The Flimflam Man

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The Flimflam Man
Characters involved: 

Session starts here:

On a sunny, if not entirely warm, early afternoon, a colorful wagon pulled by an enormous auroch rolls into Town Green and parks at the side of the road. Shortly thereafter, a dapper man emerges onto the wagon's back porch and begins to call out to any and all that will listen about a supposed miraculous tonic. Though many are skeptical, a crowd does indeed form around the garish wagon to at least hear what the man who calls himself Dr. Holygrove has to say. Among those in attendance are Catherine, Damian, Jessica, Saravein and Seryi.

The huckster calls out for a volunteer to test out his cure-all. He receives a barb from Jess, whom he happily ignores in favor of Damian who volunteers himself. Damian comes up onto the wagon's porch and shows his old burn scars to Holygrove who admits that his tonic could not heal them. Damian isn't satisfied by his explanation and openly questions the worth of Holygrove's tonic and attempts to rile up the audience. Meanwhile both Catherine and Jessica notice a bumbling thief in the crowd and start moving through the crowd to set him straight. Thanks to a word of warning from Jess, Seryi follows. The bumbling thief, a red-headed young man, decides to bolt but barely makes it into the nearest alley before being cut off by Seryi and subsequently the young pick-pocket is thoroughly tackled by Jess. Catherine cuts off the last possible escape route, though the thief seemed to be pretty well subdued anyway. Stolen coins and a jeweled brooch fall from the thief's pockets and Seryi manages to slyly scoop the brooch into his hat without anyone noticing.

Back on the stage, Damian puts Holygrove to the test by suggesting that the supposed doctor allow Damian to burn his arm with his fire magic so that Holygrove may demonstrate the tonic himself. To the surprise of the audience, Holygrove accepts and allows the fire mage to sear his right arm. He then appears to soothe his pain quite quickly with the tonic which he applies with his left hand. It's a pretty stunning demonstration and Holygrove immediately goes back into salesman mode.

As all of that happened, Saravein managed to notice a second pick-pocket in the crowd and manages to make his way through the audience and sneak up on her just as she's robbing from a man in the crowd. He skillfully apprehends and subdues her. Saravein forces her to return the coins she stole and begins to escort her along with her target to the nearest guard station.

Back in the alleyway, Cat, Jess and Seryi put some pressure on the red-headed pick-pocket (Jess puts the pressure on quite literally by plopping down onto his stomach.) But it's Seryi's words and subtly threatening smile that tip the scales and cause the young man to spill the beans on the larger operation: multiple pick-pockets led by Holygrove, a cruel ringleader who organizes and serves as a distraction with his bogus cure-all. Jess decides that it's time to take Holygrove to justice and she takes off for him, followed by Seryi. Catherine, meanwhile, offers a line back to normal society for the repentant young thief.

Damian wasn't contented with the Doctor's demonstration and decided to give him an unannounced surprise blast of fire to his left hand. Being quite unprepared for this sudden attack, Holygrove yells out in pain and panics. However, he doesn't go running to his "miracle" tonic, instead he just clenches his left hand into a fist and after a short moment, it seems all pain has left him. . . until he remembers what's going on. He quite obviously feigns continued pain and pours some tonic over the wound to once again demonstrate its healing effects. This time the demonstration is markedly less impressive and, with some encouragement from Damian, members of the crowd begins to either jeer or leave. Saravein's captive begins to suggest that maybe the elven investigator has bigger fish to fry in Dr. Holygrove.

Being quite fed up, Holygrove pushes Damian off of the wagon, which he reenters. Urging the auroch forward, Holygrove begins to attempt his escape, but he doesn't make it very far before a blast of fire from Jess causes him to promptly crash. Thus ends Holygrove's chance of escape as well as that of Saravein's captive.

Turns out Ramsalon is a tough sell.

Session rewards

Catherine - 1g, 5gen
Damian - 1m, 1e, 1c, 3gen
Jessica - 1w, 1m, 4gen
Saravein - 1s, 5gen
Seryi - 1s, 1e, 1c, 3gen (An attractive brooch shaped like a bird with a long bill. It features some cloudy pink gems.)

I will of course need assistance from an SH in order to actually give the XP as well as create the brooch item.

Session held: 
Monday, March 17, 2014
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