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Vaxia Setting Information

Vaxia was the first setting developed to play in the game and is what started this whole site.

It is a high fantasy style game with some elements of very early steam punk in the form of clock work mechanics and engineering, prevalent magic, and combinations of them. There are mystical and fantastical creatures that reside in the world, and a variety of species for players to choose to play.

While much of the world is known, there is still much to explore and discovery.

A wealth of fantasy style adventures can be had within the setting, from go out and see the world, a bit of dungeon crawling, to even some of political intrigue as kingdoms and countries clash here and there.

Vaxia Frequently Asked Questions
A good page to start with. Gives at a glance information about the Vaxia setting and what to expect.

Vaxia Questions Forum
A place to find and post more specific questions about the setting and their answers.

Timeline and Historical Events of Vaxia
A brief account and list of all the major events to have happened in the setting during its time.

Vaxia Geography
Here one can explore the settings various locations and the layout of the world. Also has maps.

Ramsalon - The setting's current major RP hub
The world of Vaxia is pretty huge and while there are many place play, most of the action happens around the city of Ramsalon

Vaxian Species
Where to find more information on the denizens that dwell within, above and under the world of the setting. Also has our bestiary.

Vaxia Magic
Information on magic in Vaxia.

Vaxia Organizations
These are the various types of groups that operate in the setting. Anything from guilds, political groups, military groups, clans, populations, has their information contained here.

Vaxia Items, Equipment, and Travel
Information on gear in Vaxia and how one can get around the setting.

Popular Culture of Vaxia
Information on day to day elements such as music, literature, religions, food, to help enhance one's roleplay here.

Mysteries and Oddities of Vaxia
The really weird stuff that is found or rumored to exist in the setting.

Sessions and Sagas
Catch up on current setting events, or just read about adventures past.

Vaxian NPCs
Information on some of the NPCs that have once existed, or one may encounter.

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