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Part of her shift today

Part of her shift today involved going back to the medical bay and going through the normal checkout routine. After all, she had been out on the Joy Rider for a time, then there had been the damage to the Joy rider.

So, she needs her normal checkup of radiation, poisoning, possible bacteria, all kinds of crazy stuff. And she had a personal prescription to fill, as well.

She shows up at the scheduled time, wearing her fleet suit about her hips, and a baggy shirt over her thin frame.

Heading into the office area, she looks around for the appointment and finds out from her datapad she is to meet with Doctor Yalara. She shuffles up and raps upon the door to the woman's office. "I am here for my appointment! What should we start with? Height? Weight? Reflexes? What do ya want me to do?"


Is here, doing...paperwork.

Is here, doing...paperwork. There is alot of that in this woman's life right now. Between office projects, and some side projects, never a moment without paperwork in anymore. Yalara was actually going to the scans of Ballard's wound from the quite eventful trip. Just basic stuff. She still had much studying to do but she was getting the idea of how Tarae's magic may affect them. Which for the good it can do, the possibility of something unexpected was always around the corner in her mind. They had already confirmed that there was no debris that would threaten his health, so what she was looking for at this time was any tiny little sign of potential clots. With a bleeding wound that big, suddenly healing, she was worried that maybe Ballard would become subject to a clot, which if happened to be thrown into the brain, can be bad.
However as she was pouring over the data there was a rap at the door. She looks over to see the familiar face of Aatishon. Yalara takes a moment to look at the other data pad near by, indicating that her routine check up appointment has arrived. "Ah hello there." She says as she stands up, then indicates to medical bay bed type thing with all the nice goodies for medical needs "Take a seat up there and we will start with the basics."
"So how are you feeling?"


Aatishon smiles as bright as

Aatishon smiles as bright as she can, showing all of her little teeth, and tips her head up. She actually enjoys going to the doctor, since it has been a pleasant experience each time.

Green eyes scan about the office, and then settle back upon Yalara once the equipment had been cataloged. "HI!"

Since she is being indicated to go over to the bed she pads on over and starts climbing up onto it. Aatishon is all of four foot eleven and briskly under 100lbs. So, she settles up.

"I am feeling very well. I returned home from a session, quiet successfully. Alive, and well. I fiddled and wiggled and figured out some Phalestine generators and energy systems. Pretty good! I remembered to eat today."


Yalara nods her head with a

Yalara nods her head with a warm smile upon her face, as Aatishon talks. Also during this moment Yalara would be putting on the usual sensors and stuff as more in depth scans for radiation and such. The doc is rather gentle and likely smells of a combination of a very light scented lotion and disinfectant. Though at the mention of remembering to eat today draws a slight chuckle from Yalara, as the woman was often guilty of forgetting to eat herself. "Eating is good. And yes thank you for what you did to get the shipping running again. I was doing my best not to add to the floating hazards. Heavens know if I had to move in zero g that would have been a couple of hours of watching a doctor float upside down and every which direction." She adds with a light smile, yeah the doctor wasn't the most atheletic type person, needing to do precise surgical movements fine, floating in zero g...not so fine.
"Also take it no feeling of nausea, ear aches, headaches, ringing in the ears?" She asks a little bit later as she begisn recording the data


As Yalara comes over to start

As Yalara comes over to start sticking things to her, she allows the woman to place them where she would. Though, there is a bit of nervous giggling as clothing is adjusted to accommodate. The Gargorian does take a moment to sniff at the doctor and wiggle her nose. "What is that? Flowers?

Ohhh, you're welcome. I want to get home, too. So the ship has to start going. It was all in an odd language. I've never quite seen before, or been let in there. Darrian Dale is very protective of that ship. But, the buttons and symbols looked very universal, so, I was able to get it going. And I got it going with.. .. I never did get his name." She frowns a bit and taps her chin with an index finger "I should get his name"

She starts smiling. "Zero G is fun... have you ever been in the docking bay with the gravity off? It's soo fun! Want to try it?"

She pops her ears a bit by working her jaw, then shakes her head. "Nope... no new lumps, or bumps, or stuff.. well, bruises. I bruised my hip, and arm from bumping about, and dropping tools. But, other than that.... nope!" As the doctor starts recording things, she looks to the monitor as if she can read them.


