Desperate Times

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Desperate Times
Characters involved: 

Called to an emergency briefing by Sona of the Gargorian delegation, Yalara, Jesira and Jakob learned of a hijacked transport and three kidnapped medical interns. Reviewing the cockpit footage of the attack, it seemed like the pirates were using old Dalhan equipment, although someone among them had impressive enough computer skills to fool the shuttle's sensors and rework the life support to knock out half the crew during the attack.

Hoping it was an act of desperation by the independents, the group tracked the trail of the pirate shuttle back to their small space station, what looked to be the nose cone of a salvaged Zuxian wreck flung into orbit mostly by sheer force of will, surrounded by satellites intended to fool sensors away from detecting the object.

Getting into the station's systems, Jake was able to spy familiar code stylings, and no sign of exterior weapons or interior cameras. Following the same exploit, Jesira found the laundry list of new medicines being fabricated, and got a decent idea of the layout of the vessel and what form their 'welcoming committee' would take. Meanwhile the station's specialist hijacked the piloting controls, bringing the shuttle in to dock despite the pilots' efforts to the contrary.

Making contact with the group, Jesira forwarded an offer of aid from the esteemed "Dr. Masier," a more Dalhan-sounding version of Dr. Vengerov. As the airlocks opened, they found themselves staring down half a dozen makeshift soldiers, dressed in street clothes, looking tired and sick. Yalara stepped into view immediately, hands raised, showing off her medkit and insignia so they knew who she was. Jesira stayed close by for security, but kept the barrel of the rifle down so as not to spook their welcomers.

Thankfully, before any guns went off (accidentally or otherwise), a voice came over the comms on one of the gunmen's datapads, calling for a ceasefire. Jake recognized the voice - an old face around the forums in Sirian City, curious about understanding the Core. Harken patched one of the kidnapped interns through, who explained that the habitat was experiencing some form of fungal epidemic. Yalara helped the trio synthesize a cure and route out the source of the problem in the life support systems as Jesira helped distribute the treatment and Jake caught up with Harken to establish that this kidnapping was to be a one-time deal.

Hours later, the three departed with the exhausted medical interns in tow and at least a peaceful arrangement with the small station, which Harken had dubbed 'Hole,' to hopefully avoid any future conflicts.

XP Rewards

  • Yalara - 2G, 1I, 1S, 1C
  • Jesira - 2G, 2I, 1S
  • Jakob - 2G, 2I, 1S

Rep Rewards

  • Treatise Body Administration +2
  • Gargorian Colonists +2
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Monday, November 23, 2015
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