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Site Policies

Site Policies

Social Department

The Social Department is responsible for maintaining the health of the community of vaxia.org. This includes moderation duties, interpersonal conflict resolution, communication assistance, helping newbies, creating and maintaining site and newbie tutorials and running community activities. In addition, the social department may act as a neutral party in disputes, assuming the social department itself is not in Conflict of Interest

The forums are the best way to contact Social with any ideas or concerns. This will allow for all members to see the discussion and contribute as needed. The current year's leads will also be posted there with the department's yearly to do list. Forum with the Election Results

Social Department Forum
If unable to post in the Social forums then use the General Discussion Forums

Due to the nature of some of the things social handles, it is understandable if you do not want to post on the forums that information. You can post on the forums that you need to talk to a member of Social or use the Anonymous Mailer PMs can also be used, but it may take some time for whoever was pm'd to see it.

Vaxia Helpers Vaxia Helpers are a specific subset of the social department. In order to become a newbie helper, you must pass the social department membership training and the newbie helper training. Access to this position is not dependent on any other earned rank - only on passing the relevant training. They are responsible for directly assisting the newest members of the site, providing player-targeted training, general site guidance, and assisting with RP opportunities to get new players settled in. The social department is responsible for creating training material and keeping newbie helpers trained.

Mediation Department
The Mediation Department is a group of players who have undergone additional training in order to be able to handle the interpersonal conflicts here on the site. It is an optional position, and the essay test may be taken once a player has passed the social department test and earned at least 40xp on their account. Once the test has been passed with at least a 3/4ths majority vote from the other members in the Mediation Department, the player will be qualified to oversee mediations. There will always be at least two mediators in any given mediation in order to protect everyone involved. Mediators are trained to give out notations and yellow strikes, although the social leads must sign off and give a second set of eyes before the strikes become official. The Social Department is in charge of training mediators and keeping the test current and up to date with current site protocols.

Violating Site Policies
The social department is the department responsible for initial investigation and handling of violations of site Code of Conduct and the site Harassment Policy The social department may require a player to undergo additional training, coordinate a session schedule or request other behavior changes to avoid further violations. The Setting Department may also make recommendations to leads regarding revoking access for a player or removing a character from play for violations of site policy by the player if it will resolve ongoing violations. Revoking player access or removing a character from play requires 3/4ths of the current leads to approve the request based on provided evidence.

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Player Character to Player Character IC Relationships

The following are the basic rules and guidelines to help players manage their character relationships with other player characters in the game.

Why is this important?
To protect and ensure player boundaries are respected
To ensure a player is not taken advantage of
To help manage expectations

Just like in life there are many kinds of relationships that may develop ICly between characters: child-parent, sibling, romantic, employer-employee, protective, etc, are just some examples. These may put a player character in an authoritative position over another player character. This is a lot of responsibility and work both OOCly and ICly and can easily end up hurting another player if one is not careful.

Player boundaries take precedence above all else when it comes to these kinds of relationships, especially as between some characters it can become quite negative. Some players may not be interested or unable to pursue certain types of rp for any reasons. It doesn’t matter if the character would do it, if the player doesn’t want to do that kind of roleplay, do not force them to. It can be extremely harmful for the player to be put in that kind of situation. Even if they do not share the specifics for their reasons, they are to be respected.

So if a player says no, then do not do it. No comes in many forms, the rule is - unless there is an absolute and clear yes that they are ok with the direction of the relationship rp as is, anything else should be taken as a no - period.

A player wishing to partake of such relationship rp must make regular OOC check ins with the other player(s) to make sure they are ok with the direction and tone of the RP as it progresses, as well as to make they are not blocking the player’s ability to play their character. Never assume that the other player will be ok with any change in the rp, even if it is a type of rp they have done before, always ask!

When a player comes along that is not aware of the relationship and what the players have agreed upon, the players involved in the relationship should make sure that the other player is made aware of what could happen, and why some of the roleplay may go the direction it does. This is to help prevent the unaware player from feeling uncomfortable in the situation, and understand that everything going on in the RP is ICly and agreed upon.

If at any time a player becomes uncomfortable or feeling like their boundaries have not been respected with the relationship or begins to feel like they are being blocked and can’t do anything on their character due to the relationship they are encouraged to start a conversation with the other player(s) involved and let them know. This way the players can work out an alternative way to take the rp to resolve this. If the players on their own can not come to a resolution, then the player is encouraged to bring the situation to the attention of Social. Social can assign them a mediator to help come to a compromise or to help work out an exit strategy from the IC relationship with Setting on hand to advise as needed. Remember at any time a player has the right to opt out of an IC relationship.

