Town Green

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Town Green

This part of the city is more or less the place to go when it comes to shops and business. Here most of the buildings are some kind of shop offering goods or services, and if one shop doesn't have something one is looking for then another one will.

One can find shops for the day to day needs, artisan and specialty shops, a wealth of taverns and pubs, cafes, a few inns, and a few residences.

The landscape is almost sculpted to keep buildings from crowding and offering space for cart and wagon vendors to come sell their seasonal wares. Many walk ways with trees, bushes, flowers, and benches accenting them offer peaceful and enjoyable scenery even when running errands.

    Bank Of Ramsalon RP Chatroom - The largest banking institution within the city. Well guarded and secure to provide a place to connect with investments or stash some valuables.

    Bards Inn RP Chatroom - One of Ramsalon's more well known inns for its service and the adventures it has been the center of. It is cozy, with good rooms, good food, and some of the largest variety of the best performing entertainment to be found in Ramsalon on its stage.

    Blackhawks Outfitters - A general store, selling all sorts of supplies and goodies.

    Dragons Claw Pub RP Chatroom - A middle class range pub, decent Food and Drink often favored by the locals as a low key and quiet place to enjoy a meal away from travelers and tourists.

    Emil Barak - A large and decorative tower nestled in the Town Green Once a grim and dark thing that would intimdate many, it is now covered in all kinds of faerie gardens as this has become Ramsalon's faerie sanctuary, with a tavern ran by the fae to be found within.

    Lavendar and Thyme Herbalist Shop - A cute little herb and potion shop tucked between the Grand Park and Town Green.

    Imperia Archery - A one stop shop for any archer's needs.

    Natures Remedies - One of the most well known herb and potion shop in Ramsalon. Mostly deals in medicinal herbs and concotions.

    Ramsalon Hospital RP Chatroom - The largest hospital in the city where one that needs any kind of medical help can head to get it.

    Ruins of Ramsalon Municiple Forges - Built by the Vaxian Empire during the Darkest Night as a way to increase weapon and armor production, when Necromos was defeated the forges remained owned by the government but they opened to them public for use. Here any craftsman that couldn't afford to have their own forge and kiln built could come here and for a decent price. In time it grew becoming the largest collection of forges and kiln and capable of handling any task a craftsman could need This was lost during the Naga Nori War as part of the Final Solution, where the Vaxian Empire exploded it trying to take out as much of the capitol as possible. Now there is only charred harden ruins.

    The ruins have been cleaned up a little, but they remained unclaimed and right in front of them sits a large stone slab that reads: "Never forget the act of dangerous men in desperate times."

    Alabaster Ruins - Two small alabster towers lay on the ground, broken and busted. The buildings have crumbled in and are no more then barely recognizable messes of their former state. This used to be the locations of Chaken Armory and Highlantian Weapons. However they were connected to the Ramsalon Municipal Forges, and when it exploded it took the twin alabastor buildings with them. In front of the right ruins is a beautiful piece of black marble, wonderfully carved with a specatactular battle winding around it, with one flat face that reads: In memory of Inthor Haversum and Luthian Longbranch.

    Rand Foundry - A small foundry tucked away in the Town Green with reasonable prices on repairs.

    Sacrium Radiux Apothecary - A quaint apothecary that has a kinds of an assortment of potoins and remedies to buy.

    Starchilds Orphanage - An orphanage founded by some of Ramsalon great heroes, it is one of the more well funded orphanages and well known.

    The Thundering Hammer - RP Chatroom - A blacksmithy that lives up to its name with well trained smiths that can tackle any project that needs metal or stone tamed.

    The Vaxionte RP Chatroom - The most extravagant and upscale restaurant and inn in all of Ramsalon. Located along the Royal Road Main Street close to the river and the bridge leading to Haven Croft They do have a strict dress black tie/formal attire dress code.


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"A whole line, with a little

"A whole line, with a little something for the hero within and about."

She kind of half nodded. "Security is less of a worry, most don't have the gall to try and step in a Traveller camp to try and take from them. Course some would say we invented half the thieving tricks anyways, but we can make it more trouble then what its worth." she said with a bit of an amused smirk. "Though it is more for keeping things in place in the wagon. Things get thrown about, knocked over, expect some to break. So the more sturdy the storage the better off we can be, as that would mean less time for needed to be taken up for repairs or replacing."

It would seem the next round was to be something a bit more mixed, but Mo was one to never shy away from curiosities of flavors. So she settled in cozy like with Seryi, to end our the night with a lot more drinks, bunches more teasing, and a wealth of chatter of a whole hero armor clothing line.

thanks for the rp! was spectacular!