Yalara is quite

Yalara is quite odd as that sounds, but definitely better then the stale trying to be void of anything sterile smell that is usually found in medical type areas. "Its based on flowers, on occasion some of us like to experiment with the disinfectant and lotion, as well most the time trying to keep ourselves clear of anything that could cause more problems for the patients can irritate or really dry out the skin. But in combine with a lotion, we can be germ free, have soft skin, and smell nice."

Yalara nods at the bit of symbols and universal meaning type stuff "Yeah the equipment in the medical bays are the same, just in case, its why you see symbols rather then words on things that need to be labelled. Good habit to have even with the translators, for even if you speak the language, a symbol is easier to register in the mind."

Then she shakes her head about the zero g "I think I have been in zero g once before, a while ago, and I don't remember it going so well."

She makes note of Aati's answers to her questions, while on the screen, to the untrained eye it looks like a real mess, all sorts of lines, and numbers, some with ppm others with percentages, and symbols all over, though the radiation symbol is easy to pick up on "That is good to hear, well other then the bruises, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary with them?"


That Aatishon is in a good

That Aatishon is in a good mood is fairly evident. She smiles a lot, speaks up, looks at the Doctor and glances about the room, interested in what is going on. She's, also, not afraid to talk. "Oooooh, germ free, soft skin, and smelling nice? That's a winning idea. Do you guys ration any of that out? Does it sting?"

She reaches up to scruff her hair a bit, so that it fluffs out some more. The blue on the top side, and the green on the underside seen as she plays with it. "I imagine you have to know how to use it? Or what it means. I'm not sure what the symbol on that one means, but it has wiggles and a head. Is the guy screaming or singing?"

Her shoulders slump when the Doctor doesn't want to try going into zero-g. "Oh, okay."

It is with obvious interest that she stares at the screen, and tries to reason them out to herself. But, once she is distracted by the question, she grins. "Nope! Same bruises as ever before. I'm kind of clumsy, and the zero-g had me bouncing about. I do have some pain on my lower back, but I'm not sure what that is from. I can't see it either, it might be a bruise." She twists her torso and starts tugging up her shirt to point towards the small of her back. "I can't really see it.. but it might have been when I feel out of bed, because my lover had cold hands. Can you see if there is anything there?"


Yeah sadly the doctor likes

Yeah sadly the doctor likes her feet firmly on the ground. Though as she gets asked about the disinfectant lotion. "We make it in small batches when we have the supplies. When we get don here I can see if we have any of the last batch left over. Some of us do hand out some of the smaller sample sizes if we have enough spare, but it is first come first serve. It doesn't sting at all, unless you have an open cut, then stinging is true for many things."

Yalara nods her head as Aati asks about the symbols and the equipment, then starts pointing to the various parts of the screen "Like this part here is your heart rate and oxygen ratio, then blood pressure, over here is radiation saturation, then brain waves. This little section over here is monitoring your lungs. Then this one buy it is for detecting swelling of lymph nodes and organs, as well as abnormal cell growths. All the basics in one place. Then if some of the symbols change to indicate something may be up we can investigate further."

Yalara marks down all of Aati's answer, though as she starts saying something about pain in the lower back from a source she could not recall, Yalara sets aside the datapad and leans over to investigate the area. She places her hands in the region and starts making small, almost massage like gestures physically checking it out "Right around here?" she asks wanting to make sure she is doing it in the right spot.

just in case


Aatishon's mystery bruises

Aatishon's mystery bruises seem to be just that. A rather normal bruise, but on the small of her back. Her other bruises could be explained from banging about in space. There are no medical scans showing some kind of blood disease or anything like that. But, the doctor does know that there are some salves that help numb the pain, as well as stimulate recovery.

As she inspects the medical equipment to get a gauge on heart rate, oxygen, blood pressure and brain waves.. it all seems to be perfectly fine. For as small as she is and as light, her resting heart rate is low, pressure good, oxygen great. Not military levels, but better than average. Her lungs are clear and working.

The only spike is that her radiation levels are a bit higher than average.