  • A player can not control a character that is not theirs.
  • A player can not use an IC relationship to prevent another player from taking the involved character to sessions.
  • A player can not use an IC relationship to prevent another player from rping with other players on the involved character or other rp in general.
  • A player can not use an IC relationship to force another player to give their character items or silver.
  • A player can not use an IC relationship to force another player to do RP topics that they do not want to participate in.
  • A player can not use an IC relationship to harass, abuse, or threaten another player OOCly.

A player is not obligated to play out every single moment of any kind of relationship or employment and can not be force to do so.

Underaged PC relationships

    Underaged is defined as any character that is physically or mentally under the age of 18 or even looks under the age of 18. In these games underaged is flagged as a special condition that requires Setting approval in order to play. This is due to that in that some scenes underage characters are not appropriate for as well as the expectations of many IC interactions from both PCs and NPCs already put older characters in a kind of authoritative position over the underage character.
    Underage characters are not permitted to partake in romantic or erotic RP. It may be implied, but it can not actually be roleplayed out on this site ever.
    Players of underage characters should be prepared for their character to be treated like a child at any time. This can manifest in many ways but usually in the form of being commanded to do something with no explanation, to leave a potentially bad or extremely dangerous scene, physically be dragged away from something perceived as harmful or to get them out of harm's way, or scolded or reprimanded for their actions. Setting will cover these expectations with the player submitting an underage character after reviewing the character and the player’s history. This is to ensure the player understands what may happen in play, and to encourage them to open OOC channels with other players to let them know what is ok to do to exercise authority over their character and that they expect it.

    Players interacting with an underage PC should keep in mind ways to also exercise their character’s authority over the underage in a way to help keep them involved in the session or rp in some way. Checking in with the player of the underage PC with a heads up on what may happen is highly encouraged.

Employment of a PC by a PC

In addition to the above there are some extra rules in regards to IC employment between PCs.

    The hiring process is handled like a recruitment session between a NPC and a player. The players of the characters involved will make a request on the SH forums for a SH to run the numbers and officiate the hiring for them. The PC employer should ask questions related to the position being offered as well as request a demonstration of the potential PC employee’s skills that would apply to the job. At the end the SH may recommend an econ score boost, but the PC employer shall determine what is earned if the potential PC employee was hired. Then the SH will record the recruitment on the forums and make any adjustments to the econ score as needed or available. (This follows the same rules as other econ score bonuses and can not go past the +15 max gain per character.).

    If the PC employer plans to give the employee a raise or promotion, there should be RP to point to that shows the promotion was earned. In cases where there is the possibility of an econ boost it must also be handled like a recruitment session so there is a record. If there is no boost to econ or other character Stats then a scene can be made to help record the RP that proves the promotion was earned. Similarly, to demote or fire someone, there should be an IC reason to point to, and can also be made into a scene to help keep a record.

    The PC employer player can not make one of the terms of employment to have the PC employee give their employer a set amount silver or demand their PC employee make their character items because they work for them. This is in essence forcing another player to give them silver or items. ICly it is already implied that the PC employee is already contributing to the business in some manner, and while it could be said that the employer does take something (especially in regards to commission) no actual exchange of silver or items takes place.

    This policy also helps keep PC employers as a viable option for other PCs for work, as if a PC employer takes away actual silver or items, this will make a PC employer less appealing than a NPC employer - who gets no actual silver or items and still provides all the perks of being employed. The perk of a PC hiring a PC is the opportunity for RP and collaboration for those characters.

Be sure to also review the rules on Transfer of items or money between characters for additional considerations linked to IC relationships.

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Slow-Posting is a phrase used to describe roleplaying that occurs at a much slower pace then 'normal' and cannot happen immediately in one sitting.

In ‘fast-posting’ roleplay, players are able to immediately respond to each other's posts and have set aside a few hours to play out an entire scene, start to finish. In slow-posting roleplay, players don't all have to be on during the same window, which may work better with some players' schedules for work, school, and other activities. Slow-posting allows those people to still be able to keep the roleplaying going, just at a slower pace.

In casual slow-post RP, there are no enforced time limits on when people should respond (just like in fast-posting casual RP). A slow-posting session, on the other hand, is something you should only join if you can commit to posting once daily for 1-2 weeks. In a slow-posting session, even a short post is a good post if it keeps the round moving so that the session doesn't stall out.

