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Care and Feeding of Your Character

XP Breakdown

After your character is created and off to the races, it's good to know a few details about how the long term life of the character will be shaped.

XP Management
In Vaxia, you can earn experience points two ways: by posting in-character, and by participating in sessions.

We have XP, KXP, BXP, RXP, and HXP

70 KXP = 1 XP
XP: Experience points. This is what you will spend to make your character more powerful.
BXP: Banked experience points. These points can not be spent, but have to be unlocked through roleplaying.
RXP: Roleplaying experience points. These points can not be spent, is more like a counter for how much XP a player earned by roleplaying.
HXP: historical experience points and is a record total amount of XP the character has earned. When you retire a character you can transfer 75% of their HXP to a new character.

KXP is earned by typing out a post. The system will automatically count the characters posted and then award up to 10 KXP a post (you can't earn more then 10 KXP a in a single post). This is how a player primarily earns XP on their character. SHs can directly award XP to a character as a session reward.

Each time a character earns 1 XP by getting 70 KXP they earn 1 RXP. This RXP can not be spent in anyway, but rather acts like a counter. It does come into affect when a character gets awarded XP from a session, or when a character has BXP. If a player has 0 RXP, and they are given XP from a session, then all that XP goes into BXP and has to be unlocked. This is done by earning RXP - so in order to unlock BXP a player has to roleplay their character.

Gina has a character she goes to a session with. The RP actions she types out earns her character 1 XP (70 KXP). This means her character now has 1 XP that she can spend, and 1 RXP counter. Her character is awarded 4 XP for participating in the session. This means that now she has 2 XP and 3 BXP, and 0 RXP. She only has the 2 XP because she got 1 for her own RP, and then 1 from the award to her since she only had 1 RXP. This means the remaining 3 XP from the award goes to BXP.
The next day Gina does some casual RP with a friend, she does another 70 KXP worth of play earning another 1 XP; however since she has BXP, she also unlocks 1 BXP. Therefore earning 2 XP. So now Gina has 4 XP, 2 BXP, and 1 RXP. She can spend that 4 XP to improve her character Stats and skills.

The design is to encourage players to participate in session and non-session play (causal). There's nothing wrong sticking to just session play or casual play, but many of our players find that a blend of the two is the most rewarding tactic, and not just in terms of XP.

Money and Livelihood

While not essential for everybody, it's a good idea to review the Items List to see if there's anything you wish to purchase for your character. Items and silver are awarded during some sessions as well, and many items can be sold for their base value: just ask any SH to remove the item from your list and add the corresponding value in silver.

It's also a good idea to review the explanation of the Economy System to understand your character's Economy score, which determines their relative lifestyle in the game world. The score represents their core earnings for a given month, how nice a place they have to live in, how fancy the clothes they can afford are, etc.

The character's silver total is whatever is left over (your free spending cash). You can invest this total to slowly raise your Economy score over time. Even characters who don't have a steady in-character job have some way of getting their daily bread, which is precisely what the Economy score represents. A character can not earn more silver once they have hit their Monthly Disposable Income.

Invest in silver on your character sheet under the "Sheet" tab.

Skill Growth

As you gain XP, you can spend it on a combination of your character's stats and skills. Stats cost slightly more than skills, but there are many situations where you will have to roll a stat without any applicable skill. Both stats and skills get more expensive the higher they get, so it will often be easier to build a character with a broad scope than one who focuses in one or two particular areas.

Most characters begin play with 3 or 4 skills, but as your character gains XP, you may wish to broaden that list. Review the rules on Acquiring New Skills and Learning Languages to find out how to continue to build out your character's skill set as they grow and change.


Sad as it may seem, there sometimes comes a point where we are ready to put a character aside and move on to others. When that happens, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Retiring a character doesn't necessarily mean the character dies, simply that you're no longer playing them. If they're not dead, there's a chance other characters may go looking for them or notice their absence, so be prepared to explain what they're likely up to once you stop following their day-to-day activities.

To avoid having to start completely from scratch, you have the power to transfer your retired character's XP to a new or existing character on your account. Look over the rules for Transferring XP to get a better idea of what's involved in the transfer before you decide to go that route.

Lastly, if you do retire a character and later decide you let go too soon and want the character back, under certain conditions, an old character can be restored. This requires administrative access as well as World approval, so you'll need to post to the Forums to make the request to have your character restored.

NOTE: if you transferred the XP from the retired character to another character, and then played the new character, restoring the original character is typically impossible. Please keep that in mind before retiring a character and transferring their XP - be absolutely certain you are ready to set the old character aside.