Nebula Farming

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Nebula Farming
Characters involved: 

A strong contingent on the Gargorian Station have begun to push for long-distance exploration outside the system, or at least to its furthest reaches in search of new resources, new options for planetary habitation, and just general scientific discovery. The first phase of the Gargorian Deep Space Initiative was a crowdsourced gas farming effort, hoping to harness pockets of valuable nebula gasses to supply whatever vessel or vessels make up the eventual fleet destined for the stars.

The sign-up board matched Macera, Dakas and Pepper with a Gargorian scientist named Dr. Turrek, who had somehow commissioned a vessel made up of an old Dalhan rocket effort - the nosecone and engines, specifically, with made for an interesting contraption to say the least. Hooking up the HVR system for gas collection as best she could, Pepper joined the others inside, where Mace was working on figuring out the controls on the aged, makeshift craft.

They reached their claim far lower on fuel than expected, only to learn that the HVR's efficiency was badly hampered by the obsolete interface. The bad news was made worse when Dr. Turrek's rival, Dr. Loften, raced by in her own craft, claim-jumping them with a heavily overclocked HVR. With Dakas' help, Pepper went outside and worked to improve their HVR's efficiency while Mace did her best to talk some sense into either of the scientists over the comms, seeing as their rivalry was starting to endanger both craft.

While outside, Pepper got a look at Loften's HVR, which was beginning to rattle to a worrying degree atop her craft. Mace got their vessel a safe distance away as they tried to convince Loften to shut down the dangerous device, to no avail. Piggybacking on the comm connection, Pepper got access to Loften's computers enough to trigger a decoupling for the HVR just before it overloaded, knocking out Loften's ship, but thankfully not doing any more damage than that.

A far humbler Dr. Loften bartered passage aboard their ship for the ride back to Gargorian Station, where they turned over their portion of what looked to be a successful first step in the Deep Space Initiative.

XP Rewards

  • Dakas - 4S
  • Pepper - 3S, 1I
  • Macera - 2S, 2C
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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