If you are in casual slow-posting RP with someone, and they haven’t posted in 2 or more days, drop them a friendly reminder over private messaging to check in and see if they wish to continue the RP. Similarly, if you are in a slow-post RP and know that something is coming up that will make you unlikely to keep up with the once-a-day schedule, let the other players know either via the OOC box with your character in the room or via private messaging so they know what to expect.

For A/SHs running slow-posing sessions, if a player has not posted in over a day, you are not just allowed but encouraged to proceed to the next round, effectively skipping that character in favor of keeping the session moving. Players can try to get caught up in future rounds when their real-life schedule allows. When you run a slow-post session, be careful to consider how this might impact the way you design your challenges.

If you are in a casual slow-posting RP and require A/SH oversight, just like in fast-posting RP, pause the action until you can get a qualified A/SH to rule or address whatever needs oversight. For their consideration, it may be wise to schedule a time to switch to fast-posting until the action that requires A/SH oversight is completed before switching back to slow-posting format, if desired.

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I have seen site proposals, how can I make one of my own?

Site proposals are Vaxia.org's way of gathering an official opinion from the site on a system or site policy question. In the past we used to do this on forum threads and with a five-star system rating forum posts. That turned out to be a very poor way of gathering site opinion, it wasn't always used to indicate levels of agreement with the post's content and generally brought down the overall mood of nearly any conversation going on on the forums where negative votes were cast. It also left what the overall site opinion was very unclear, as plenty of people would either be overlooked in a forum thread, or simply never participated.

To address the need for a better way to handle voting and site feedback, we moved to using the Proposal system in 2014. Anyone on the site who is an active player can create a proposal - you'll find the link for it in the left hand menu under "Add content" or here: http://vaxia.org/node/add/proposal - with an instructional video of how to create the form fully here: http://screencast.com/t/0ehohiBaOP

Good Habits for Proposal Making

Setting up a proposal is fairly self explanatory, but there are some good habits we do recommend.

Use Proposals only when nothing else will do
Use proposals for elections, major site decisions, and system changes. It's a two week voting window with anonymous results and anti-tampering features - this isn't a system designed to be used to figure out when to hold the next session in a saga. Use a standard forum thread for that.

Discuss the topic first
When you have a question that is best answered with a proposal, it is smart to first start a forum thread. This brings the matter to the attention of the site and allows others to add suggestions and other options to the proposal. You want to make sure that your proposal tries to include as many perspectives as possible in order for the site to accept the results.

Don't equate silence with agreement
It is easy to have a thread of like minded posters overwhelm the conversation, even though they are the minority opinion. *Always* hold the proposal just to be sure - even if the end results are 100% in favor of or against an idea. This gives you validation. Don't make the assumption that the silence of the rest of the members of the site indicates agreement. It doesn't.

Hold discussions in the open
By making sure you use a forum thread to gather all of the options on the table you ensure that everyone has had a chance to openly contribute to the decision-making. It increases your Transparency and absolves you of any Conflict of Interest questions. Your last few posts on the thread should include something like a "Last Call", asking others to confirm the text of the question and the options provided as a a last minute check before you start the proposal up. Try to give a 12 to 24 hour window to allow posters to give you feedback.

Setting up the Proposal

A proposal is much like any other piece of content on the site, it has a form, you fill it in. There are two important pieces of information on the form that you will want to include if you have.

Associated Threads
First there is a option to reference a forum thread - which is where you should include the forum thread(s) that led up to the proposal being created. At the least, the thread you created while you were asking the site for input on your proposal should be included. Be sure to give as much information as possible, it's better to include too much than to include too little. This is so that anyone coming to the proposal who wasn't in that conversation, can catch up and make an informed decision.

Associated Files
If your proposal has to do with a system mechanic, then you should make a point of running the numbers. This is often a matter of providing a spreadsheet or graph demonstrating the impact of the change options on the system. The associated files is where you will provide any contextual information that was not covered in the forum thread. This is so that years from now, if you are no longer around, the arguments and analysis from the proposal are still available to future decision makers. It *extremely* important that any decisions made include the original problem being addressed and why we feel the changes will improve the situation so that future site decisions can confirm if the circumstances surrounding those decisions still apply.

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Anonymous Mailer

As the title says, this is an anonymous way of having a voice.

If there are questions, concerns, feedback, praise or complaints that you don't feel comfortable making on the forums or private messages, this is a way to do it.

What happens is that the content of the message is sent in an email to the current site heads. The site heads don't see who it is from, and have no one way of finding that out.

