New Player: System Walkthrough

Welcome to the Vaxia system walkthrough. This walkthrough is designed to teach you how our dice mechanics work on Vaxia.

Please Know: For a new player this is NOT REQUIRED. It's not required for older players either, really. This walkthrough is aimed at people who want to run games on the site. So a lot of this information might not be useful if you're just here to play!

Our Storyhosts and internal dice ruler will do the work for you So you don't really have to know how this works before you dive into a session! But if you're curious - please feel free to take a look through!

Since we have our own system, we know this is the only place you'll have a chance to learn how things work here. So we'll be trying our best to get you up to speed as quickly as we can.

The walkthrough is a guided tour of the system but you'll be asked questions along the way to make sure you have the important pieces down. Don't worry if you have to stop halfway through, just come back when you have more time and the walkthrough will pick up where we left off.

If you are looking to join the System Department - say so at the end of this quiz to have your score counted.

Please re-take the test as many times as you need in order to get through all the questions or if you ever feel like your skills are getting rusty. It's really useful to know how the system works when you're building a character or in a session and want to know how the A/SH got the numbers they got.

Attempts allowed:Unlimited
Pass rate:100 %
Backwards navigation:Allowed