Graveyard Dancing

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Graveyard Dancing
Characters involved: 

A cheerful sunny day in Beth Bow is interrupted by a sudden crime! A courier for a messenger service between Ramselon and GHOUL is robbed - in broad daylight - of the bag he was delivering. The thief - a blonde woman who is quick with a knife, hops the fence to escape into the cemetery crypts.

Answering the cries of "Thief!", Richard, Daniel, Tyvon, Edwin and Jessica leap into action. At the fence, the courier lets them know he'll call the guards, but if the bag is returned there will be a reward. If the bag is returned unopened the reward will be much bigger.

As the five scramble over the fence, they notice the bars have been coated in a sticky tar and the spikes on top speared with apples. This theft was clearly planned. Jessica has some trouble getting up the fence, so Edwin helps her up.

On the other side, the group immediately start tracking her - Tvon and Richard notice signs of the direction she went and take off in pursuit. Tyvon pulls ahead enough to catch a glimpse of her as she cuts around the corner. Jessica and Richard catch up a moment later and find her perched on top of a low stone wall separating the 'poor' section of the crypts from the 'rich' part.

Crouched there, she looks very unhappy that the five are on her heels and immediately pries the protective magical seal off a nearby crypt. The broken seal explodes in a puff of cinnamon scented red smoke and rises into the air to let the gatekeepers know something bad has broken out. The smoke sends her fleeing, coughing, but also releases two zombies upon the party in an attempt to slow them down.

The zombies are fresh! Two recent murder victims, a pair of elderly grandparents given undead strength. The two immediately stagger forward to confront the party.

Jessica opens up with a burst of flame across them both, but doesn't do much than crisp up their hair a bit. Edwin attempts to see if there are any signs of intelligent life left (there aren't), and the other three leap to the attack. Richard orders the wolf forward after the thief, but the wolf is too spooked to go towards the zombies and retreats further. The male zombie falls upon Tyvon, but does no damage though Tyvon got a slice in on him. The female sunk her teeth into Daniel.

The next round, the fight swings the other way as Edwin, Richard, and Daniel gang up on the female zombie. Between the three of them, the zombie goes down quickly. Meanwhile Jessica takes on the male zombie, freeing Tyvon up to continue the pursuit.

While Tyvon runs ahead, the party left behind take the opportunity to finish up the male zombie - as Jessica kicks the head off the creature. Richard and his wolf dart off on Tyvon's heels to continue the pursuit, while Daniel, Edwin and Jessica take the chance to inspect the last signs of movement in the crypt and heal.

The last zombie is a bloated corpse distended by gasses, stuck behind the shattered coffins of his parents. Edwin tosses one of hte bodies back in, forcing the corpse to fall backwards just in time to keep the goop as it exploded from the internal gasses form spewing out of the crypt over them. Jessica takes care of the last of the gasses with a touch of flame and the three return to the pursuit.

Meanwhile - the chase is on in the rich part of the cemetery as Richard and Tyvon try to pick up the trail again. Tyvon is unable to spot the woman, but Richard's wolf is given the scent of cinnamon and quickly gets on the trail. Spotting the two taking off through the crypts, Tyvon joins them. The two arrive to find the woman prying a sewer grate up to make her final getaway and confront her.

Tyvon moves first to attack, but the woman is nothing if not a vicious fighter, and stabs him in the belly, deeply, before turning to make her escape. Richard hits her just as she turns, slicing into her leg.

A few moments later the rest of the party arrives, just in time to see the woman return Richard's favor with a simular deep stab to his belly. Richard split his attention, trying to get the wolf to attack as well as his own but both miss. And Edwin tries to talk the woman down in that moment, but she isn't listening to any of it. Meanwhile Daniel heals Tyvon up, and Tyvon falls back to a defensive position to let him do his work. Jessica - apparently has had quite enough of this chase and lays the thief out cold with a hay-maker to the jaw that drops the woman in her tracks.

Theif caught and bag ready to be returned, Daniel moves to Richard and the others to get them healed as they recover. Meanwhile Richard opened the bad to look to see what was inside, finding a stack of governmental papers and paperwork for his reward. Unfortunately doing that does invalidate their chances of getting the higher reward. The guards arrived shortly after to take the woman prisoner, and the courier - grateful to have the bag back but unfortunately late for the delivery will have his company in touch with them for the reward as soon as he can get the bag delivered safely to GHOUL.

Richard: 4XP, 4WXP
Daniel: 3XP, 3WXP, 1MXP, 1GXP
Jessica: 3XP, 3WXP, 2MXP
Tyvon: 5XP, 3WXP
Edwin: 3XP, 3WXP, 1CXP, 1SXP

Material rewards:
TBD, still working out the details

Session held: 
Saturday, April 26, 2014
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Great session ^_^

Too bad Richard knows nothing about government documents haha XD should have nabbed them and ran for Daek lol. Anyway though, wonderful and interesting session. Was not expecting zombies to show up. Great job ^_^