Setting Approval for PCs

"Other" is a catchall species that we have available for players who have an idea that just doesn't fit in with anything else.

"Conditions" are additional aspects to a character that can be layered on top of your species. For example: Vampirism or the Were-beast curse.

Both "Other" species and "Conditions" require approval from the Setting Department for play.

Playing these characters is a privilege - not a right. Setting can revoke approval and pull a character from play if it becomes abusive or disruptive..

But we also want to be able to use a set of guides so you'll know what to aim for, and our Setting department can clearly tell you why your character concept works or doesn't work.

Why We Do This

The Setting department is the voice of authority on wither or not your concept is able to exist in the setting or not. We determine if it fits and address any concerns with making sure the concept works for play. We need to protect the mood and tone of the setting for other players to be able to play. Extreme breaks with the expected tone or mood can destroy the setting for other players.

Please understand when you are making an Other character that the default answer is no.

Even with a yes, you may be asked to make sizable changes to avoid breaking the setting for others. If you are interested in building out a player species (so you can play them without needing to get approval) take a look at the submission requirements for playable species.

Limits of Setting Authority

The System Department handles numbers!

Please do not build any concepts around a special ability without expecting to pay for the skill with XP. Remember "no free lunch". If you expect your concept to require special rules you will want to contact System to make sure that end of things is covered.


We want to make sure a player is well equipped for playing these species before they get out there. Some species require extra consideration when playing them. In order to make sure you're prepared for them we have two requirements.

You need to pass the associated training for the species. The training will get you up to date on all the information you'll need to play the character. This way we know for sure that you've read it all and know what you're signing up for. Ignorance will not be an excuse.

We'll also need for you to have 40 HXP on your account from playing on site. We want you to know the world and the community before playing something off-model and this is the only way we can know for sure you have that experience.

Other "Others"

Please keep in mind that in that for characters that aren't an established "Other" species, the default answer is a 'No'. We will need to take a close look at the species to consider if it fits within the expectations for the setting's mood and tone. We will also need to consider if it is a species that is fitting for play with other characters, and if more than one player may be interested in playing the species.

If you have an off or weird concept character - and you *don't* want to go through the work of creating a new player species for all players to get to play - then you are *far* more likely to get Setting approval for the character if you ensure that there is an reason in your background that there is only one. A unique result of an experiment or environmental circumstance or the like.

Additional Notes:

You'll notice we don't have population numbers as a consideration for approving Others! This is because limiting the numbers that can play a concept is a violation of the principle of Fun. If the entire player base wants to play pirate characters for a summer or hop over to Dessingdale for something new... they can and should!

But because this has come up lets go into some details on the usual counter arguments so you can follow our logic here.

Regional trends

There are some areas of the world where a given species is more common or less common than others. Setting will make an effort to make it clear if the area you're in is more human and half-elf or orc, or as dense as Delhi or thinly populated as the middle of the Sahara. But! The percentages of player characters is never going to approach those of the population and there are always outliers in any given population.

When looking at the population of a city, country, or the world we are talking in terms of billions. The available population for a given species of condition is just going to be that large. Certainly large enough that the population of players is barely a drop in the bucket. (If that ever changes, we have an entirely other problem: our server is burnt to the ground under the user traffic.)

The numbers just don't scale large enough for us to consider that to be a problem for Other characters.

Player demographics vs. Population demographics

There is no obligation for player population demographics to reflect general population demographics. We don't have quotas! There is no minimum number of humans required in play or a maximum number of Elves allowed. There's no reason to place these limits on Other/Condition species either. There is absolutely nothing saying the entire player base can't decide to pop over to GHOUL to play a summer-worth of vampiric intrigue!

If the players are having Fun, we're not going to block them.

Why are there so many good neth in Ramsalon

Outliers for any population exist - pacifist Orcs industrialist Lurai good neth, racial-purity elves, vegetarian (or at least non-sentient blood source) Vampires Again, player numbers are so small compared to overall population numbers that the players aren't even a drop in the bucket.

As for Ramsalon: If the individual in question was comfortable in their native society then they would still be at home. A non-stereotypical example of a species is more likely to be found in Ramsalon due to self-selection bias. It's a major port with a reputation for adventures and fortunes to be made. It serves the same purpose as New York: the place to start over, where you have a chance regardless of how much you couldn't cut it at home. So, of course it's the place where outcasts will migrate to to get their big break!

We will certainly encourage a variety of character concepts to try to avoid having the same kind of outlier all the time but if a player won't have fun playing it we won't force them to do so. That's a violation of player Freedom and Fun.

Characters that also require Setting approval are subject to at times fall under review. Should enough complaints or other evidence be presented that a player is violating any of the Site Policies or CoC, or just show they are incapable of handling the style of play, Setting will investigate the character and role play and that character may be removed from play should any violations or mishandling be found.