Aatishon smiles quite happily

Aatishon smiles quite happily and shifts on the table she is sitting upon. "Yes, yes, everything on a space ship is bargains and rationing. Quite understandable, but quite annoying, too. I hope that is better when we get to your planet. Though, I am good for trades. I can make lots of things." Though, her enthusiasm seems to wane when the lotion stings. "Ick."

As the Doctor points out what the various readings are, she looks over them. "Ooooooh, so how am I matching up? Am I doing well? I hope so, I don't want to be sick. Or ill. Or coughing. I remember all the inoculations you guys gave me when I joined the fleet. That was a LOT of injections." Aatishon's file has her listed as one of those rescued from Gargoria planet that came in malnourished, under sized, and suffering heavy radiation poisoning from working on unshielded cloaking devices for two weeks. Those cloaking devices were from the Mutaren ship that had crashed on the planet after a battle. She was among a team working on keeping up the cloaking devices to mask a hundred or so hiding from the bombings and war, before the Extravia and Kalvania arrived and rescued them. She had been in the hospital afterward for almost two months.

When the Doctor touches her bruise, she winces and scoots a bit over, before submitting to be poked and prodded. She kept her shirt up. "ow... yes, that's it...

Oh, I'll need a refill on my monthly thing. You know.. the uhh... you know... " She nods her head at the doctor. "That.. thing..."


Pauses for a moment as Aati

Pauses for a moment as Aati winces, but everything so far was seeming fine. "Well I don't feel anything abnormal in the area, and it looks just like a normal bruise. But we can at least reduce the annoyance that it is."

When done, Yalara picks up her data pad once again and quickly punches in a few more notes, while also looking over the medical data that has been collected. "Don't worry, the lotion won't sting unless you have an open cut, though I haven't tested it on bruises, so may want to avoid it, and you won't have to trade anything with me. Consider it a thank you."

Yalara gives a half hearted chuckle about the inoculations "If you think that was a lot, should see what the medical staff has to go through every 6 to 8 months, even on a planet. Though thankfully over the years medicinal technology has improved the duration of some of those. But according to your scans, and other then some bruises, there only seems to be one issue of concern. It looks like your radiation levels are higher then average. While they don't look to be in the toxic range just yet its best we start taking of of them before they do.

I will give you an injection and she even holds up just one finger that should help with purging the radiation from your system, will also give you a pill insert fancy name here that will also help protect you from other exposures, but I need to stress that if you are working around anything even slightly radioactive that you are properly protecting yourself as well. If you feel any nausea, headaches, dizzy spells, fatigue and even more loss of an appetite then you need to come back immediately."

As Aati mentions her monthly thing, Yalara pulls it up from the records, while also recording in the stuff she will be giving her, including the salve, though Yalara will nod her head to acknowledge the request, with a very light chuckle "No worries, I will get that refill for you, a salve for the bruise, and the other things we talked about."

And with that Yalara would excuse herself for the moment while collecting the various medical goodies, after a couple of minutes of being gone should come back with what looks like a goodie bag, as well as an injector. She presents the bag to Aati, inside would be her refill, the other pills Yarlara mention, and small bottle of what looks like lotion. "The on prescription you already know what to do with, the other one you just have to take once a week for now."


She tries to go get another

She tries to go get another good luck at the bruise, but it is beyond her ability to see that part of her without something reflective being an assistant. "That would be nice." Giving up, she tugs her shirt back into place.

She liked the idea of getting something without needing to trade for it, but the 'thank you' part confuses her. "What are you... thanking me for?"

She picks at her clothing for a few more moments, getting them in place, and shoves her fleet suit down a bit more. Her shirt is baggy, but serviceable and she makes a point not to tug at the things placed on her. "How many... inoculations.. wow, every six to eight months? That sounds scary. I've never been inoculated for anything, until being picked up. But, being born on a planet bombed back to hunter gather status, will do that." She pats herself. "I'm alive, though." Her eyes go wide when the diagnosis is given. "Awww.. do I have to strip down and be shoved in the shower again?"

The mention of an injection has her rolling up her sleeves. "Nausea, headaches, dizzy spells, fatigue... okay, I can keep a sign out for that. I will let you know. Stupid, Phalestine technology... I knew I should have checked the requirements before going into the engine room."

