AI and Robots

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the blanket term for any synthetic consciousness programmed to imitate or replicate human-like consciousness.

AIs come in two varieties: weak AI and strong AI. Weak AI describes a non-sentient synthetic intelligence typically designed for a narrow task and incapable of independent thought or drive (in real-world terms, Siri is a form of weak AI). Most datapads and many starship systems have weak AIs built into their interfaces to aid in common tasks and regular use. Weak AIs are fairly ubiquitous in the technology of Sirian Humans

Strong AIs are rarer, but definitely present in the Sirian setting. A strong AI is a fully sentient and independent thinking entity. AIs in play are also referred to as Metal-born or ConFabs depending on their origin. Most AIs in practice are indistinguishable from flesh-and-blood people outside of an obviously metallic chassis.

A.I. versus Digitized Person
Mecha City unlocked the possibility of someone transitioning from flesh-and-blood human into digital consciousness. These digitized people are not AIs, because they're not artificial, simply digital. Similarly, a synthetic intelligence inhabiting a ConFab that otherwise appears human is still an AI.

Presumably, a digitized person could be downloaded into a ConFab or robotic chassis and thus be almost entirely indistinguishable from their original human self.