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Quick Overview

A common question is 'what kind of technology is there?'

Let's start with the basics that personally affect your character's world.

Computers, music players, television, movies, music, personal Communicators data terminals, Food and Drink replicators, intrawebs, radio, cars, starships, tablets, guns, energy weapons, grenades, energy grenades, moving sidewalks, earbuds, headphones, crossbows, tanks, faster than light travel, teleportation, interactive computer displays, voice commands, semi-universal translating devices, video games, face-eating lizards.. you know, standard stuff.

So, there is the Internet


What about the intraweb on-ship?

Yes - kinda. Before leaving, Fleet uploaded sizable-relevant chunks of the web so that the crew could have something to entertain themselves with, as well as to add to. So, groups made forums to work on projects, as well as get ideas from what might be out there. When the Fleet returns, they can upload their changes to the web and download more information. But while on mission - they're out of touch with the rest of the web.

So, what kind of technology is in a standard room or house?

Fridge, freezer, stove, large scale television monitor perhaps OLED or with some curved screen. Computer or 'data terminal,' personal tablet or laptop. Voice activated items like showers, the aforementioned monitor, and general security system.

On Fleet, that cooking devices would be replaced with customizable food and drink replicators, and a single data-terminal or screen. Plus, whatever was assigned to you or brought with.

So, how is this all powered?

Sirian Technology is powered by Deuterium based Nuclear Fusion and sometimes in larger technology by an unnamed Super Heavy element with more densely packed Ions. That is then distributed wirelessly or through energy packs and cells.


Exactly. That's not important, as that is at power plants and/or the engines of ships, or in your weaponry. Most items are powered wirelessly. Items like stoves, tvs, water heaters, lights, etc have receptors or small antenna that catch the wireless signals and power them. While things that have batteries like laptops, tablets, backup powered for security systems, earbuds have receptors and antenna that catch the signals and charge the batteries.

Good rule of thumb: if it is plugged in in the real world, it is powered wirelessly by constantly pulling energy. If it has a battery, it has the antenna and battery charged up. After all, wireless can't be everywhere.

You kind of casually threw in replicators up there

Yes, there are replicators. Or maybe a better way would be to describe them as really awesome 3-d printers. But yes, replicators. On Sirian Planet replicators are mostly used in factories, or the creation of items and parts. Food and Drink replicators can be acquired for the home, but most people still cook their food, or go out to bars and restaurants where food is cooked fresh and drinks made to order. People complain that while the salad looks right, it still doesn't taste 'fresh.'

Out on fleet, replicators are the most efficient use of space. So, each room has some kind of replicator, while the mess hall has more expansive versions with larger memories and variety. Engineering has massive replicators that are used to make replacement metals, beams, parts, wires, or whatever might be needed to repair or upgrade the ship.

Mind you, the replicators need to get their 'stuff' from somewhere. So, they need to be filled now and then. At home, that means going to the store and buying some new packs for it. In fleet, that means conservation of materials. After all, they planned to feed everyone for a mission, not have the ship thrashed dozens of times or need to replace most guts of the ship.

So, what kind of money does my character use to buy these things?

Money does exist outside of Fleet and Sirian City However, as Sirian Planet tries to align itself as one government (and meets resistance), that means each culture or city has their own. Basically, a barter, trade and favor system is going on inside of Sirian City and Fleet with people exchanging ration permissions or their own discoveries. For planet side money, see more here: Sirian/Money And Employment

Starships are about. Does that mean Warp Speed?

Kinda, but it operates on a different principle. It is faster-than-light travel and accomplished through dimensional space. For more info, click here: Sirian/Items and Equipment/Starship Engines