Sirian starships

For numeric details for Sirian vehicles, visit the Sirian Vehicle Numbers page. RP descriptions are below.

Carriers and Colony Ships
Crew: 50-1000
Range: Galactic

Carriers are any military vessel capable of housing, launching and receiving fighter air and spacecraft. A colony ship is a civilian vessel of similar size designed for a one-way voyage to a new location to then be converted into a space station or planetary habitat upon arrival.

Known Carriers and Colony Ships

  • Kalvania (Zuxian)
  • Extravia (Zuxian)
  • Gunjir (Gargorian) [Destroyed]
  • Perun (Gargorian) [Destroyed]
  • Gjitocken (Juren) [Destroyed]

Pipe Fighter
Crew: 1-2
Range: Low orbit/Immediate space

Pipe Fighters are the primary military aircraft for Sirian Humans Built over a central cylindrical engine (hence the name), they are fast and agile, ready for both space flight and atmospheric journeys. They hold at most a pilot and navigator, seated one behind the other. Most of the vehicle is reserved for engine, fuel and weaponry.

Despite being a military craft, Pipe Fighters are remarkably susceptible to damage and rely heavily on speed to avoid being hit, rather than armor to sump the damage.

Hopper (Shuttle)
Crew: 2-24
Range: Interplanetary

Shuttles are meant primarily for transport from the planet to the ship, or as an emergency escape vessel. It has two main sections: the cockpit and the crew section. The cockpit is two seats side by side, with one meant as the pilot and the other for navigator or technician.

The crew section is two aisles with twelve jumpseats on each side facing each other. Toward the front of the crew section is a small hallway to the cockpit. At the back is a single door leading into the engine room and primary engineering section. There are also pressurization/decontamination exit chambers on either side just before the engine room. Storage is above in the ceiling, as well as a few marked locations under the floor.

Shuttles are outfitted with impressive sensor relays to be used as long-range scout vessels. They are largely unimpressive in combat due to small weapon rollout and poor maneuverability.

Rescue Boat (Shuttle)
Crew: 5-100
Range: Low-orbit/Immediate space

Rescue Boats are much larger shuttles built to aid in mass evacuation efforts. They are rated for both atmospheric and space flight, with emphasis given to life support and medical systems. This leaves them defenseless in combat without fighter escort.