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In hopes of getting parts and expertise that might help them restore the full functionality of the Fleet vessels, the Treatise Body sent a small diplomatic team to New Hope Valley, a far southern settlement built on the side of an ancient crater that had been growing substantially since the Inferno. Buried under the heart of the crater was believed to be a crashed Zuxian vessel which the local Dalhan had been salvaging for generations, making them hopefully the best poised to get the Extravia and Kalvania back to extrasolar travel readiness.

Arriving an hour ahead of a sandstorm, the team were able to talk their way into a landing, meeting with the settlement's apparent leader, an older woman named Mason. Thanks to Yalara and Jakob's combined charm and offers of aid, she invited them in, letting them know of a recent trouble only a day old. Apparently one of their salvage teams had started hearing a strange noise inside the wreckage, which had led them to pull back on scavenging operations for a while. Dr. Lance, one of their foremost xenoarchaeologists, wasn't content to wait, and took a team into the wreckage anyway to investigate the noise. Only one of his team made it out, and then only long enough to trigger the failsafe charges to try and collapses the entrance, killing himself in the process.

That evening, the team investigating what had happened was attacked, and the survivors infected with what the local doc had determined was an aggressive virus. Yalara was able to recognize from her notes that it was a strain of DRNV, the Unlife virus, although perhaps not the most commonly-encountered strain.

With Macera giving them a communication lifeline to one of the drop shuttles, they headed into the wreckage with a team of soldiers from the settlement. Adrian and Yalara picked up on the same odd noise the previous teams had mentioned as Jakob and Bryan pulled up the audio files. Something was rending metal without the usual tools to do so.

As they headed toward the source of the noise, the 'boogeyman' of New Hope Valley burst through the floor, a hulking Unlife that had apparently grown in musculature so quickly it had split the skin in places. It swatted two soldiers away in seconds, swiping away two more while they, Adrian, Jakob and Bryan all opened fire. Macera focused on the wounded while Yalara searched the already-collected goods for something to use against the creature, finding a supply of cutting acid.

The behemoth turned on Adrian and Jake, knocking Jake out cold after sending him flying and nearly doing Adrian the same courtesy. Before it could crush Bryan, Yalara and the captain of the New Hope Valley team had rolled over two contains of acid and popped them, showering the creature in the volatile chemical and bringing it down after all the injuries it had taken from the two fire teams.

With the threat gone, the group found Lance's site and were able to recover their materials. The intel itself will be valuable to the TB, as will the news that there is apparently an isolated strain of DRNV somewhere on the massive vessel, which make make further salvage efforts suicidally risky. Still, the group has earned the respect of the settlement and will have access to their expertise in the area of Zuxian spacecraft for help with the Fleet restoration project.

XP Rewards

  • Bryan - 2P, 2S, 3X
  • Adrian - 2P, 1I, 4X
  • Yalara - 3S, 2I, 1C, 1X
  • Macera - 3S, 2I, 1G, 1X
  • Jakob - 2P, 3S, 1I, 1C

Rep Rewards

  • Treatise Body Administration +5

Other Rewards

  • 300s - Bounty on mission critical Zuxian tech and associated intel
Session held: 
Saturday, February 13, 2016
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Thank you...

However, your generosity in rewarding went a little overboard.

Please remove the standing 2700 on Macera's sheet, please (you gave her 3000, I invested 300, the rest is for the removal).


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Thank you, decimal point

Whoops ^^; Fixed now - sorry about that!