 20 HXP.

So long as a character is under 20 HXPs a player may adjust and change anything they would like to adjust with the assistance of a SH and its within the rules of both System and Setting. This includes stat and skills.

This can be done a couple of ways:

Redoing Skills - If a player doesn't like how they were playing out, or just wants to change things up from adjusting the Points in the skills or the aspects and wordings. A player may even try and take out points of some Stats and skills to add in a new skill.

Adding in a Skill at 0 - Every character can start with a single skill at 0. If a player doesn't want to change any of their numbers then this option can work out. However it is only 1 per character, and once that character hits 20HXPs that option is no longer available.

Over 20 HXPs

Once a character has more then 20HXP the grace period to change Stats and Skills is over (Backgrounds can still be altered by talking with Setting.)

There is only one way that a character may learn new skills, which is through RP.

  • The base RP requirement to learn a new skill on your own is 3 XP, or 210 KXPs worth of posting.
  • If working with a trainer (someone with a skill of 40 points or higher in the relevant area), the RP requirement is reduced to 2 XP, or 140 KXPs worth of posting.

This RP does not have to be done in a single sitting, after all that is a lot posting. So it can be broken up and done in chunks and all put in a scene which will also help you track your progress.

Then once you reach the required XP/KXPs you can submit the scene, and in the notes section put the very skill you desired to have added. After a review by a SH to ensure all requirements have been met and ensure the skill passes, the skill will be added to the character at 0.

There is also no time limit on posts you can use for a gaining skill scene. So if you notice your character having a lot of posts of actions that could be added in for a new skill - you can use those!
Scene Creation Guide

ICly Restricted Skills

On occasion Setting may have restrictions in how certain skills are learned in character. This is often a reflection of certain IC events or regional themes in the setting. We will post those restrictions here, but if ever in doubt feel free to ask in the forums!

Current Restrictions


  • None


  • None


We have since updated our scene tools and archiving tools which has removed the need for certain exceptions.

In the cases of a long history of rp - any posts can be dug up from the Archives and added into a skill learning scene as outlined above. If there is any trouble adding in an archive post a request can be made on the forums to get some help adding it in.

If a SH desires to award a character a skill after noticing a trend in RP or by a character stumbling into a RP quest that could lead to one - then that must also be recorded and submitted through a scene as well assigned to the targeted character.

We understand we can not account for every possible case, so if you feel like may qualify for a possible exception to needing to use the above rules, you may petition your case on the forums to be reviewed.