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Behavior in Sessions - An Etiquette Guide

A list of common Do's and Don'ts in Sessions

Do respond to the forum announcement if you intend to come

Don't be afraid to ask the A/SH if you can join late

Do try to attend a session if you want to go and are available

Don't feel obligated to go because you haven't made it to a session in a while or because it's part of a saga your characters have been in previously. It's always okay to sit one out! Even in Saga sessions, you can get caught up with the Session Report afterwards.

Do include some notes on why your character is in the location when you post your first post for the session. It doesn't need to be expansive, just give the A/SH running some idea of what brought your character to the spot, what they were just doing or what they plan to do first now that they've arrived.

Don't be afraid to be the first one to post - someone has to start us off!

Do be sure to read the other characters' posts as much as you can. Their characters might be addressing or trying to interact with yours, or trying to coordinate approaches to a problem that needs your attention.

Don't ignore another character just because your characters haven't met IC before the session. Sessions are a great opportunity to create IC friendships or at least connections with other PCs - it's often better to focus on the PCs yours hasn't interacted with before rather than constantly sticking to the PCs you already know.

Do read the entire narration as carefully as you can. If you're able, read it twice before you post to make sure you understand what's happening, especially around your character.

Don't automatically assume your character knows everything in the narrative. If another PC spotted or uncovered something, your character may not know about it yet without asking.

Do ask the A/SH over private messages or via the OOC box if you need clarification on what's happening

Don't worry that it's just you - you'll never know until you ask, and the other players may appreciate the clarity!

Do include a quick summary in the OOC box to clarify what your character is doing when your post gets a little poetic and flavor-full. This is especially important in combat, where "defending" could mean blocking, dodging or parrying, and the A/SH rules each one differently.

Don't try to 'coach' the A/SH on how to rule your action via the OOC box, even if you're an A/SH yourself. Just let them know what your character is trying to do and trust them to rule it. You may be happily surprised!

Do try to make your posts timely. In fast-posting, that means within about 10-15 minutes of the narrative (or the PC that posted before you, if you'd like to stay in order). In Slow-Posting it means once a day. Don't be afraid to post a tiny post to get the point across if you're running short on time or distracted during the session - better a short post than a late one!

Don't break rounds by posting 2 or more times without A/SH permission. If an A/SH has specifically stated 'free posting,' then it's safe to post as often as you like, but it's still considerate of the other players to give them time to compose a post before adding another of yours.

Do what feels most natural for your PC for that situation. Sometimes that means doing nothing, sometimes that means trying to save the world. It's your character, determine their appropriate response.

Don't expect combat every session. Some sessions are more about intrigue or more creative challenges. Check the flags on the session announcement for a sense of what sort of session it will be if you prefer one type or another.

Do thank the A/SH for running if you think they did an okay job. It's a lot of work to craft and run even a so-so session, and good feedback can encourage them to run more and do better.

Don't forget that the A/SH is only human. Even in a bad session, be gentle and make sure any feedback is constructive and courteous.

Do remember to share. Whether it's sharing the spotlight in a given scene, sharing the attention of a key NPC in the session, or sharing the loot you find, remember that you're not the only player attending, and the others deserve a chance.

Don't forget to check the session report! Sometimes loot will be handled after a session, and you may have a choice to make between a number of options. Be sure to claim your rewards!