Growth Potential

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Growth Potential
Characters involved: 

The Gargorian Deep Space Initiative ran into another stumbling block: notably, a renewable source of food and atmospheric filtering that could survive on low-power and require little nutrients to be able to last, unmaintained by human hands, on a multi-decade voyage.

After running the gamut of possible solutions only to come up empty, a mycologist with the research team suggested a rare specimen known appropriately as "star fungus" that grew in the caves near the old planetary Gargorian colony.

A team was sent to try and recover samples of the mushroom in question. The area around the caves was empty for miles - no signs of settlement or unlife anywhere in the vicinity - so it seemed like it might finally be a nice, simple mission with no real danger to speak of.

That illusion disappeared quickly. Not far into the caves, they came upon a mural apparently painted by unlife in worship to a godlike force over Sirian City - a multitude of eyes in the dark, ringed in a red halo. Adrian then spotted signs of recent conflict - bullets in the rock wall, blood in a shallow pool. They pressed into the caves, not getting far before they stumbled across an oddly-fashioned trap that left James injected with a powerful sedative. Luckily, Yalara was on hand to counteract the drug's effects before they proved fatal.

Examining the trap, Jakob learned that it was made entirely out of medical lab supplies. His earlier scans of the area revealed a pharmaceutical lab as the closest structure. Apparently someone from the labs had been using the caves as a holdfast.

After James' unfortunate encounter, they were able to spot and avoid the remaining traps, pressing on until they reached the end of the caves, where they found a pile of unlife corpses, upon which was growing the softly glowing star fungus. Yalara carefully collected a sample while the others kept watch, spying a map of the region roughly scratched into the cave wall. The cave's inhabitant had been searching the area for something. Under the map, the word "COYOTE" had started to be written in blood before the author was violently dragged away. Before they could speculate on the meaning, one of the unlife in the pile stirred, but luckily Adrian and Jakob teamed up to make quick work of it before it could lunge at Yalara only a few inches away.

With the sample collected, the team returned to Station Prime, but not before leaving behind a med kit and a burner phone, in case the cave's resident should return and wish to ask for a rescue.

XP Rewards

  • Adrian - 2I, 1P, 1X
  • Jakob - 1S, 1I, 1P, 1G
  • James - 1I, 3X
  • Yalara - 2S, 1I, 1G

Rep Rewards

  • +4 Gargorian Colonists

Other Rewards

  • Map of the area north of the old Gargorian colony with points of interest indicated, ripe for investigation, or sellable for 100s to an interested treasure hunter
  • Pictures of an unlife ritual mural worth 100s to an art collector, occult theorist, or the department studying the psychological effects of longterm DRNV infection

NOTE: If you do not wish to sell a copy of the mural, please let me know - I'm going ahead and rewarding the 100s for that one for everybody, but it can be retracted if you want to keep the info from getting out there. Also, if you would like to sell the treasure map instead of investigating it, just let me know, I'm happy to cash it out for you :)

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Monday, September 12, 2016
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Yalara would not sell any copies of the mural she had. She wished to study it sometime.