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A Harrowing Harvest



Characters involved: 

On the eve of a harvest auction, four intrepid folk found themselves in different parts of the grounds set up near the Ramsalon Farmlands. Declan, perusing for things he might be able to bring back to his bar, finds some curious, foreign fruit that he inquires whether it could make a good jelly or jam. Nearby, Sephtis was asking about children's preferences in fruits, along with whether there were any particularly over-ripened fruits for her picking. Jessica and Moreaaiwe honed in on some seasonal cider, getting close just as things began to take a chilling turn.

Declan, gesturing toward some fruit while talking with the vendor, is slapped by a vine as his hand passes over. The stall-minder, perplexed, was unsure what to say to him or Sephtis; at the cider stand, a pavilion close by lost a strut, creating a small commotion as pretty particular pesky produce from Candenord was beginning to lash out at auction-goers. Jessica moved to assist with getting that stand back on its pegs, while Moreaaiwe worked some clairvoyance to find several past symbols that were related to things now happening in her present time. From there, Declan searched for direct clues to the source, while Sephtis kept eye out for other mischievous vines; eventually, her supplication helped subdue a handful of rotten-seeming stocks. Jessica worked her fire magic to decimate the tendrils in her area, while Mo worked her own wiles to connect the dots of the past, while simultaneously bringing some respite to the uneasy throng.

Jessica was one of the first to discover that handling some of the affected fruits or vegetables leaves a bit of a numb sensation where it touches the skin; Declan helps with some of the sorting out just as the rest of the citizenry begins to collect any suspect fruit and centralize it into the auction square for an impromptu bonfire. Moreaaiwe divines an odd sensation of ultra-concentration, while Sephtis keeps an eye out for any odd produce that gets dropped or left behind on its way to the bonfire. But, at the center of that, the assembled fruit starts melting into a contiguous blob; its condition is supported by the left-behind bits that leave splotches of rot on the ground where they rested. Soon, Moreaaiwe sends Scaramouche to track down an old acquaintance from the city, tied to an event at the docks a year prior. While waiting, Declan attempts to copy a leafy symbol he sees on some of the crates hauling the Candenordian goods, with some struggle. Sephtis gets to smashing the remainder she can identify.

Soon, Jessica noticed that the efforts to start the bonfire were falling flat, and, with the help of some boosting magic from Mo, helped light the pyres underneath the oozing blob. Sephtis built upon her previous work with the strange portals, opening one in the center of the mass so it would collapse on itself and abate, somewhat. Declan managed to get the images right in his head, and makes a good enough artistic replica to take with him for further research. And, sooner than expected, Wareish the Druid appeared, brought on by his own findings and the eventual news of what was taking place. He honed in to their exact spot with Scaramouche's help, and a short discussion ensues while Sephtis and Jess finish more of the rotten mess in the square.

With hints at a lingering entity bent on decaying things to an unknown end, Wareish strikes up a dinner deal with the group to put together notes and decide a future course. Witherbark's spite is starting to heat up in time for winter - how hard could it hit Ramsalon to compound with the cold and snow?

XP: (Declan left early, but met the average posts, so will receive equal. May his player recover in due time!)

Declan: 3 Intelligent XP; 2 XP
Jessica: 3 Magic XP; 1 Intelligent XP; 1 Physical XP
Moreaaiwe: 2 Support XP; 2 Magic XP; 1 Charismatic XP
Sephtis: 3 Magic XP; 1 Intelligent XP; 1 Physical XP

All gain +5 with the Ramsalon Populace.

If a kind ASH2 - Full SH would be so kind as to add the XP and rep for the characters (well, more than one, due to not being able to edit your own Cs with this stuff), I am grateful. Thank you for the in-house feedback, and I look forward to continuing this saga a little earlier than a year from now. Stay tuned!

Session held: 
Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Average: 5 (2 votes)


A Fowl Wind



A spring day was seeing an increase in sea trade coming from many corridors; Candenord was no exception. Only this time, the rumors of several months ago were beginning to take wing, as a pair of ships from the eastern continent headed for the rocky jetty surrounding the bay. Chased by a small cloud of birds, Kalia first picked up that a group of birds, strangely colored and acting odd, heading for shore; between her and Moreaaiwe, they were able to estimate the 20 gulls; meanwhile, Daniel and Ailwin noticed that the two ships were quickly picked up by the harbor guard. But, as quickly as they came, the birds managed to converge around a nearby group of workers, clipping a man who was rushed to shelter. Raine then approached the scene, ready with her potions to treat the wounded...

Realizing the danger the flock was presenting to the immediate area, the group sprang into action. Kalia used her wind powers to push several out of formation, while Daniel focused his lightning magic on them. Jessica and Ailwin both built up some shielding on themselves and others in anticipation of further attacks, while Moreaaiwe boosted the efforts of her allies. They continued the effort against the flock, slowly dropping a few of the score of avians. Raine shied her way into offering one of her healing potions to the injured man, only to find that his friends were staring in shock as he transformed into a mushroom man. Meanwhile, Daniel caught the ire of the birds with his shockingly weak attacks, using a sonic attack that was similarly low-powered. At the same time, Ailwin shielded him, and Jessica teleported to Sir Fortesque out of trouble.

