Vaxia Species

Vaxia Species

Land Elf Clans

Clans of Land Elves

The Snowleaf Clan
The Snowleaf Clan lives far to the north in the cold of the Northlands and is a small clan of Arctic Elves and here lies their city made of ice and magic, igloo style homes built into the open plains atop a hill and against the large northern mountain chain.

The Gold Clan
The Gold Clan is a Desert Elf clan and one of the larger clans in the Arpaksad and Kundal areas. They keep close ties with the Dwarves of the mountains there. They are the largest clan that imports steel and raw materials from the Dwarves and a big trade clan among the Elves.

The Gold Clan roams around in the eastern parts of the Iron Desert, very nomadic as they wander about the desert, finding food and water, surviving by the moment.

Ramsalon Wood Clan
The Ramsalon Wood Clan is a clan of Elves that is prominent in the Elven Alliance This clan is noted to have hair color anywhere between blonde and white, but darker hair and shades of green have been known to exist. They also tend to have light shades of blue to green for eye color. They are located in the Ramsalon Forest

Rose Clan
The Rose Clan (or sometimes just referred to as Rose Elves) is clan of elves who live in the Rose Forest west of the Azure Mountains, north of the Snar Abyss, and south of Meribor. The Rose Elves tend to be fairly average elves, tall and slender by human standards. Blue eyes and platinum hair are prevalent among Rose Elves, but other colors are common as well.

The Eagle Clan
The Eagle Clan is an Elf clan known for their close ties with the Rose Clan and is one of the original leading clans in the break from the Elven Nation They have strong ties with the people of Jorkana and are known to sometimes live in the Jorkanian cities. Also outspoken for interracial communication.

They are mostly located on the western edge of the mountains, on the southsweeping arm that separates Jorkana from West Grom and the Kadras Ocean, facing the plains of Jorkana from their mountain city.

The Foxfire Clan

The Foxfire Clan is an Elf clan that is just south of East Grom and at the very extreme northern end of Ramsalon on the eastern spur of the small mountain chain and to the west of the Kadras Ocean. The region is heavily forested with red conifers and green conifers as well, the deciduous growth is sparse.

The Iris Clan

The Iris Clan is an Elf clan that is found in the plains of Jorkana at the base of the mountains that lie just west of Keren Slightly hilly, the elves make their homes in homes built into the sides of hills or within the few large trees in the area. All seem to be decorated with various flowering bushes.

The Keren Clan

The Keren Clan is an Elf clan that lives in the forests northwest of Keren. They took on this Clan name after the Elven Alliance came to their aid in the battle of Jorkana in the year 2645.

The Lake Clan

The Lake Clan is an independent Elf clan that resides in Nebrak close to the Lake Nebrak. This clan has earned a reputation for their militant life style and is famed for their archers. Most of the elves from this clan have hair color ranging from shades of red to browns, and eyes are commonly in shades of green to yellow. They are also known for keeping their hair in various types of braids. The kind of braid a Lake Clan Elf wears is a representation of their position within the clan.

The Lily Clan

The Lily Clan is found at the southern border of Arpaksad, often hiding amid the plains in “plain” sight, yet unseen. They exist as four smaller groups, all belonging to the same Clan though. Smaller numbers makes them easier to hide and move about. They are often semi nomadic.

The Lion Clan

The Lion Clan is an Elf clan known as well for their close ties with the Rose Clan and their history of warfare. They have one of the foremost 'schools' of Elven Military. They are the third ranking clan for how large of an army they can produce.

They are located south of Tesaria lies an area of green forests interspersed with grasslands. Never quite enough of one nor the other, within this area in one of the tree filled areas lies the proud and old Clan Lion. Many of their homes lie at the base of the gigantic trees that fill the forested copse.

The Moon Clan
The Moon Clan is nestled in the mountains right in the crook that separates Ramsalon from Jorkana to the west and West Grom to the north. The Clan is split into two different villages (Shar’hazel and Essentria), one more secluded and hidden than the other.

The Morning Glory Clan
In the little U shaped area of the mountains south of Keren lies the Morning Glory Clan. This Clan lies right at the edge of the mountains in a sparse forest, and their village is just like the morning glories they are named after. Their homes climb up the sides of the mountains, almost vine-like in shape and demeanor.