She bit her bottom lip a few moments while Yalara pulls up the records. "So... I do have to wonder... umm... just so we're on the same page... not that I'm going to, but will I have to take a different prescription if I am intimate with a man versus a woman. I mean, I'm not even sure why I am taking one, as I've done a lot of reading, and it seems to suggest that a woman and woman can't. At least a Gargorian woman and a Clanswoman can't conceive. But, I don't know. So, I'm taking the thing.. you know. So, is it a different one, if I suddenly find myself in bed with a guy or is it is all the same thing?"

As Yalara leaves the room, she observes the medical devices and whistles an upbeat sounding song. "Hello." Is her remark as the woman comes back. "Thank you! That is really nice of you."


Yalara finds a nice spot on

Yalara finds a nice spot on the left arm to dothe injection "This might be a little uncomfortable for a small time, and your arm might be tender for the next couple of minutes." She says in warning as she prepares, and then gives the shot. Aati will likely feel something akin to a tiny burning sensation for a moment, its not really bad, just slightly discomforting.

Though as Aati brings about her question about having to use a different prescription if lying with a man then a woman, Yalara can't help the small grin that comes to her face. As Aati was kind of rambling, it was adorable to the doctor. "No, you wouldn't have to change prescriptions. The way it works is that it affects your system, and stops the point of conception in you, so even with a man you still won't be at risk of conceiving. As far as we know of, two women have not been able to naturally conceive, though still taking them isn't a bad idea. The prescription does have some added benefits aside from preventing conception. I am not intimate with anyone at the moment and I am taking one myself."


As Doctor Yalara looks about

As Doctor Yalara looks about her arm, the Gargorian starts fidgeting a little, but keeps the arm in place for her. She bites her bottom lip, waits it out and then winces as the injection happens. Her face scrunches up as she studies her arm, then the Doctor, before noting. "That's not too bad."

She has her bag of things, and looks up to the Doctor, waiting for instruction. There is a bit of naivety to her, so she seems really interested in knowing the answer. "Oooooh, it has benefits? What kind? It would be really neat if it helped me get taller. But that is not likely. But, it is good to know that I don't have to switch things.

My girlfriend is my first girlfriend or boyfriend ever. So that's really, really fun. We have fun, it's really nice, I kind of like her, you know?" She giggles. "But, every once in a while, I see something in the intranet, or I read something, or someone posts a picture, and I am all ashamed, but interested. So, I kind of wonder 'what would a male be like' but then I read more, and it is like 'no.'" She smiles.


Ah the joys of the intranet,

Ah the joys of the intranet, probably on there somewhere is a little animated movie that makes a claim as to what the intranet is really for... Regardless Aati's reaction gets a slight chuckle from the doctor "Sadly nothing as noticeable as getting taller, but still good benefits, like the biggest one, depending on which one your take we can have more direct control over our monthly cycles. This is especially handy out here for the times when we need to make sure we are not inconvenienced by such things. Others are, the medication has been proven to help lower and even prevent many forms of ovarian and endometrial cancers, and can help manage other conditions that form in that area as well. Not to mention they help manage your hormones, making things more consistent, which also can mean less stress on your body and therefore won't make you as susceptible to getting an illness or fatigue, during that time."

Yalara can't help but to let a half giggle escape at Aati's reaction to the wonders of the intranet.... "Curiosity like that exists in most of us, though some can take it to some extremes. Like in one class I had a fellow student that tried to central all of his medical theories around the topic."


Aatishon tilts her head a bit

Aatishon tilts her head a bit at the Doctor as the realization of what she had been taking was revealed. "Oh." She thought on it for a moment, considering how many months her prescription had been being taken, with what she was describing. "I.. never realized that. That's quite the medication! I should double up for safety." She reached into the bag and pulled out the bottle and started reading the fine print. "Can I take it twice? Or is that too much?"

Her eyes go back to the Doctor and there is a mild look of disgust on her face. "That sounds... very unfun... and kind of.. gross. That's a lot to focus your time on. And a lot of video to watch."


Yalara couldn't help the

Yalara couldn't help the light chuckle that came out as Aati was ready to double down on the medication "While it won't exactly hurt your body, you get any extra benefits from doubling up on them"

Nods at Aati slightly "It was something like that to say the least"


Aatishon looked at the Doctor

Aatishon looked at the Doctor, then to the medication and slid the bottle back into her grab bag of medications. She gave a little pout and a nod. "Well, okay."