"Armor armor is good. It's

"Armor armor is good. It's catchy." She said with a smile. "And that's very sweet of you to say. I'll have to look into some haberdashery to ensure that every accessory is covered." She said. She did wonder about the logistics. It might be worth talking to Mrs Assina about branching out a bit. Especially if they could coordinate an entire hero line of accessories for every discerning type.

She nodded to Moreaaiwe. "I would imagine you would want to have lots of security for some of the more fancy items you were traveling with. I bet some of the props and costumes alone would be worth an extra guard every night." She said with a nod. "And a travel sized one could be just right for making sure everything stays safe. With the right enchantments it could even be weather and damage proof as well as theft proof."

Catherine smiled over at Fridi. "Oh, I hope they have mint. Cause now I'm intrigued. You've had good taste in drinks so far, so I'll have to try whatever you have planned too." She gushed.

It had been very surprising to see such an amazing sale. And chances are the next day it was going to be an absolute screamer of a bad decision. But Catherine was really glad that they'd all run into one another. It had been an absolute delight.

Thank you so much for the RP, everybody! :) Goodnight!


As victory came, most would

As victory came, most would expect the overwhelming defeat to leave Fridi with a prideful look. Instead, her face was flushed with mild panic. Catherine's hand was definitely in it, but some trick of the eye had caused her downfall. Regardless, Fridi would take it.

"I won? I- I mean I won! Yes! Yes, okay, I am okay with this. Good match." Fridi blinked. "No rematches. Uh-... another time! Definitely."

"Think they've got fresh mint on hand? That may change my answer." With a only half joking chuckle, Fridi spent the rest of her evening drinking alongside this new crew. Spending much of your time as a loner often made seeing new friends such a joy. Moreaaiwe, Catherine, Jess (by proxy), and Mr. Marinara; Fridi couldn't think of a better crew for the evening.

Totes okay with it. Speaking of which, gonna have Fridi fade to the background on this one. Sleep calls. Night everyone!


"I would be surprised if

"I would be surprised if perhaps someone already once comissioned such and idea. I know for some of the wagons, some of our closets are basically sat upright armored trucks for the durability and locking. Things tend to get jostled about in some of the rougher terrian. Plus should the wagon go down, does make for easier recovery. So I know I wouldn't mind a bit fancier one." she added in about the fancy armor closets

She nodded her head a bit at Seryi's suggestion. "Hmm, that does roll a bit better."

Once the arm wrestle had been determined, Mo, let out a little bit of a cheer and a hoist of her drink. "Very well done. And not a single broken finger or nail, most excellent!"

night bast!


"Archers - it's all in the

"Archers - it's all in the wrist..." Seryi smiled into his glass.

"Amor armor?" He offered his own suggestion for the corset line, "I'm sure it will be a marvel if you develop a line for it. Your work is always a delight to see -"

As Fridi won the round, Seryi cheered, encouraging the continued drinking on - after all - it was a fun night out and that was the point.

Seryi looped his arm around Mo's waist to provide her a safe and comfy seat for the evening, settling in with his drink and to casually tease and chatter with the group for the night.

sorry - the sleeps are catching up wth me guys - i gots to crash hugs to all!


"Ok..." Catherine said,

"Ok..." Catherine said, giving him a more sober and more serious smile. "Well, you have my permission to do whatever you gotta do to avoid any other people. Whether that's a window exit or taking the initiative to poke them first." She said gently.

She snickered. "I do love both names. Perhaps you armor the armoire in order to keep all the wonderful clothes inside safe. Could team up with a carpenter and a metalworker and really go to town." She said with a slightly dreamy gaze.

"True." Catherine said. Her eyes a bit faraway at the thought. She was pretty sure that she'd be red in the cheeks forever at that rate. But it would be an excellent way to learn.

As they clasped hands, Catherine took a deep breath.
She let it out just in time for Fridi to bring her arm swinging down.
"Wow!" Catherine gushed with a laugh as it was all over as soon as it began. "Well done! Holy moly that was quick." She waved over for the barman. "Whatever you want is on me." She said with a rolling laugh.

That's such a good roll, and with everyone getting sleepy, I figure we can just do a one and done if that's alright with you. :)


She couldn't help but to nod

She couldn't help but to nod along with each thing Fridi had listed. "But it does make a good reference point, a trade of, experiences you could say to help everyone know what they mean by bad." She added with her attempt of a sagely nod. Unfortunately Mo was on the lightweight side of drinking, at least in keeping a certain kind of composure in her speech.

"You could call it your form and function line, or armor for armoires. Wait no taht last one sounds like you are making armor for the closet doesn't it. hmm.."