The Obsidian Clan
The Obsidian Clan is a clan of Elves and is one of the few clans to venture close to the jungle of No Mans Land. They trade in Elven Steel and are one of the best Blacksmith clans. They also have a working relationship with the Dwarves. Much of the Elven weaponry and rare materials come from this clan, as well as some of the more exotic weapons that other Elves in the alliance use.
Elves from this clan have often been mistaken as Neth.

West of Nebrak in the mountains that surround No Man’s Land lies the Obsidian Clan within their mountain halls and sunlit cliff faces.

The Snow Leopard Clan
The Snow Leopard clan lives in East Grom along the mountains to the north, nestled up high within the mountain peaks. Their Clan is fairly well hidden simply by the sheer depth it is within the harsh terrain of the northern mountains.

The Sparrow Clan
In a forest southwest of Iskrania a small wooded area skirting the mountains that lay there is the Sparrow Clan. This forest is stable enough to support a small Elven Clan away from the logging.

Sunfire Clan
The Sunfire Clan is a clan of Elves that live just south of East Grom and at the very extreme northern end of Ramsalon on the eastern spur of the small mountain chain and to the west of the Kadras Ocean. The region is heavily forested with red conifers and green conifers as well, the deciduous growth is sparse.

The Swan Clan
The Swan Clan is a clan of Elves that live within a forest that is found in the southwestern part of Arpaksad as it nears the lands of Nebrak.

The Tiger Clan
The Tiger Clan can be found east of Miser in the jungles, where the forests are thick and overgrown and the climate is always warm. A dangerous area, an area filled with tigers.

The Watermist Clan
The Watermist Clan lies on the western edges of the Guantlet Gulf in a narrow strip of land that is forested and residing at a spot on the Gulf coast that gets a lot of tidal spray, thus the air is almost constantly misty. Beyond the strip of semi flat land lies the mountains that separate the coastline from Aryanthia to the west.

The Willow Clan
The Willow Clan is an Elf clan that is located west of Keren near the Western Coast, north of the Snar Abyss. They reside in a small forest filled with Willow Trees that grow fast in the warm climate. The forest is believed to be quite old.

The Wolf Clan
The Wolf Clan is a Forest Elf clan that can be found in a forest north of Thamas boardering the cold lands.






Shadow Fae

Shadow Fae

Within a deep burrow underneath Stormhold, there live a small group of 31 Faeries They once numbered over 500 and the oldest among them is about 5000 years old. Over the past decade, their number has dwindled quickly down to only 50...a mere tenth of their former numbers. The Shadow Fae lived in harmony with, and depended upon the various Lacertae types..their magics intertwined and dependent upon one another. It was a mutually symbiotic relationship that benefited them both. Where Stormhold now stands, the highest hillock in the area, was a Faerie Mound where the Fae lived invisibly due to Lacertae magics. The Lacertae became less and less in number over the years. Overhunting by Orcs in the area, as well as treasure hunters and the ever-expanding city of Ramsalon took their toll upon the sensitive lizard-like creatures. The Shadow Fae tried to compensate as best they could, and were able to maintain their own numbers for a time, but since their own magical Essence was dependent upon the Lacertae's magical energies, their numbers finally diminished as well. They were left with only two unhatched Lacertae eggs by the time their numbers reached 50 or so. Then, several years ago, Maelstrom began building Stormhold atop their Faerie Mound. They attempted to halt the construction and drive him off, and construction -did- take several extra months to complete, but in the end, they failed. They were simply too weak without enough Lacertae to fuel their own magics and sustain their lives. 19 more of the Shadow Fae died in their valiant attempts to save their ancestral home of so many centuries. The remaining 31 Shadow Fae fled with their two remaining eggs. Lacertae are relatively few in number and many are indistinguishable from lizards, newts or Salamanders They can be found in almost every part of the world, but in few numbers. Lacertae are related to Dragons and although most are not aware of it, Dragons left many things behind them when most of them departed this realm. One such thing is how the Shadow Fae are dependent upon the Lacertae for their very survival. While Lacertae energize their magics and sustain themselves from the very elements in their environments, the Shadow Fae do something quite similar with Lacertae. And once those bonds are established between Lacertae and Shadow Fae, the bonded Lacertae will die without Shadow Fae in proximity. Proximity being a few miles. Fae will die without Lacertae...period. In return for the bonding, Lacertae are kept clean and are well-cared for and loved in all well as their magics becoming amplified by the Fae and being more powerful than normal. Recently, the 31 Shadow Fae returned to Stormhold and confronted Maelstrom. His Keep had destroyed itself and all of the psionic defenses had faded away. There is the remains of a powerful dimensional gate at the old Keep's base, well hidden and kept secret, but it doesn't impair the Fae. Maelstrom agreed to allow them to return to the Mound and promised to protect them and keep their secrets safe. An extra boon to the Fae, which is what prompted their return, is that Maelstrom has a mated pair of Water Whelps on the property...the Lacertae type that is aligned with the water element. The Fae contingent is comprised of the following...