While she realizes that it is time to go, she has to ask the Doctor one more question. "So, as you're a doctor, and I'm a girl, and you're a girl, and you've been intimate, and I've been intimate with only a girl. Umm, do you have a preference either way? Is one better than the other?

I'm going to, one day, have to be with a male if I am going to make babies. Gargorian babies, only pure bloodedness for me. So, do have a preference? Is it different?"


Gets basically a doozy of a

Gets basically a doozy of a question. She is used to having whoppers of questions or statements given to her. Though usually on this topic the doctor has to give a bit more coaxing to get some information, or to even help the patient ask their question. So Yalara looks slightly surprised, but pleasantly surprised as well.
"Well I can't say I have been with many women in my time, and even my relationships with men have been few. Sadly my pension to loose myself in my work tend to be a bit of a complication in relationships. But I really can't say one way is better then another, it all comes down to personal preference. If you like girls better, stay with that. Though if you are worried about having to be with a man to make a baby, we do have technology where you don't need to do that."


Being in the medical bay on

Being in the medical bay on Tamarar Station for two months, then the regular checkups on the ship, had lead to her to having a lot of faith in the medical team. Her records probably listed some oddball questions, or how willing she was to share things, and ask things. She does seem to trust the team, as well as want to confide in them. At least, if they are nice. Which, Doctor Yalara seems to be.

She looks a bit crestfallen when the doctor admits that her work disallows her to have a constant lover. A hand goes out and she takes the doctor's hand to swing it back and forth a bit. "Aww, I know what that is like. I don't get to see mine every day, like I see a lot of people doing, because her shifts are all odd, or she gets distracted fixing something, or she is so absorbed with a project. So, what I'll do is, I'll try to sneak in and wait for her in her room. But, that often means that I am just sleeping in a different bed than my own. So, that is kind of silly.

Anyway, it's not that I'm worried.. so much as very unhappy with the quality of the ones I have met. They seem very forward and libidinous. I'm not sure they have my best intentions in mind. And they do stuff, then move on to another person. Trails of clothing and tears in their wake.

Mostly, it's about quality, and companionship for me. And I have a good one right now."


Yalara is indeed a nice

Yalara is indeed a nice doctor. One of her mentors actually used to stress the doctor - patient relationship, which some medical personal seem to forget, but Yalara has found she has be able to maintain better results in keeping to her mentor's advising.

Yalara doesn't resist when Aati takes her hand, and gives Aati a warm smile as she goes on describing how her lover seems to be in a similar work position, and her final wants of a relationship. "In time I think that is what most people want. Some just happen to reach that point faster then others. Though, as you have noticed, a few never seem to want to get that far. And its just not men either, there have been women known to do it as well. The actual phenomena has been a slight hot topic in the field of psychology as well, though personally I feel some of those studies would have been better off focused on something else."

"It is good that you try. When dealing with someone that has a hefty work load, especially if its projects you can't really break from. Few people seem to understand that, and want as much attention as possible. Or tend to get upset when their work gets busy and you ask if they could make time for you. Usually a good sign they don't have much interest in any one else then them self.


Aatishon seems skeptical when

Aatishon seems skeptical when the Doctor mentions that women were also like that. However, after a moment's consideration (and with their hands still swinging), she nods her head. "I think you're right. That would explain a few things. Yes, that definitely explains that girl, and that one, oh, that one, too." She nods. "Yes, well, not sure what to study. I'm not a doctor, nope. I'm an Engineer! Though, you know that. I bet the documents say that. Does it say that I just passed my engine coursework and can work on the faster-than-light drives?"

Her enthusiasm wanes a bit as the doctor starts to give advice. "Oh, that makes sense. I umm, I... admit, that I want lots of attention. I don't like being alone. Alone, in a room, scares me. I feel... adrift. Kind of, swallowed up by everything. But, I know work makes her happy. So, I just try to give her time, but also find time for us. Something.. about a room, and a bed, and no one there... is.. my heart hurts, you know?"