Soon, the band was faced with threats from the air and ground; Ailwin grabbed the attention of the ground monster, while the others took turns drawing the ire of the birds. Things proved troublesome as they continued to dance around both threats; Kalia eventually received a scratch for her efforts, and began a similar purplish transformation while Ailwin got a blast of spore-wind from mushroom man after levitating him with his telekinesis. Moreaaiwe lulled groups of them to sleep step by step, and Raine continued to support Kalia and Ailwin with her healing. Ailwin tossed the fungal menace atop the sleeping birds, effectively putting them out of commission. Daniel did his finest in making sure he kept a now-charging monstrosity focused on him, where Jessica lept in the air to finish it off with a one-two kick.

At about the time the final charge was taking place, a rather oversized gull caught the attention of the docks, further worrying the group. But, it turns out, a druid named Wareish from Candenord arrived, pulling someone who understood him from the dock crew in order to explain that he followed the flock, and showed a symbol to the group in hopes of tracking down one or more books. Kalia took good notes, while Moreaaiwe divined that three moderately obscured locations - a ship's hold, the old Mage Guild, before the Mage Hunters ruined it, and Jack'o'lantern Avenue of GHOUL.

All decided to divide the efforts in finding the symbol in the places prognosticated; the interpreter offered to centralize messages at his flat in the Wayward Ho, where Wareish would stay considering that he had only one translator. However, the druid will eventually take up Jessica's offer of going to the Outpost in an attempt to convene with the forest druids for additional assistance. The plan in place, the dockmaster then collected details for authoritative reasons, part of which would be in the eventual form of a small reward sent to each person's residence.

XP Awards
Kalia: 2M, 2C, 1XP
Ailwin: 2M, 1C, 2XP
Daniel: 2M, 2C, 1P
Jessica: 2M, 2P, 1XP
Moreaaiwe: 1M, 2C, 1S, 1XP
Raine: 2S, 1C (left early)

Other Rewards
+50 Silver from the dock authority for ensuring the general safety of the workers and citizens of the area
+3 reputation with the Ramsalon Populace

Ailwin has a minor fungal affliction that will last with him for three days (three separate interactions - scenes, RP, or other sessions taking place after this one) and will roll CON once each time to determine his immune response to the invasion. Should he not pass in three days, then for one week, his fingers, especially at the tips, will prominently display proportionate mushrooms.

Raine has 2 uses of Major Healing Potion item deducted from the 5.

Any and all feedback welcome!

Session held: 
Sunday, April 17, 2016
Average: 5 (3 votes)


Doom Shroom?



On a chilly night in Wayward Ho, the docks were winding down with the last few ships of the evening settling in to port. Vera and Aurora were out reminiscing, Jess was out for a tipsy stroll, Brigannia checking for work, while Rhyalie read at the far end of the docks.

Soon, a crowd of alarmed dockworkers were scrambling to alert an incoming vessel, which went errant and struck the dock. Soon, the plank was laid, and crew began pouring out, seeking aid for their monstrous captain locked within. As the group tried to figure out what was going on through questions and answers, Aurora used her light magic to catch a glimpse of what was to come. It was not long before the monstrosity broke loose, while the intrepid ladies were making their way up the ramp.

Immediately, the mushroom man breathed a cloud that left a hidden, lingering effect for Vera and Aurora. However, the creature swiftly paid, first getting slammed by Jessica, while Brigannia provided cover for those behind her. Soon after, Aurora unleashed a devastating burst of light that finished him.

Down below, Rhyalie worked on guiding the panicked dockworkers away from danger. Back on the ramp, Vera attempted to diffuse the effects of the cloud, to no known success.

Reltin and his crew mourned their losses, handing the captain's log to Brigannia and answering some queries. With a little scouting by Aurora, it was soon discovered that a bad set of mushrooms in the hold was the culprit for the captain's fall.

Rhyalie and Vera both got some information on the affliction, a nature-based parasite whose effects were as yet unknown. Reltin offered to meet with any of the group at the local establishments for curious queries. In the meantime, the group wandered off, Aurora in tow to get checked at the hospital.

For Vera and Aurora:
For the next three days (either once per day for three days, or after Friday, roll three times in one post), a CON roll will be needed. Of course, if you pass it any of the three days, you will be fine. Failures after three days will be added if they happen.

XP Awards:
Jessica: 1P 1G 2XP
Brigannia: 1P 1G 2XP
Rhyalie: 1S 1C 1G 1XP
Vera: 1P 1M 2XP
Aurora: 2M 1G 1XP

Location: Wayward Ho

Session held: 
Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Average: 5 (2 votes)


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