Black Fae - 1...
This is the king and his given name is Smiley, thanks to Maelstrom. His true name is Rai’nkir. He is the creator. His powers include the ability to create a fairie mound and the underground city that accompanies it. He also has the power to imbue things of nature with breathing souls, giving them free will and possible sentience. The Fae King is the only one of the group who can make enchantments permanent. All of the Fae can create enchantments, but only the King can choose to make them permanent. A measure to help ensure the perpetuation of the species is that the Fae King can communicate with anything in nature and can bond to any kind of Lacertae.

INT: 125
SPI: 125

Skill 1: ~100~ Create Faerie Mound
Skill 2: ~100~ Imbue Essence
Skill 3: ~100~ Permanence

Silver Fae - 1...
He is the last of his kind. His true name is Roxir. His specialty is working with Icewyrm Lacterae. If he doesn’t find one soon, he may die before much longer. His powers are teleportation and are very strong, rivaling even the most powerful mages of the Mage's Guild. He is among the oldest of the remaining Shadow Fae.

INT: 100
SPI: 100

Skill 1: ~100~ Teleportation

Green Fae - 6...
These Shadow Fae are along the caliber of a strong healer. Only one of the Green is powerful enough to resurrect a dead person though, and even that power must be used within five minutes of death or it will fail. They can also restore things that are broken, back to their original state. Nature magic is their primary realm of preference, with geomancy often being one of their preferred creative outlets. The most powerful is named Tur’eral. The Lacterae aligned with the Green Fae are gecko-like types. There is one currently located nearby, but it has been very reclusive.

INT: 40-100
SPI: 40-100

Skill 1: ~40-100~ Restore Anew
Skill 2: ~40-100~ Influence Nature

Red Fae - 4...
These Fae are attuned to the energies of fire. They work with Fire Lacterae, which normally reside deep in volcanoes where they bathe in the lava and soak up its powerful energy. It is quite a ways down, perhaps 5 kilometers or so, but almost directly under Stormhold, there is a flowing channel of lava in which one Fire Lacertae resides. Only one though, which explains there only being four Red Fae.

INT: 40-80
SPI: 40-80

Skill 1: ~50-100~ Fire Manipulation

Blue Fae - 6...
These Shadow Fae are intimately in tune with water magic. They can manipulate water in any of its various forms, shape it into any form they desire, make it rain or create fog or whatever, as well as actually being able to locate water when it may be completely undetectable to others. They are associated with Water Lacterae.

INT: 45-90
SPI: 45-90

Skill 1: ~45-90~ Water Manipulation

Orange Fae - 5...
These little Fae are especially skilled in creating magical shields of all types. They are associated with Air Lacterae.

INT: 50-100
SPI: 50-100

Skill 1: ~50-95~ Shielding Aura
Skill 2: ~50-95~ Air Manipulation

Yellow Fae - 4...
The Yellow Fae have the ability to create illusions so real that they can mimic the real thing, including natural and independent actions on the part of the illusion itself. They are associated with either Air Lacterae or the gecko type, dependent on their individual inclinations.

INT: 40-90
SPI: 40-90

Skill 1: ~50-100~ Illusion

Purple Fae - 4...
These Fae have the ability to transform into an object of their choosing. It is only on a limited basis and is time dependent. 2d100 will determine how long it can remain in that form. They work closely with Spirit Lacertae.

INT: 70-100
SPI: 70-100

Skill 1: ~60-100~ Metamorphose

In return for Maelstrom allowing them to return to their home, the Shadow Fae agreed to assist him with anything within Stormhold itself, including the creation of unique new defenses. All defenses can be activated or deactivated by a command word.



