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We are upgrading to Drupal 9! This is not a quick or easy process so you should expect this site to be temporarily out of commission at various points during this process. Please bear with us and check back with us later when we're ready to re-launch!


RL: Real Life. Our own selves in this planet earth B)

OOC: Out of Context/Out of Character. These are things related with vaxia, but not entirely in character. An OOC comment is not considered part of the In Character post it comes with, its player comment, outside the fantasy world.

IC: In Character. The life of the characters in the fantasy world is IC. We are not supposed to ever modify, control or mess with it in any way. Characters live by themselves, and the IC decisions they make, and theirs alone, and should not be influenced by our OOC preferences, unless RL is at stake.

Session: A simple but deeper interaction between StoryHosts and players, it can range from having an NPC talk to you, or simple descriptive posts of whats happening around you, to a full blown quest into the dungeons of some castle to rescue some prisoner or whatnot.

PvP: Player versus Player, its actually, a character vs character confrontation, that could be deadly. An SH is required to rule this and double check every roll. PvPs can as slow as they are important.

XPs: Experience Points, they are not necessarily linked to sessions. XPs are awarded by SHs based on your roleplay, in or out of sessions. Later on, you can invest these XPs into higher Stats for your character, that reflect his growth through time.

KXPs: Kage Experience Points, are automatically given to you depending on the length of your post. 70 KXPs will become 1 XP for you. Notice that the longer the post, the more KXPs you will get. You shouldn't make posts longer than 1400 characters, they tend to slow down the pace of RP a bit. Also, spamming for KXPs is a bannable offense, don't do it.

HXPS: Historical Experience Points, are simply the total of XPS you have ever received in a character. They accumulate, never decrease, and merely show for how long and how hard you have developed a char. Player HXP is the total of HXPS of all your characters. This number grows to reflect your time in Vaxia, and roughly, how much we can trust you with other privileges and responsibilities.

Flavor XP: Flavored experience points. They have different names, (GXP, EXP, SXP etc) that stand for Good, Evil, Smart, etc. These are given my SH's based on the character's behavior in a session. They provide a feedback mechanism so you can tell what sort of personality your character is portraying.

Stats and Traits

LFE: Life
HLT: Health
END: Endurance
CON: Constitution
STR: Strength
AGI: Agility
DEX: Dexterity
FIN: Finesse
INT: Intelligence
AWA: Awareness
SPI: Spirituality
PRE: Presence
CHA: Charisma
APP: Appearance


NPC: Non-player character.

ONPC: Open non-player character, an NPC that can be controlled by any ASH or SH.

C: Character. A player's character.

Newbie: A new player.

NH: Newbie Helper, a player especially trained who volunteers to answer questions for newbies, give some guided tours and help in whatever fashion.

ASH: Apprentice Story Host, normally referred to those learning to be a Story Host.

SH: Story Host, these are the people who run sessions on the site and keep the site active and lively. They do exciting things like breathing life into NPCs, or describing what goes on in the world around you, and tell the consequences of the acts your Characters do, and what happens to them. They also do a lot of not so exciting things necessary for the community, like evaluating new sheets, approving items and the like.

PC: Player character, see "C".


BI: Bards Inn one of the most popular places for new characters. Allows all kinds in as long as there is no fighting.

GGI: Green Grape Inn A very classy, luxurious high quality noble place before.

Limbo : A chat room for out of character conversation so players can arrange for character to meet, discuss ideas and thoughts.