The Three Fs

The most core principle to Vaxia, in and out of character, is the balance of the 3 F's: fun, freedom and fairness.

The words are self-explanatory, but it's the order that matters:

  1. Fun - The general enjoyment of the members
  2. Freedom - The freedom to do what you like, as long as it doesn't hurt other people's fun or freedom
  3. Fairness - The leveling stick that will keep anyone from getting the short end of the stick in site matters

We have a lot of rules and policies in place that ensure fairness, but notice that it's at the bottom of the list. Sometimes, if something is fun and doesn't negatively impact the fun and freedom of others, the rules matter a little less. The rules and guidelines are supposed to be something that ensures everyone gets their equal share of the fun here, they should never become like a weight around your neck, or an excuse to level things for leveling's sake. Fairness is valuable insofar as it protects people's fun, and it should be considered, but it shouldn't be the guiding star for how we operate day to day.

That should be guided by what we find fun :)

Think of this like a Venn diagram. You want to target that triangle where all three are part of whatever you're doing. But if you've got to pick which direction to go outside of that triangle - go with Fun.

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