The Nei’Draconae are a dragon like creature that had been created by a method of magical construction and then selective breeding design. Malestrom created the program which lead to the development of the Nei’Draconae. He had sold one to Otho Proudfoot whom gave it to Razzine and the Vaxian Empire Intrigued by the creature the Empire approached Maestrom with the resources to expand his project and provide many of the creatures to be used by the Vaxian Empire.

The Nei’Draconae had proven to be more intelligent than just basic magical constructs, even shown to be quite clever. They also demonstrated they could breed with little complications. Thus the program turned its attention on breeding the Nei’Drawconae instead of just creating them. From this different types of Nei’Draconae developed.

The main breeding area is in a cavern that is hidden within the grounds of Stormhold. There are also few remaining nests in the Kanestronia Cathedral where a handful of Nei’Draconae still flock. Though their numbers are smaller since the Naga Nori War and the removal of the Vaxian Empire. Many of their Nei’Draconae were killed in the battle or taken with them as they retreated.

In time some Nei’Draconae have also escaped the program and the Vaxian Empire (especially after the Naga Nori War) and have started building nests around the Northern Peninsula area. There also a couple of islands where some Nei’Draconae have been placed to live in peace away from the rest of the world and to grow their numbers.

Nei’Draconae have a lifespan of about 100 to 250 years. They reach their full size within one year. They are susceptible to several illnesses and allergens which has a high risk of killing them if not treated. The risk is even higher should a Nei’Draconae be separated from its brood for too long.

There are seven types of Nei’Draconae breeds. They can be identified by which color they are mostly of, and the slight differences in their physical features, and specific abilities. Each brood has only one Bai’Dracon, and she is their sole alpha female and leader.

    Color: Orange
    Height: 5-9 ft at shoulders
    Length: 10-18 ft from nose to tail
    Wingspan: 20-36 ft from tip to tip

    Color: Red
    Height: 3-5 ft at shoulders
    Length: 6-10 ft from nose to tail
    Wingspan: 12-20 ft from tip to tip

    Color: Green
    Height: 2-3 ft at shoulders
    Length: 4-6 ft from nose to tail
    Wingspan: 8-12 ft from tip to tip

    Color: Silver
    Height: 7-13 ft at shoulders
    Length: 14-26 ft from nose to tail
    Wingspan: 28-52 ft from tip to tip

    Color: Blue
    Height: 9-17 ft at shoulders
    Length: 18-34 ft from nose to tail
    Wingspan: 36-68 ft from tip to tip

    Color: Black
    Height: 6-12 ft at shoulders
    Length: 12-24 ft from nose to tail
    Wingspan: 24-48 ft from tip to tip

    Color: White
    Height: 8-16 ft at shoulders
    Length: 16-32 ft from nose to tail
    Wingspan: 32-64 ft from tip to tip
    Features: Always female, only ones that can lay eggs. Produces an enzyme that helps her brood survive illnesses and allergies that would otherwise kill them. She can not produce the enzyme without her consort from each one of the other breeds as their collective pheromones stimulate its production.

The breeds do not live exclusively with just their type. Instead they all live mixed together in a family unit called a brood. This affords that they all can compliment each other’s abilities and help improve the survival of the creatures, as broods can band together should they need.

Females tend to larger and more aggressive than the males making them excellent guardians and hunters, they make up much of a brood’s population. Males can fertilize laid eggs and also attend to the needs of the Bai’Dracon as her consorts. Only the Bai'Dracon can lay eggs and has the ability to determine their gender by temperature control. Hotter temperatures result in males and cooler temperatures result in females. Once eggs are fertilized by a male, the offspring will be the same breed as the father.

The Bai'Dracon decides when more of a particular breed is needed. When such a need is announced, the males of that breed become more aggressive than normal. If there is more than one male of that breed in a brood then the alpha of them will be granted the right to fertilize the eggs. This can happen a few ways, they may just decide themselves whom is to be the alpha based on what that one male has done for the brood and submit to him. If there is no clear alpha, then the contenders will fight to determine the alpha. The fights are never to the death, only until submission.

The Bai'Dracon can lay eggs once every 3 months, usually in clutches of 5 to 7 eggs. There can be multiple breed types in one clutch as a male from each breed may be called to fertilize an egg. Once every 13 months, she can self-fertilize one egg in an attempt to produce another Bai’Dracon. There is a 50% chance that it will hatch a Bai’Dracon, a 30% chance that it will be sterile and a 20% chance that it will result in a mutant variant of one of the breeds (7% to be a mutant Ba’Draconi, 15.5% for each of the other breeds).

