Medical Items and First Aid

Medical equipment largely covers portable personal items, like drugs or first aid supplies. Larger, bulky tech like surgical equipment doesn't have its own Stats and is reliant on the user in terms of its results.

First Aid Supplies

MediFoam [Cost: 50s per use]
Effect: Restores 10 LIF
Bandage-in-a-can sprays a mildly adhesive, biodegradable foam that fills and cleanses wounds and lacerations and supercharges local platelet activity to aid clotting safely. The same compound can also be used to pad bruised tissue or fashion rough splints from the hardened foam.

Shock Patch [Cost: 280s per use]
Effect: Grants +10 to an attempt to stay conscious
Thin polymer coated with specialized chemicals that attempt to shock the patient back to consciousness when applied anywhere on the skin.

Standard Medkit [Cost: 430s]
Contains: 3x MediFoam and 1x Shock Patch

Drugs, Toxins and Stims

Portable Anesthetic (Drug) [250s per use]
Effect: 25 nonlethal damage at difficulty 50
Powerful anesthetic designed to handle a broad range of diverse physiologies safely, knocking the patient out to allow for safe treatment or transportation.

Purge-All (Antitoxin) [100s per use]
Effect: Might 50, PP 10 vs. toxins or harmful drugs
This aptly-named general-purpose antitoxin causes the patient to immediately vomit if able as it works to cleanse the rest of their system from harmful elements. Extremely painful, but very effective

Jack (Stim) [350s per use]
Effect: +10 to physical stats (DEX, STR, END) for the duration of a session or scene
'Jack' is a combat stimulant delivered by an injector that sparks the user's adrenaline to allow for brief periods of enhanced physical activity, typically followed by hours or even days of soreness from the overexertion.

Exacto (Stim) [350s per use]
Effect: +10 to technical aptitude (DEX and INT) for the duration of a session or scene
An enhanced form of caffeine, Exacto sharpens the reflexes and mind to add in rapid calculations and interactions with technological interfaces.

Robotic "Medicine"
For system purposes, all medicines listed above also exist in a mirrored capacity for robotic patients, with all the same stats and costs, just different names:

  • MediFoam = Liquid Steel
  • Shock Patch = Shock Patch (it's just electrical rather than chemical)
  • Standard Medkit = Standard Repair Kit
  • Portable Anesthetic = Universal Switch
  • Purge-All = Corrode-B-Gone
  • Jack = Overclock
  • Exacto = Tune Up