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Setting NPCs

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Titlesort descending Storyhost Realm Species Description
Xaynga Jimmy Vaxia Human Her deep brunette hair is cut close for a woman, no strand falling lower than her ears, kept close in the back and along the sides.. uneven edges.. what some might call awkward, on her appear purposeful.. uneven edges in front that hang obscuring one eye...
Z'ekie Ou-raham LadyKirsten Vaxia Half-orc A very tall man who seems to have a bit of orc somewhere recent in his genetic line. He has a very keen and intelligent sparkle to his amethyst eyes and he is quite handsome. Strong for a mage, and well built as well as boasting magical prowess.
Zagam Elrundir Vaxia Human Zagam is a towering, hulking figure, so much so that he looks like he might be able to go sword-to-sword with the strongest of giants and come out victorious. In fact, it wouldn't be at all surprising if Zagam has some giant somewhere in his bloodline -...
Zarthan Tia Vaxia Human
Zed Malimar Vaxia Human You can't see him, you can't smell him, you can't touch him, you can't taste him, and you can't hear him. He can, however, take over your body, encase it in a hard demonic (or something) metal shell, and start killing people with you. Woe is you if that...
Lord Zhi Zhao Zxehenia Vaxia HumanHuman He stands around five foot five inches. He has a kind of regal stance to him, due to the grooming he has had his whole life for his status and role for his family. His face seems stuck in a constant stern stare. His hair comes down just past his...
Zombie admin Vaxia Human Zombies are undead creatures with no mind of their own. A necromancer raises a fresh corpse from the dead, and operates it as a puppet. This zombie is probably somewhat decomposing and shambling malevolently.
Veteran Cavum Fighter Zortet Geler Madius Vaxia HumanHuman She is very short with blue eyes. She has short bristly grey hair.