If a normal Bai’Dracon is hatched, she will remain with the brood for a full year, but then must leave and form her own brood. She becomes fertile at 6 months and is allowed the fertilization services of any willing male and follows the normal breeding rites. Hatchlings born of this second Bai’Dracon, remain with the brood. When the second Bai’Dracon leaves a number and type of Nei'draconae equal to that which she hatched will leave with her. Volunteers are chosen first, then they decide among themselves which others of them will leave if there are too many or too few volunteers. Once the second Bai’Dracon has her new brood they undergo a ritual where she chooses her consorts and bonds with them which enables her to start producing the enzyme that helps keep her brood healthy.

Mutant variants can be hatched there is a 10% chance from being fertilized by a male, and a 20% chance when a Bai’Dracon fertilizes. These mutants vary wildly in size and ability and have a chance to even manifest abilities not typically present in the breed. These mutant variants are handled on an individual basis. Generally they will be accepted as part of the brood unless they prove to be too dangerous and threaten the lives of the brood. The Bai’Dracon of the brood and her chosen beta females will decide if the mutant variant is a threat to the brood. If it is unanimous that it is a threat then the Bai’Dracon will not rub its enzyme on it, effectively sentencing it to death as it would succumb to illness and allergies by falling into a deep sleep that becomes a coma where their body slowly shuts down and they die.

Mutant variant Bai Dracon are handled similarly. If she is determined to be unfit for breeding, she is allowed to remain with the clan or leave. No males are allowed to fertilize her eggs and no Nei'Draconae leave with her if she decides to leave the brood. If it is determined that she is fit for breeding, she is treated like any other second Bai'Dracon would be treated. Hatchlings of a mutant variant Bai'Dracon will tend to inherit a form of the mutation such as being slightly smaller or larger than average, splotches of the color of the Bai'Dracon, etc.


Vulture Clan

Vulture Clan

The Vulture Clan currently led by Apostle Gabras Hul-Zur, is the largest group of Orcs in GHOUL

Before the Second Orc War the Vulture Clan was one of the largest and most prestigious of free orcish clans, fielding tens of thousands of warriors. When Necromos returned, the Vulture Clan formed the backbone of his army, and was consequently nearly wiped out by the Iron Army and their elven, Shinkan, and Candenordian allies. All that was left of the Vulture Clan were several hundred scattered warriors, who banded together with the scattered remnants of other clans after the Orc War, under the new leadership of the cunning Gabras Hul-Zur.

Desperate, the orcs attempted to force a confrontation with the Vaxian Empire's forces in Victory City shortly after it was built, and were captured. The Empire, not knowing what to do with them, was considering trading them as slaves to the Nethar of Vrraul'kezrai when the Son of Kosmo vampire John Lordaeron Gaunth returned, declared them freed, and founded GHOUL with the Vulture Clan as its first inhabitants, under the agreement that the orcs give up their belligerent ways and become civilized. The calming influence of Gaunth's Son of Kosmo Majesty skill, Gwyne and the fact that most of the orcs who survived the Orc War were the least warlike to begin with - scouts, shamans, cowards, and the like.

Current Status
The importance of the clan itself has faded, as there are so few orcs left that inter-orc rivalries have become counterproductive, and few clans have been left viable in the area at all. Most orcs of GHOUL are considered members of the Vulture Clan, whether they're related to the original Clan by blood or not. The modern Vulture Clan is thus a conglomeration of survivors from many disparate sources, including the original two hundred or so recruited by Gaunth; another several hundred survivors of the Orc War who had fled south to Iskrania to found New Ghuundagor only to have their new home razed by the Followers of Light and propel them to GHOUL; members of free clans across the continent that have been devastated by a long-term semi-organized campaign by humans to wipe them out; escaped slaves, gladiators from Vaxian fighting pits and warslaves from Vrraul'kezrai who were left masterless after the Nethar Civil War, and others.





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Muratori Vampires

Muratori Vampires

The Muratori Vampires are essentially Ghosts with teeth. When Emperor Jhad razed the city of Muratori to the ground, killing everyone in it, the inhabitants remained in the Vaxian realm as dreads, and the apprentice of Necromos named Muratos, now the leader of the Muratori, twisted them further for his own purposes. The city itself somehow has a reflection in the Shadow Realm which the Muratori have a strong connection to. While the real city of Muratori is a long-dead ruin, the shadow reflection burns with a perpetual fire.

