Sirian Weapons

For rules on how weapons, firearms and explosives work in our system, refer to the Weapons, Armor and Shielding Rules

--- Energy vs. Physical Weapons ---
You may see reference to "energy" or "physical" weapons in Sirian. This is a purely RP distinction that has no impact on the rules, damage, or cost of the weapon. Any weapon can be either energy or physical at the player's choice.

--- Melee Weapons ---
See the Vaxian Weapons page for a list of most melee weapons available in Sirian.

Energy Gloves
Class: Light
High-tech electrified mesh that carries a strong current to aid the wielder's melee attacks deal additional damage. Also comes in boots, kneepads, bracers, elbow pads, practically a full suit of zappy goodness for unarmed fighting.

--- Light Firearms ---
Holdout Pistol
A small, short-range, extremely portable and concealable pistol, sometimes with up to four barrels, for last-ditch defense.

Sub Machine Gun
A fully automatic firearm useable one-handed. It lacks a stock and typically lacks a sight given the innate recoil of firing so many small-caliber bullets in such a short span.

Birdshot Gun
A pump-action shotgun firing a spray of tiny pellets in a short-range cone.

A chemical spray weapon capable of hitting several targets rapidly and relying on the flames to do the rest.

--- Medium Firearms ---
Semiautomatic Pistol
The standard military pistol with ammo clip. The hammer resets each shot, allowing for several shots in rapid succession.

Assault Rifle
The standard military combat rifle with stock and sight, allowing for several rapid shots from a larger caliber bullet than the SMG.

Combat Shotgun
A single-barreled, pump-action weapon firing slugs or heavy buckshot.

--- Heavy Firearms ---
Large Caliber Pistol
A heavy pistol or revolver requiring two hands for bracing given the impressive recoil. Fires heavy rounds with more penetrating power than its smaller cousins.

Sniper Rifle
A long-barreled firearm capable of extremely long-distance shots with heavy shells. Requires delicate calibration and precision firing.

Double-barrel Shotgun
A powerful, slow-firing weapon with heavy slugs that punish their targets. Cracks open in the middle for reloading.

--- Explosives ---
NOTE: Grenade & Rocket Launchers
Grenade and rocket launchers aren't weapons with Stats themselves - the explosive they fire is what has the numbers. Launchers can still be used with a Gunnery skill (and equipped with a scope to enhance said skill) to try to negate a target's attempt to dodge the explosive, but it's the rocket or grenade itself that does the damage.

Fragmentation Grenade
Base Damage: 30
Cost: 200s each
Standard military grenade with a pull-pin or timer activation. Most are made with a metal casing that fragments into shrapnel. Pull pin, throw, boom. simple as that. Effective over roughly a 10 meter radius.

Incendiary Grenade
Base Damage: 15 per round
Duration: 3 rounds
Cost: 200s each
A chemical grenade with a special compound that produces a lasting flame in a small area, affecting any targets in it, entering it, or passing through it. The flame remains for a minimum of 3 rounds and may trigger secondary explosions or equipment damage over time.

Flash Bang
Base Damage: 30
Duration: 3 rounds
Cost: 100s each
An explosive device that, when detonated, emits an intensely bright flash and a deafening bang. While the blast itself is instantaneous, those affected by it remain disoriented for 3 rounds. Once the 3 rounds are up, damage dealt by the flashbang is immediately healed, although unconscious targets remain unconscious (even if this puts them above 0 LIF). Flashbangs have no lasting effect on equipment in the area.

EMP Grenade
Base Damage: 30 (Electronics only)
Cost: 100s each
A specialized explosive that leaves organic material untouched but fries unshielded electronics, and powers past some electronic shielding.

Base Damage: 30
Cost: 200s each
A directed explosive fired from a launcher containing a powerful explosive compound that detonates on impact.

Claymore Mine
Base Damage: 30
Cost: 200s each
A specialized explosive that fires a tight cone in a fixed direction when triggered, either by remote, timer, or trip wire.

Breach Charge
Base Damage: 30 (Single Target)
Cost: 50s each
A large plate with adhesive patches and a directional explosive designed specifically to puncture hulls or blast open doorways. Not effective as a combat explosive or mine, though it can be used to damage some types of equipment (like a bridge console or a fuel tank).