Junkyard Troubles

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Junkyard Troubles
Characters involved: 

On an otherwise pleasant evening in Beth Bow, the junkyard of the district experienced a large and loud explosion, waking half the residents and calling the attention of a handful of local adventurers.

Arriving on the scene are Orival, Catherine, Richard, Edwin, Ensifer, and Zorin who quickly determine that something in the junkyard has gone terribly wrong. There's a lot of loud barking deep in the junkyard and a glow. Bhonk, the gnome who runs the junkyard, is nowhere to be seen. Since the gate is unlocked, so the group heads right on in to check on things.

Orival consults the gnomes clipboard for clues, noting that he's not in the shack he ought to be. The last unchecked task on the list is to investigate an odd "smell" in the junkyard for the cause. Meanwhile the barking continues, only one dog barking of the three has gone silent.

Zorin takes to the air to investigate, while the party splits up to take a look around. Orival and Ensifer head to the left, while Catherine, Richard and Edwin head to the right. The two parties start making their way through the dangers of an unattended, recently shaken by explosion junkyard while trying not to get lost.

Orival and Ensifer encounter a biological hazard, the leftovers of medical waste from Rameslon Hospital, and manage to make it past that without losing their lunches. Meanwhile Catherine, Richard and Edwin, encounter construction rubble and for the most part manage to make it past, though Catherine gets caught by some re-bar and left with a rusty scrap that will need attention later. Zorin swoops overhead to help guide the three thru the maze of junkyard pathways, and helps them avoid running right across the magical-storage section of the junkyard. A second dog barking goes silent.

Shortly after, the sharp ears of Catherine and Edwin bring them to the source of the problem. As the group enters the clearing a nearby pile of junk slips, cutting Richard and his wolf off from the rest of the party.

A clearing in the far back of the junkyard is the scene of chaos. A pile of junk to the side is glowing from within and trembling. Meanwhile the last barking dog is facing off against two glowing dags, and a slew of glowing rats. The glowing dogs seem to be the siblings of the non-glowing one, and are covered in rat bites. Under the pile can be heard the yells for help of Bhonk.

The four spring into action! Zorin attacks the rats, trying to pick them off with his fire breath, and catches one of the swarm on his first fly by. Meanwhile Edwin and Catherine move to free Bhonk, getting him most of the way free. They see a hand-like shape of coiled wire wrapped around his ankle holding him in place.

Meanwhile, at the same time Orival and Ensifer are delayed as they get a little lost on the way and end up finding a path to the same clearing that leads them through a pocket of flammable gas. Ensifer identifies the gas before the fire mage, Orival, walks into it and the avoid lighting themselves on fire. A quick run later and they join the fray in the clearing.

The fight there is on, as Catherine and Edwin pull Bhonk free, the dogs continue to scrap at each other and Zorin takes out a few more rats before deciding to land. Orival unleashes flame on the swarm of rats, taking out the last of them. The last 'free' dog is swarmed by the rats and begins to glow blue before forcing back the mysterious and fleeing to hide with his master behind Edwin and Catherine.

Ensifer draws his blade, slicing one of the two dogs in half as it continues it's pursuit of the third much to Bhonk dismay. The other dog darts past in pursuit, and attempts to chew on Catherine getting in a nasty bite above her knee. Edwin lays hands on the dog, struggling with it for a moment before body slamming it into the ground to knock it out and Catherine retreats, with Bhonk and the last dog to a safer distance.

At this moment, the pile of junk makes it's rumbling appearance as it rises to attack. Bhonk asks if they see the glowing jar he sees in the midst, while at the same time Zorin and Ensifer leap to the attack. Orival unleashes a blast of fire, rocking the beastly junk monster back. Catherine and Edwin leap to the attack as well, looking for vulnerable points in the junk monster to strike at.

Within moments the team has carved the beast up into a pile of shredded junk and piles of wired and wood. But it is already trembling on the ground again, slowly reforming as they watch. Edwin and Catherine see the jar Bhonk pointed out, and Edwin wraps it in his cloak removing it form the junkyard monster's form. The glowing liquid in the jar tingles on his skin but the pile of junk ceases glowing. His cloak on the other hand, starts wriggling about like a angry but harmless cat.

Bhonk quickly leads the party to the magical containment area where the jar should have been placed had the previous owners been honest about the contents of the shipment instead of trying to avoid paying the extra storage fee. The jar was quickly tucked away, and Edwin washed off to prevent any future problems. Once the worst of the magical effect passed, his cloak was returned to him as well. The grateful junkyard owner offered a free look around the place should there be anything they wanted to take home with them in the next few weeks.

Orival: 3XP, 3MXP, 1SXP
Catherine: 4XP, 2WXP, 1SXP
Richard: 3XP (dropped out early)
Edwin: 4XP, 3WXP
Ensifer: 4XP, 3WXP
Zorin: 2XP, 3WXP, 1SXP, 1MXP

Material rewards:

TBD - Working out the details on this piece at the moment

Session held: 
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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It was fun

Had a lot of fun during the session. Edwin was a badass.

Figured out what I want to work on trying to find as well.

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I had such a great time! Thank you so much for running the session! I loved the scary trash monster! Eeeek! And next time, I promise I'll bring my good dice! ;)