Targets for Turning
Summoners are common targets for the Muratori, as are strong mages of nearly every variety.

Skill Affinity
Shadow magic is common among the Muratori Vampires specifically with the ability to turn into raw shadow essence for sustained periods. Given their targets, metamagic is also fairly common, as it's a useful tool to weaken or disrupt those they would hope to turn.




The Dachairo a vampire clan from Shi Inkahan, created by Ozishima, grieving lover of Ramichigatta one of Necromos's Apprentices. They have very strong control over their minds, and can suck the life force out of a victim at a distance, calling it 'soul channeling'. The word 'Dachairo' is Shinkan for 'The Pilgrimage Up The Mountain', and they are essentially a zen-oriented religion where vampirism is conferred upon only the most enlightened.

The life force (chi) which Dachairo Vampires feed from leaves no physical scars, sucking the very essence from their victims to restore damage to their own souls and minds to keep themselves 'whole' as long as possible.

Targets for Turning
When a mortal follower of the Dachairo religion (called an Aspirant) has been deemed to have achieved something like enlightenment or nirvana, then they will be chosen by the Dachairo leaders for the honour of becoming a Dachairo vampire. Dachairo vampires who meet promising candidates will guide them along the path of their religion as mentors until they reach enlightenment on their own.

Skill Affinity
Dachairo vampires often learn strong mental discipline. Hardcore skills to stay conscious and various physical and mental resistance skills are common, hardening them against dangers from without and within.


Bloody Shroud

Bloody Shroud
Bloody Shroud Vampires (also called Necromos Orphans and Necromoskindred) were created when Necromos, after the Cataclysm, took the ideas of the Nine Moons and Skharabi vampires and combined them and perverted them, creating the first Bloody Shroud. These are solitary, drink blood, and regenerate their flesh. On this template all the other vampire clans are based.

They are the best known variety of vampire on the Vaxian Continent (at least, on the surface): they drink blood, regenerate flesh, and often avoid direct sunlight.

Targets for Turning
Blood Shroud vampires often seek lovers to stifle the pain and shame of their curse. They will court like anyone else, attempting to lure potential lovers in with mystery and allure before performing the turning to turn a new companion for life.

Skill Affinity
Bloody Shroud vampires often turn to shapeshifting and biomancy, enhancing their physical attributes for greater speed or strength, turning into creatures of the night in harmony with their nature, etc. They will also sometimes delve into mind magic to help them lure new companions or build themselves a thrall of other vampires over time.







Skharabi or Scarab Vampires are a kind of vampire of Nethar origin.

In the philosophy of the Skharabi, they have been brought back for a second life by Qua'ress for their noble service.

Skharabi feed on thoughts rather than blood, feasting on memories. The victim's memories are often added to the Skharabi's own and given equal say in decision-making along with the original mind and all other victims. With so many personalities fighting for control, most Skharabi seem mad to outsiders and can have difficulty distinguishing reality from illusion.

Every time a Skharabi feeds, it becomes more insane. It also undergoes physical changes: the skin, which starts out red when the vampire is first made, slowly hardens, and eventually begins to crack. Hair, fingernails, eyes, and interior fleshy bits are blue, and gradually turn lighter and less solid. After a thousand or so feedings, the vampire is basically a shell of solid red plates around a semi-gaseous glowing blue cloud. Eventually, bits of the shell are gradually lost, and after maybe two thousand or so feedings, all that remains is the blue cloud. There is rumoured to be a cavern, deep within the planet, where Skharabi that have reached this stage go to spend the rest of their eternal existence in a vaporous blue sea. It is equally probable, however, that vampires at this stage simply dissipate entirely.

Targets for Turning
Due to their consumption of memories, Skharabi often seek to turn the family, lovers or associates of the more powerful personalities among their victims. The strongest voices in their heads desire company, and guide them to the victims of their desires.

Skill Affinity
Mind magic, naturally, is very common among the Skharabi - the ability to sense thoughts and read them to find the most 'nourishing' targets. They also often learn how to discipline their own minds to continue to function further into life. Some also take to biomancy to rein in and better leverage their natural mutations from repeated feedings.