Upon receiving the email, they will discuss it amongst themselves, and then make a reply on the forums. The original message will be included, without censorship, and each point should be addressed.

This provides a way for the user to be addressed with their anonymity intact, as well as for the website to see the responses from the site heads.

It also allows the other users to reply back to the forum post with their own thoughts, and feelings.





Harassment Policy

Vaxia's players and administration will not tolerate harassment of any of our players by anyone, regardless of their role on the site.

Our site defines harassment as any behavior that is threatening, abusive, or which espouses any racist, sexist or other hate-mongering philosophy. Repeatedly contacting (or "hounding") one of our players can also be considered harassment if you are asked to stop and do not do so.

Refer to the Code of Conduct for additional guidelines on healthy and respectful behavior on vaxia.org. This definition is not exhaustive, and behavior judged by two or more administrators to fall into a similarly abusive pattern whether it's explicitly addressed here or not may also constitute grounds for a Strike.

This definition extends to the in-character world to a degree - while we encourage freedom of character concepts and choices, including those which may veer into the hateful or vindictive, any suggestion that abusive behavior IC is motivated by out-of-character inclinations will be met with similar warnings and punishments as out-of-character harassment. If you are asked by another player or the site's administration to reduce the level of abrasive or offensive roleplay, please do so for the overall health of the site. Failure to respect the request will result in similar warnings and punishments.

While we hope it will never be an issue, we also prohibit any form of sexual harassment or misconduct on the site, in or out of character. That includes stalking, threats and any non-consensual conversations or RP of a sexual nature. It also includes textual accounts of romantic or sexual conduct with a minor, which applies to both players below the age of 18 and characters with an Apparent Age or Effective age less than 18 (depending on the character's race). Vaxia prohibits any such misconduct, and violations will be met with swift repercussions.

If your behavior is considered to constitute harassment, you will be warned by the site's administration or SH corps. You may ask for clarification on the nature of the offense, and we will strive to provide you with alternatives which do not offend or endanger our players. Continued behavior along similar lines will be met with a Strike (which remains on your account record permanently), and three Strikes will result in an immediate ban from the site. Any continued harassment of our players away from vaxia.org may be further met with legal action as necessary.

Anyone who feels they are the subject of harassment on or off the site by one of our players should immediately contact the current World and Academy heads and the site administrator using the Contact link at the top of the page. If you're unsure if the behavior qualifies as harassment, please contact us to be sure - we would much rather deal with an excess of claims which ultimately prove to be benign than risk any genuine harassment going unreported.

We want everyone to feel safe here on vaxia.org, which is why we remain firm in our handling of harassment cases to better protect our players so that they can enjoy their time and roleplay without fear or abuse.

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How time works in Vaxia and Sirian

How time works in Vaxia and Sirian

The worlds are persistent. Though real life may intervene, and players and even Story Hosts may come and go, it is important to remember that Vaxia proceeds in real time. Each day that passes on Earth is a day that passes in Vaxia and Sirian.

How does this work with roleplay and sessions?

While what can be a three or four hour roleplay may only take ten or twenty minutes in-character, this is a necessary evil, because of our limitations as humans -- it takes more time to type out a description than it does for those events to occur.

The same goes for sessions. A session can take four to six hours, and while that may only be ten minutes (in some cases with combat one minute), this is because we the players and storyhosts describing the actions take time.

How does this work with roleplay and sessions that take place over multiple days?

Sometimes there are sessions or roleplay that are started but not ended on the same day. IE, a player got tired, something came up, or the session was too big for one day.

In these cases, the day that the roleplay or sessions begins is generally the day that all the action takes place. So, while something may start on a Friday, and end on a Saturday, in the game those events all took place on Friday.

Sometimes there are roleplay or sessions started one day, but the players can't get back together until a few days later. In these cases, the action still takes place on the day it began.

Any exceptions should be discussed with Setting so we can keep events documented in order.

What if I was gone, but my character would have done something to stop ABC XYZ?

Unfortunately, that means your character was not involved. If you're not there to participate then we can't retroactively add your character's actions to the story. You need to be present to participate.

How does this work with roleplaying previous events (before sessions, world events, things that happened earlier)?

Sometimes you may want to roleplay before an event happened, or before a session happened. That is acceptable, so long as you are explicit about the timing. You should not, however, use this as a chance to roleplay things from more than a few weeks before, or to do anything that conflicts with prior RP. Please check with Setting for exceptions - we want to keep the course of events organized.

How does this work with roleplaying things in the future?

