Sirian Organizations

Active Sirian Organizations

Northern Politics: The Political Situation in this world is grim. The republics rule over vast areas of land. In some cases republics have smaller satellite cities that help to provide for the larger capitol. In most cases, these cities break off when they grow too large and become either their own lesser republic or are wiped out and reabsorbed by the capitol city. The republics of the north have warred with one another for ages, and many see the southern lands as areas for expansion to further their own military and political aims. That those lands are already occupied means little to the republics' leadership.

Southern Politics: The south has been divided for centuries. While cities continue to grow and develop, both the harsh environment and the expansionist north often blight city growth and force many southern settlements to remain small or mobile, like the nomadic desert clans. The people of the south largely regard the northern republics with a mix of hatred and fear due to the ongoing conflict, though many of them also enlist with the Bolvintian military to earn citizenship in a less harsh environment.

Independent Groups
The Meonji Mountains are home to one of the few major populations in the north who are not one of the classic republics. The Meonji mountain people, known as the San-Saram, largely avoid the conflict due to their remoteness and the impassible terrain they call home. Not having a strong military of their own, they were largely under the heel of the northern republics until recently, when they claimed independence.

The Desert Clans are made up of several nomadic peoples who overcame a history of internal conflict to join into profitable trade relations. Though politically they act as a single nation, the clans fiercely retain their individualistic roots and cultural customs, though they may seem much more homogenous to outsiders.

The Gargorian colonists are the descendents of a crash-landed space-faring vessel who have now integrated into southern society peacefully. The colony acts as its own independent nation, albeit a very small one with no notable military might.

Mecha City is a hovering habitat populated almost entirely by digital lifeforms and refugees, many of whom have taken the option to digitize their consciousness in the event their physical bodies fall victim to the many dangers on the post-Inferno world. Historically an independent and hermetic collective, Mecha City is now loosely allied with the Treatise Body aboard Station Prime

Criminal or Lawless Groups
The Desert Coyotes
The Galanor Underground Resistance