Sirian Species

Sirian Species
Here you can find the collection of information regarding the various species that can be found in the Sirian setting. Species or Conditions requiring Setting approval or currently unavailable for play will be marked as such below.

Commonly Encountered Species
These are the most commonly found species in the Sirian setting.

Extraterrestrial Species

The Gargorian colony ship crash-landing on Sirian Planet fifty-some years ago led to first contact with a surprisingly humanoid species, largely genetically indistinct from Sirian Humans The Southern Coalition Fleet and their ventures outside the home solar system subsequently led to encounters with several genetically unique species abroad.

Extraterrestrial Humans

  • Gargorians
  • - Native to planet Gargoria
  • Juren
  • - Descendants of the Zuxian (Require Setting approval)
  • Zuxian
  • - Common ancestors of Juren and Sirian humans (Unplayable)

Extraterrestrial Non-Human Species

  • Elfin
  • - Terraformers of Sirian Planet (Unplayable)
  • Mutaren
  • - Warlike conquerors (Unplayable)
  • Taramarians
  • - Extinct former inhabitants of Taramar Station (Unplayable)

Conditions are a quality on top of your species that further modify the nature of the character's physiological make-up. Listed below are the current Sirian Conditions, all of which require Setting approval.

  • The Crowned
  • - Any character with psionic abilities
  • Digital Metal-born
  • - Synthentic A.I.s or digitized people without a physical body

Anyone wishing to potentially play something not on any of our lists will be treated as an 'Other' which is subject to Setting approval before being considered for play.

See also: Setting Approval for PCs