Sometimes you may want to jump forward a bit and rp something, because of out of real life interference, time constraints, etc. Unfortunately, that can't be done. That future roleplay may come to interfere with a session thrown that weekend, or some kind of in character event. Even if that seems harmless, it can very quickly have ramifications.

What about running a session involving an alternate past, present or future of Vaxia or Sirian?

There are alternate dimensions, pockets, Realms or whatever ever term may be used to describe these situations. However, they are non-canon. The only canon timeline is the shared timeline. Any sessions involving alternate timelines can only be run with Setting approval beforehand.

How does this affect skills?

Divination is a form of seeing into the future, however divination is either accurate or precise, it is never both. As an example, the character may see it raining and four dead bodies are found in a bakery. However, when that event turns up it may be sunny and four bodies. Or raining and three bodies. It shouldn't be raining and there be four dead bodies in the bakery. That would mean the characters can not affect their future.

Chronomancy is a very regulated skill requiring world approval. Official policy is that when a character goes back or forward in time, they're going to a different timeline, leaving the original one intact. If this is only a minute or two forward or back, and not at all world-affecting, that's usually fine, and the new timeline is declared the canon one. But if they travel farther than that, or do anything that would cause any sort of nontrivial paradox, then the original is the canon timeline after all, and since the character has traveled to a different one, he simply winks out of existence from our perspective and is irretrievably Gone, with a return to the canon timeline possible only with careful thought from the character and multiple 100s rolled.

Slow Post Session Guidelines

1. If a character is in a regular session or a slow-post session they should avoid participating in any other sessions until the first is completed. Casual RP and casual slow-post RP which seldom results in lasting consequences, is easy to nullify after the fact and your character may be in as many of those as you would like. Please try to avoid using information from unresolved sessions in your casual RP to minimize situations that may need to be nulled.**

2. SHs and Players are expected to post daily. This character is effectively tied up until this session is finished so SH's should make the effort to move things along as quickly as possibly, especially for those Players with single characters. Keep in mind that the pace for a slow post is even tighter than that for a session - keep it brisk.

3. SH's should present the idea to World ahead of time to prevent any issues down the road, such as in the event of the SH having a RL issue. That way World or another SH could step in for a short time to keep things progressing. Also, this prevents any problems coming up that may end in changing or even nulling weeks of rp.

**Specifically for the players, please keep in mind if actions happening to your C will impact more than just them. These would be life altering events such as death, jail, etc. Generally, this is related to other characters such as loved ones, friends, or family members. This may also include your involvement with other plots or businesses. If something comes up, please inform the SH so that they may make any necessary decisions or prepare for post-session events as your character will be out of time with other C's on the site.





New Player Probationary Period

When an entirely new account is created on Vaxia, the new player is temporary in a probationary state, a kind of grace period during which any kinks in communication and understanding can be worked out.

During this period, the player is given slightly more IC flexibility. Misunderstandings of the IC world are more easily forgiven, provided they aren't repeated once the player has been notified. This does not mean the new player has unusual influence on the IC world, just that their misconceptions may be ret-conned or set aside without any major fuss as part of the natural process of figuring our the expansive IC worlds.

By contrast, the player's out-of-character behavior is slightly more scrutinized to ensure that they abide by our Code of Conduct and are deemed a good fit for the site. Any OOC infractions during this time may result in the player's account being deactivated depending on their severity. We will endeavor as a site to work with new players to acclimate them to the community, but if a solution cannot be found during this window, the account may be deactivated for the overall health of the site.

The probationary period for new accounts will continue until they have acquired at least 40 XP worth of roleplay across the sum of their characters. At that point, they are a fully-fledged member of the site, able to apply to become an SH and otherwise participate in and serve the community exactly as the rest of us do. Beyond the 40 XP mark, seniority grants no special authority on the site to any of us.

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Player vs Player

Player-vs-player combat is allowed in Vaxia and Sirian on the condition that all players have consented to PVP in that scene with those characters. PVP is one of the Character Permissions you can enable for a given character if you wish for them to be eligible for PVP. You cannot update this permission in the middle of a session, however, so please consider in advance if you would like to have it on or off before you join a session.

Ruling PVP
PVP can either be self-ruled (like when characters engage in friendly sparring) or ruled by an A/SH. Self-ruled PVP is limited in that it cannot result in permanent material consequences. You cannot kill or maim a character in self-ruled PVP, nor can you steal from them or otherwise grievously impact their life. For any of those, you need an A/SH to rule the scene.