Yalara could go on about the

Yalara could go on about the variations found in a spread of psychology analysis of the mating habits of men and women...which oddly enough has become a topic of some further importance with the venturing in space...after all best to try and identify some universal basics between cultures and genders...lest you wind up married on some planet far away and unknowingly cause a huge fuss.
But she nods her head as Aati seems to be recalling some past experiences that her words had offer a small explanation of.
"It does seem odd to think it of as such applying for both men and women, but much of that has to do with our own historical social views. Funny thing about that such studies like those we actually used on this trip as a basis to help configure protocols in dealing with other cultures, or at least some of them"

Yalara gives Aati a sympathetic look "To want attention isn't bad, its when one crosses the line to flat out all the time demanding of it. Though for pauses in between moments you two can steal away together have you though of something like leaving video notes to each other? I know its not the same as having physical contact, but it would at least be a little something to have her presence there in a way. Doesn't even have to be very long, just short little digital note, with her face and her saying something. Then you can play them when you start feeling like things are going to swallow you whole, and let her face and voice be your anchor."


Aatishon looks at Doctor

Aatishon looks at Doctor Yalara for long moment, as the realization of what the doctor was saying came to her. Her mouth opened, then closed a bit more. But, she finally did get out "By.. studying the mating habits of men and women, of the different cultures of Sirian... that was applied towards meeting other cultures?" She blinked rapidly. "So, that's why there is so much of it on the intranet. That's a lot studying." Carefully, she asks. "Umm, have you participated in a study? Do they take volunteers?"

Despite the sympathy, she was starting to look down at the hospital bed under her and only steals glances upward. "Umm, video? No, I have not thought about that. I should do that." There is a long moment of silence from her, before she asks "Can I have a hug?"


Its a good thing Yalara is

Its a good thing Yalara is good at being all professional like, especially as Aati draws...while not a completely wrong conclusion, but she really batted one out into left field and then some. But yeah, Yalara manages to keep her composure but barely, though she nearly looses all of it when Aati asks if they take volunteers. "I am sure that isn't the primary reason why it is on the intranet, but some groups do use such things for establishing some more, candid, observations. About as close as I have come to participating is merely writing analysis on some habits as given in account from patients or in responding to other works. I can't tell you about the volunteer bit though. However its likely just doctors asking about your personal experiences."

She watches Aati as she had went on about the video. "I know its not the same as physical contact, but the playing of video recorded messages has helped a few of the people on this trip. Some having to spend so long and so far away from family, spouses, children, at least seeing a picture of them and hearing their voice now and then helps ease the pain they feel of separation. Maybe it can help you out a little as well."

Then as Aati asks if she could have a hug, Yalara gives Aati and warm smile and nods her head. "Of course you can."


It seems she is a bit off

It seems she is a bit off base as to why it might be on the intranet. Though, that does have her curious as to why it might be, and so much of it. She nods her head, drawing some of her own conclusions. It is a bit obvious there are more questions there, but she is not asking them, yet.

She does smile a little more, letting the other line of questioning go. "I think that might be fun. I can leave all happy messages, or leave one asking to go to Live for dinner. Or to the mess hall to eat. Ohh, or to let her know that I am have blocked some holoroom time if she wants to join. I like this! Happy messages, sweet messages. Messages letting them know that I am thinking of them."

Since a hug is allowed, she slides off of the bed and steps up to the Doctor. Her arms wrap about the woman and she presses her whole being against her, hugging her tight. "Thank you."


To some of Yalara's relief

To some of Yalara's relief the other subject seems to be have let go for the moment.

As Aati goes on about all the messages, Yalara gives her a quick nod. "And encourage your lover to leave you some as well. Its like you said, just a little something to let each other know that you are thinking of each other."

Then came the hug. Yalara returns the embrace with a soft one of her own, and a light chuckle "Its what I am here for."


She starts bobbing her head.

She starts bobbing her head. "Uh huh! That's a good idea. Oh, I can add at the end 'I can't wait to see your message' no, that's a bit too much. Maybe 'send me one back' no... that's a bit demanding. I'll figure it out. I know I will."

As the Doctor hugs her, she sighs, feeling rather comforted by the woman. After a few moments, she lets the woman go. "Thank you, again, Doctor Yalara." With a sheepish wave, she would start out of the room with her bag of medications and other goodies.

thank you!