Vampires in Vaxia are mostly Undead individuals who have been cursed and brought back to a form of half-life by another vampire. There are many different clans of vampire, but the vampirism skill and how to infect others with the vampire curse is the same for all. For notes on ruling vampire feeding and infection mechanics, see the Vampires and Werebeasts page in the System section
What makes each clan unique is their clan culture, as each clan tends to have a preferred kind of target, their members may favor learning a particular set of skills, and how they choose to interact with the world at large.

Most vampires are instantly burned if they go out into sunlight, and most can be killed if they are completely incinerated by fire, dissolved by acid, or their bodies otherwise annihilated. Magic that is related to altering magic or dealing with the undead may have some affect upon vampires as well.

Vampyres is just an alternative spelling of vampire.

  • Nine Moons vampires are the "original", dating back to before the Cataclysm. They are rumoured to be extinct. If they are not, then they are extremely secretive and extremely good at keeping themselves hidden. Certain conspiracy theories have the Nine Moons Clan as a secret shadow government, like the Illuminati.

  • Skharabi vampires are an independent invention of the goddess Qua'ress, who occasionally would bring powerful high priests who died in her service back to life as Skharabi or Scarabs. These feed directly on minds, rather than blood.

  • Bloody Shroud vampires were created when Necromos after the Cataclysm, took the previous two ideas and combined them and perverted them, creating the first Bloody Shroud, commonly called Necromoskindred. These are solitary, drink blood, and regenerate their flesh. From this template, the other vampire clans have come.

  • Dachairo are from Shi Inkahan, created by Ozishima, grieving lover of Ramichigatta one of Necromos's Apprentices. They have very strong control over their minds, and can suck the life force out of a victim at a distance, calling it 'soul channeling'. The word 'Dachairo' is Shinkan for 'The Pilgrimage Up The Mountain', and they are essentially a zen-oriented religion where vampirism is conferred upon only the most enlightened.

  • Lom Gunji also come from Shi Inkahan, and were created by Ramigrotta's sister, Hickorigatta They are depraved and demented, and have control over their degeneration ability, which is a variant of standard vampiric regeneration where they can grow extra limbs. They often grow extremely long proboscis-like tongues, with which they drink blood, and have been known to spit acid.

  • Muratori Vampires are essentially Ghosts with teeth. When Emperor Jhad razed the city of Muratori to the ground, killing everyone in it, the inhabitants somehow came back to Unlife as vampires. The city itself somehow has a reflection in the Shadow Realm which the Muratori have a strong connection to.

  • Children of Kosmo sometimes called Gaunthkindred, were created when Kosmo merged with Necromos. In addition to (and in most cases instead of) drinking blood, they drink pure life essence through the flesh, which produces as a by-product the main ingredient in Gwyne The Children of Kosmo emphasize love, particularly physical love, over everything else.

  • LanCorian vampires came into being when a large group of Bloody Shroud were imprisoned in Grokul prison by Emperor Minos. To ensure their survival in the sealed prison, some changes were made to the basic vampire template, either through some form of evolution or orchestrated by Don Julian, the leader. These vampires began eating flesh as well as blood, to maximize the benefit from feeding, and found a way to reproduce sexually (they are the only vampire clan which can). They also acquired a sort of hive mind with a Coriander at the center.

  • Texts speak of nine clans of Vampires, but the identity of the ninth clan is unknown, and probably extinct or nonexistent. Some texts may also be counting sub-clan families, for example counting the Bloody Shroud and Necromoskindred as two, in an effort to unnaturally reach the powerful magical number of nine.