PVP must be voluntary!
PVP is only possible when all parties involved have their character permissions for PVP enabled. If your flag is enabled, you still cannot engage in PVP with a player character whose flag is disabled. Likewise, even if the player character you target is flagged for PVP, you must also be flagged before you can engage them.

Permissions are locked during a given scene, which means any time an A/SH is present and ruling. You cannot update your flags in the middle of a session, and you cannot change your flag to join a fight already in progress. Therefore it's very important to think through any updates to your character permissions.

PVP Lock-out Period
Any time you engage in PVP that requires a ruling A/SH (anything beyond harmless sparring), your character's PVP permission will be locked in the "on" permission for a 7-day window. This is to allow for allied engagements that may result from the PVP action - for instance, if you kill a particular character, their friends may be interested in engaging you in PVP (if they know and are able to find you, of course).

A/SHs are instructed to closely examine "reprisal" PVP to ensure that out-of-character knowledge isn't being used, and to ensure it isn't part of a larger harassment issue. Once it's been 7 days since your last PVP engagement for that character, their flag becomes unlocked and you can disable it if you wish.

Support Efforts and PvP
You cannot lend aid to anyone actively engaged in PvP conflict without also consenting to engage in PvP for that conflict. This includes buffing, healing, even analyzing their PvP opponent and shouting advice, so be advised: you cannot be a passive partner to PvP, helping a friend without potentially opening yourself up to reprisals from their opponent.

Working at Cross Purposes
It's important to remember that working against another character's efforts where an NPC party is involved is not automatically PvP. For instance, if a PC is chasing an NPC, and you help the NPC to escape, that is not PvP. If they're chasing an NPC and you trip the PC, that IS PvP. Even though might yield the same outcome, one involves attacking the other PC directly, while bolstering the NPC does not.

As another example, if character A is setting fire to a building, and character B uses a water spell to put it out, that is not PvP, and they can continue to battle over the state of the building all night without ever crossing that line. If the fire mage tries to set the water mage on fire, that does cross the line into PvP and would need consent.

Where this gets hazier is when someone parries or blocks the efforts of an attacking character against an NPC. If character A attacks an NPC and character B tries to parry the strike, that is NOT PvP, even though it's combat. Character A wasn't attacking character B when they attacked, and character B is acting defensively. If B strikes back at A, that's PvP, and if A stops trying to go around B to hit the NPC and attacks them directly, that's also PvP. But B can continue trying to block A all night as A staps at the NPC behind them without it becoming PvP.

Non-Combat PvP
"Attacks" against one character by another may not always be so direct or literally as throwing a punch or firing a gun. The principles and guidelines of PvP do extend to more indirect attacks as well.

As a general rule, it's considered PvP when one character targets any of the following of another PC with intent to do harm:

  • Their LIF or other Stats
  • Their free will (mind control, loss of consciousness, coercion/intimidation, etc.)
  • Their owned Items (theft, destruction or modification without permission)
  • Their Companions (drones or animal companions)
  • The well-being of their NPC loved ones (assuming said loved ones aren't Setting NPCs)
  • Their Reputation (through libel, slander, etc.)

There are also some notable exceptions to this expansion of PvP. In these cases, rules are already in place to ensure any exchanges are handled fairly, and either an A/SH or the Setting Department is directly involved, so there's no need for further considerations and oversight.

Business and Location Ownership
Businesses and property with associated RPG Chatroom locations can often be mistaken for Items, but in fact are part of the larger Setting and thus not covered under the same PvP considerations. Just like with NPCs which belong to the larger setting (if your character's cousin somehow becomes mayor of a town, for instance), businesses and property locations are a fixture of the larger IC world and aren't protected by association with a PC. They can be attacked without consent.

That said, such attacks still need to be ruled by A/SHs as normal, and any appropriate Crime and Punishment rules may come into play, since property destruction is typically a crime. But they are not considered PvP in and of themselves.

This also applies if one PC attempts to buy out a business or property owned by another. All those transactions will follow the normal rules for business and property ownership and purchasing.

Rank and Title
Attacking a PC's reputation (more specifically their Reputation Score) via slander or libel is considered PvP, but attempting to claim their rank, title or position in the IC world is not. Essentially, if your character simply works on improving their own standing without directly affecting that of their competitors, that's fine. If they try to damage the reputation or otherwise win a position through underhanded means, that's considered PvP.

The rules for Rank among PCs apply as normal - if one PC genuinely beats another to a given title, rank or position that then removes it from another PC, the PC who lost the title, rank or position is not protected under PvP considerations.

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