Dragons are a broad, rare kind of lizard-like creature.

Vaxian Dragons
    The Ramsen (which is actually just the old Vaxian term for "dragon"), once native to the Vaxian Continent was by far the largest species of dragon (said to be city-sized in some cases, though scholars and more recent evidence dismiss this as hyperbole), and it had metallic skin and no orifices or limbs other than its wings, tail, and two spikes protruding from its shoulders. These were seen flocking around Kanestronia Cathedral when Kane Foraiya came across it fleeing from the orcish forces of Necromos He founded a city there and named it Ramsalon "dragon's nest", after the dragons, and put the Ramsen on the seal and flag of the new Vaxian Empire Later, his grandson would be named Ramsen I after the dragons, as well. They had not been seen for centuries, however, and were presumed to be extinct -- until one was sighted flying over Ramsalon in early timeline : 3014.

Shinkan Dragons
    The dragons of Shi Inkahan are long and snake-like, with many limbs like a centipede, as well as beards and bushy eyebrows. They are thought to be wise and powerful, but they, too, are rare.

Candenordian Dragons
    The dragons of Candenord are the most like "European" dragons, possessing wings, four legs, the ability to breathe fire, and not much intelligence. They are considered cow-snatching pests by the common people of Candenord, and are hunted.

    Suggest stats:
    stat adolescent adult
    life: 70 -- 120
    end: 40 -- 90
    str: 40 -- 80
    dex: 40 -- 70
    int: 5 -- 10
    spir: 30 -- 60
    char: 20 -- 20

    aware: 25 -- 60 - eyesight and hearing

    claws: 25 -- 50 - gathering things in claws, clawing things
    chomp: 25 -- 50 - it snatches cows and chews them
    flying: 20 -- 40 - capable of flying
    fire: 30 -- 60 - breathes fire

    dragon scales are a very naturally hard material, great for armor. their teeth are collectable

Dragon-Like Creatures
    The Linnorgoth Wyrm
      This wyrm is very rare and comes from the north. It enjoys cold climates and most likley made its nest in the mine shaft to hatch and raise its clutch during the cold season. The Linnorgoth Wyrm is about the size of a horse in that it has about the same mass or weight, but is shaped much differently. It is about 4 feet tall at the shoulder and 6 feet tall at the head. Picture it as a long snakelike creature with reddish-brown diamond-shaped scales. It has eight legs down the length of its body; 4 pairs. Its legs are short, much like the legs of a lizard. The legs end in feet with 4 toes each that are dexterous enough to manipulate small objects, each toe ending in a black claw. From the wyrm's head, down its body and tail runs a mane of stiff black hair inbetween a double row of dark brown spikes. Its head is long and pointy, having yellowed teeth, yellow slitted eyes, and 4 horns, the first pair shorter and the second pair longer, all the same dark brown color as the spikes that run down its back. The creature's tail is long and drags on the ground as it moves, but it can move with suprising quickness due to its 8 legs that move in an undulating motion to propel it forwards or backwards.


      Salamanders can breathe fire and live in volcanoes deep underground. However, they lack wings, and are only distantly related to true dragons.


      Nargols are enormous, bloated, leathery creatures found in Candenord, more like enormous bats than dragons.

Artificial Dragons
    All other kinds of dragons and dragon-like creatures have arisen through biomantic tinkering, and are usually extremely rare, not being very good at survival in the wild, and often unable to breed.


      Wyverns are rare creatures that dwell in remote mountains, far from human settlements. They are like flying snakes, their only limbs are wings.


      Drakes are small, flightless dragons, just artificially-inflated lizards, sometimes with useless little wings (not technically vestigial, as they were never used for anything). Frank the Drake is an example of this.


      Nei'draconae Otho Proudfoot in an attempt to ingratiate himself with the Vaxian Empire gave notes on experiments in recreating dragons. The Empire put Maelstrom in charge of them, unaware that Otho actually purchased the notes from him originally. Called the Nei'draconae they were successfully created, found to be more intelligent than expected, and thus given freedom to do what they wish. They now flock around Kanestronia Cathedral, making Ramsalon once again fit its name.