Rock People

Rock People

"As far as I know, the history of the Rock People dates back to the Great Cataclysm. As the Chaos Bracer was invoked and the old world was destroyed, wiped clean, the first of the rock people were born."
- Tanin Brinestar

These creatures were rocks pushed up from the very core of the earth. They would not melt even though they were in the core of the planet. These rocks came to life as the old world was being destroyed, and inherited some of the magic from that time. The first Rock people were born and are now immortal and do not age. As more rocks came up from the core of the planet over time, the older rock people would push them close together, and new rock people would be born.

Basically, they are exactly as they sound. They are not one solid grouping of rocks, but rather rocks that pull together to form an almost human like appearance. They generally stand about 15 feet tall, and when they move their rocks just kind of roll along with them. Sometimes they move like humanoids do, but it is very slow. It is believed that the Rock People are genderless and are incapable of reproduction. It is believed they are simply born out of the fires of the planet’s core.

Rock people can be found near the core of the planet under areas of extreme magic. There is a group living under the Kanestronia, as well as the largest group recorded under Kundal. It is believed that places like Dawnport, Meribor, and Arpaksad all have groups of rock people underneath. No one has ever seen the immortal rock people, and we believe they may live under the Namori ruins in No Mans Land. It would only make sense as one of the places of extreme magic in the world as we know it.

Some believe these creatures help the world run. Mountains form, hills roll, and minerals grow because the rock people. Do note that this is not the sole reason these things happen, there is some geology involved, but maybe that is the reason there is such an abundance of these materials. The largest collection of Rock People, and Rock People remains that is found is in Kundal. Kundal also happens to be one of the most extensive sources of rare materials known to the Vaxian Realm.

Rock People have a lifespan of about 80 or 90 years. Then, their rocks just stop moving one day. Granted, the first Rock People wont die, because they are unique. The rest do though. Then, their rocks are pushed aside to a cave, probably a designated burial area. They don’t seem to mind if people take these rocks, rather it seems like they get them out of the way so new rocks can come together and be ‘born’ per say.

The first encounters outside of Kundal were in Ramsalon when someone was killing the rock people. They showed themselves to various people in the city, trying to get their attention. Rock people are non-aggressive, and have no means to do battle though it is rumored that their powers of suggestion are quite strong.

The Remains of rock people do have unique effects when combined with Mithril, though to my knowledge to not retain any of their abilities and resistance after it is combined with an outside material. I’ve written another report up on that material as well."



Pyrads are a rare (it is believed there may be less then 80 in the world) and rather odd creature of Vaxia. They’re a fire fae, as if they’re half-fire Elemental and half-fae or elf. They live alone in different parts of the world. Roughly every 500 years or so, they feel a great calling to someplace that is generally a central location to all of the pyrads in the world. Some of them end up with the calling and finding another pyrad to mate with. That is the only time that you will see more than one pyrad in one place.

There can be no such thing as a half-pyrad. Even though they can’t mate with other races, they do have a curiosity about them. They’re not xenophobic (fear of other races) at all. Rather curios by nature, they like to learn and are always asking questions so that they may better understand other races. If there is something that they feel strongly about, they will ‘fight’ passionately for. Despite the fact that they’re rather peace-loving and don’t kill and will try and avoid it at all costs.

The Pyrad is a natural healer, using the power of fire to heal, as well as they are able to defend themselves with it just was well. They’re rather unpredictable, they tend to remain relatively calm, that is until they’re upset about something that they feel strongly about. Driven by passion, and curiosity. In a fight, weapons can harm them. Water and ice is their main weakness, as we all know, water and ice puts out any fire. Some other natural abilities of the pyrads are the ability to control fire and all it’s properties. Affecting all the properties at once, or just one at a time. They can even take on the properties of fire, turning themselves into complete flame. They’re not as vulnerable in this state. Objects can pass through fire easily, though unless attacked with water or ice.

Just a little OOC note though. If anyone else were to create another pyrad character, they can NOT be two pyrads in the same area, and one requirement for a pyrad character is that they are to have the following skill, as it constitutes as the natural abilities of the pyrad race.

The Pyradic Skill
The ability to take on the properties of fire. The ability to manipulate all properties of fire. (One at a time such as temperature or any combination of the properties). The ability to absorb all fire damage, healing from it. The ability to heal others with fire."



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