Bountiful Opportunities

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Bountiful Opportunities


Characters involved: 

In the midst of a busy evening in the Ardiel Installation, a bounty hunter named Mac fired into the R-Squared pizzeria in pursuit of Lin Adair, who had been branded a terrorist by the Republic of Galanor before the Inferno.

Lin fled out the back of the diner into an alley where Ashton was ready to pursue. After helping stop the bleeding on a server who'd caught a bullet in the arm from the initial spray, Adrian wasn't far behind, while Jakob and Jesira teamed up to intercept the bounty hunter before she put any more people in danger in her reckless pursuit.

Out back, a van pulled up to ferry Lin and the backpack he was carrying away, but Ashton quickly disabled the vehicle as Adrian caught up to them. Lin's rescuer, and odd individual with a rifle hidden in their cane, shot Ashton just as Ash shot Lin's package, which Jes and Jake were just then learning from Mac was likely to be a bomb.

Lin landed inside the van as Adrian slammed into the side of the vehicle, having trouble with a low-gravity air-tackle through a fire zone. The stranger with the cane slammed the van door shut and clung to the roof just in time, as Lin's bomb exploded the van, sending the stranger and Adrian flying in opposite directions only to land several blocks away, with Adrian unconscious but still alive. Ash, still reeling from the shot, was clipped by the van door as it rocketed up the alley, knocking them unconscious as well, but not for long. Station security and medical personnel arrived, reviving Ash, questioning Jes and Jake, arresting Mac for public endangerment, and seeing to the pizza server Adrian had helped earlier.

Whatever the intended target for Lin's bomb, in the end it didn't end up doing much damage at all save to himself and the van driver, thanks to the intervention of a handful of people hungry for pizza.

XP Rewards

  • Adrian - 2P, 1I, 2G
  • Ashton - 3P, 1I, 1E
  • Jakob - 2C, 2I, 1P
  • Jesira - 1C, 1I, 1P, 2R

Other Rewards

  • 250 credits - Galanor's "gratitude" for stopping a known terrorist, since the bounty itself is technically void
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Tuesday, June 7, 2016
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