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Harassment Policy

Vaxia's players and administration will not tolerate harassment of any of our players by anyone, regardless of their role on the site.

Our site defines harassment as any behavior that is threatening, abusive, or which espouses any racist, sexist or other hate-mongering philosophy. Repeatedly contacting (or "hounding") one of our players can also be considered harassment if you are asked to stop and do not do so.

Refer to the Code of Conduct for additional guidelines on healthy and respectful behavior on vaxia.org. This definition is not exhaustive, and behavior judged by two or more administrators to fall into a similarly abusive pattern whether it's explicitly addressed here or not may also constitute grounds for a Strike.

This definition extends to the in-character world to a degree - while we encourage freedom of character concepts and choices, including those which may veer into the hateful or vindictive, any suggestion that abusive behavior IC is motivated by out-of-character inclinations will be met with similar warnings and punishments as out-of-character harassment. If you are asked by another player or the site's administration to reduce the level of abrasive or offensive roleplay, please do so for the overall health of the site. Failure to respect the request will result in similar warnings and punishments.

While we hope it will never be an issue, we also prohibit any form of sexual harassment or misconduct on the site, in or out of character. That includes stalking, threats and any non-consensual conversations or RP of a sexual nature. It also includes textual accounts of romantic or sexual conduct with a minor, which applies to both players below the age of 18 and characters with an Apparent Age or Effective age less than 18 (depending on the character's race). Vaxia prohibits any such misconduct, and violations will be met with swift repercussions.

If your behavior is considered to constitute harassment, you will be warned by the site's administration or SH corps. You may ask for clarification on the nature of the offense, and we will strive to provide you with alternatives which do not offend or endanger our players. Continued behavior along similar lines will be met with a Strike (which remains on your account record permanently), and three Strikes will result in an immediate ban from the site. Any continued harassment of our players away from vaxia.org may be further met with legal action as necessary.

Anyone who feels they are the subject of harassment on or off the site by one of our players should immediately contact the current World and Academy heads and the site administrator using the Contact link at the top of the page. If you're unsure if the behavior qualifies as harassment, please contact us to be sure - we would much rather deal with an excess of claims which ultimately prove to be benign than risk any genuine harassment going unreported.

We want everyone to feel safe here on vaxia.org, which is why we remain firm in our handling of harassment cases to better protect our players so that they can enjoy their time and roleplay without fear or abuse.

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