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System Department

The System Department is responsible for the game mechanics and overall game balance of the game system that are used here.

This includes creating and maintaining documentation on rules, training new ASHs and keeping existing SHs trained regularly, as well as maintaining the Apprentice Storyhost Course. It is also responsible for implementing numbers and rules for in-game elements the Setting Department has confirmed to exist. However System is not responsible for confirming the existence of an element in a setting.

Exploring and Learning Game Mechanics

Getting Started
If you are new to playing here then you will find the following links helpful in starting to learn how the game mechanics work here.

System Rules
All game mechanic rules and references.

SH Course
The training needed into order to become eligible for Running Sessions for other players.
Recommended for those that have become very familiar with the game mechanics and settings here.

Contacting the System Department

Questions and suggestions are something that are always welcomed here. We are also happy to help explain things if you are ever having a bit of trouble grasping some of the concepts.

The forums are the best way to get in touch with us, and the fastest way of getting answers. Additionally you may find your answer already in there, so you may want to browse a bit before posting.

    Feedback and Questions Forum
    Anyone can post in this part of the forums, even before you create any characters.

    Department Forum
    Posting in this forum is restricted to members that have become part of the System Department. This is where all internal discussions and reviews of our game mechanics happen.

However we get that some people may be a bit shy posting on the forums.
You can always send a PM to the year's current leads whom can then help navigate the situation, and can post to the forums on your behalf.
Department Leads Election Results Look for the latest election result post.

Additionally if you desire complete anonymity for whatever reasons, you can use the Anonymous Mailer
No one will know whom sent it in, though answers may take a bit due to the processes needed.