Sirian Items and Equipment

Basic Principles

We are aiming for a hard science fiction feel for this setting. Too hard and the setting gets a little boring, but when in doubt - lean on the hard SF side of things.

Conservation of mass and energy - We observe, with very specific exceptions, the principles of conservation of energy. This means for the most part, we can't create something from nothing. Replicators require resources to feed them, batteries require energy to be stored in them, and the like. For the most part standard Newtonian physics applies. This includes principles of momentum, inertia, rotational force and gravity.

Inertia! In order to move you must have a force. Once moving, you will continue to move until stopped by a force. Without the resistance of air- this could be *forever*. You effectively have far more inertia in space than atmosphere.

Good science fiction isn't about the technology. It's about the affects of that technology on the society. All of these points have been written down to provide a clear, coherent and consistent underpinning to technologies presented in this setting. What people do with that technology is where the story is.


Other IC Technology