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Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of our members is of great importance for us.

Vaxia, collects information (characters, and any contact information) voluntarily submitted by its players at the time of enrollment. This information is never released to any third party, and it remains in storage for Vaxia game-related-only purposes. Most of this information can be erased at the time the player leaves Vaxia, upon the player's request - for story continuity purposes we aren't going to be able to strip every mention of your character out of the site RP archives. But we can certainly forget your screen-name, email, and other settings if you would like. It can be seen in the player account page, and modified by the player at any time.

Vaxia may email its members at their given email address to inform them of important changes in their membership, including, but not limited to new character notifications, player-privilege removal, etc.

We do use cookies on this site to keep you logged in (that's how the Internet works guys), and we use them to keep track of which character has which character settings for image and text color settings to make it easier for you to play without thinking about what your settings are. Otherwise we try to keep most of our data on our end, and yours on yours.

Passwords are stored as hashes on our end. Think one-way encryption. Not even the admin can get them back out of the system for you. That's why we send a password reset link instead of sending you your password.

We encourage you to change them regularly and not to reuse your passwords!!

Use something like Last Pass if you can. (It's free and it really does help: LastPass ). If not, please consider the principles XKCD so kindly laid out for us all:

* Use a longer password over a shorter one.
* If you can't remember a unique password for each site, at least use a different one for the important ones: Bank, Gmail, etc.
* If you can - use a pass*phrase* over a password. It's easier to remember, and harder to crack.
* COMPLAIN to any website that can send you your password. They don't need to store that information to be able to log you in.
* And COMPLAIN LOUDLY if they send you that password in email. Email is terrifyingly insecure for something as important as that.

It's a dangerous Net out there guys, be safe.

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