With Catherine's worry now quelch, she settled back in her seat. "Well, I do offer lessons and all.." she said with a sly little grin before she wormed her way about to cuddle on up with Seryi.


As soon as Catherine and

As soon as Catherine and Fridi got to it, Fridi immediately realized she might be biting off more than she could chew. This girl was strong, at least far stronger than she was. Fridi however had a surprising amount riding on this match, so she was going to push through it if she could.

"Wow- I- that's some grip. Okay. Yes. We're doing this."

Yeah, that's not the kinda magic I was referring to. We'll see if it's needed after the roll. XP

Also same here, not too many more in me. Curse you sleep.


"Well, windows really do

"Well, windows really do offer the best routes - you can avoid pesky butlers and irate fathers -" He smirked, settling back into the casual teasing back and forth.

Seryi winced, "I didn't really get a chance to stab them back - what with the window exit. But they've not been an issue since -" What with his leaving the country and all. "It's been years -"

Seryi blushed a bit himself at the scratches, before shaking his head a little - he did earn that he supposed. He lifted his glass in silent salute before settling back to watch the new arm wrestling match. Of course because he's not a jerk, he did slide a few coin on the table under the cover of an appetizer bowl so the cost wasn't entirely on others.

i have maybe one more in me here i think


Through her drunken haze,

Through her drunken haze, Catherine could tell that Sery and Moreaaiwe were being super nice to her. She didn't realize that a big part of it was the puppyfish eyes problem she tended to have when she got worried. But her filter was down and gone and she was a goober. They didn't sit around and compare injuries often, so while she had inklings of serious things that had happened, she didn't have all her wits about her to process all that at once.

She hadn't known what had brought Seryi here. Although a stabbing would certainly do it. "Oh... Ok." She said carefully trying to figure out her next words. "Did you stab them back? You stabbed them back, right?" For someone anti friend stabbing, she's very pro stabbing back of course. As though she's trying to be spontaneous, but definitely isn't, she looks over Seryi's shoulder and looks around with intense gaze. "I'll help too..." She said, attempting to look very tough just in case.

She nodded to Moreaaiwe. "Yes! That's a good idea. Lots of extra protection so that nothing happens. And then also extra shaping for the body conscious hero on the go." She said with a nod.

She nodded. "Yeah, but... Still." But she composed as best she could. She didn't want to be a total downer. Jerks. Sea jerks. I do sorta miss punching sea jerks." As Moreaaiwe mentioned the scratches only coming from her nails rather than windows and doors, she sputtered slightly. A very bright and genuine smile was on her face at that. "Well done both of you." She said, with just a tiny hint of pink in her cheeks as she resisted the urge to tease. "To be a moth on that wall."

As Fridi held her arm up, Catherine took it. "Okay. Here we go." She gushed. "Have at thee."

Just a straight str roll for Catherine. But if you wanna use magic, that's fine with me.


"Well- I mean there's plenty

"Well- I mean there's plenty worse to being stabbed. Opium withdraw, falling off a rooftop, blood magic-" Fridi stopped, jutting out a finger. "Serious though- blood magic will mess you up, receiving or dishing it out." Fridi visibly shivered.

Fridi briefly considered Catherine's offer. A refresh on her drink would be nice. However, Seryi's offer of a round for the table was more... concerning. Fridi without looking thumbed the small coin pile she had. Best case, extra round for her. Worst case... well she could practice a bit of that magic she had previously mentioned.

"Yeah- alright. Sounds good by me. Have at thee." Fridi offered a hand to Catherine, elbow locked to the table.


"Oh she is, and a bit of fun

"Oh she is, and a bit of fun to be around, especially if drinking should you ever get the chance."

Moreaaiwe chuckled at Fridi's opinion of getting stabbed, it was an amused agreement kind of one. "Well there is that, but there are still some things that are a bit worse."

"You could do a whole line of corsets, I hear in some parts instead of using bone, they have been using steel for the reinforcements. And coats, with like hidden pockets were you could slide armor panels in and out." She said with a little wave of a hand at Catherine as they both seemed to just kind of blurt out the idea.

Mo just gave Catherine this look of, don't apologize. "Darling, you do remember we was a bit surrounded aye? And we had the villagers to get out of the way? She said with grand sweeping gestures of her arms, then she reached over and booped Catherine on the nose, well a couple of times, for emphasis as she continued to speak And if not, for you, I would have been, worse off."

She then gestured to Seryi as he also tried to assure Catherine. "And see now he uses windows as doors so its much safer, and only gets stabbed by fingernails, well sometimes... others its kind of more raking, but sometimes a good grip is really hard..."


"In my defense - the second

"In my defense - the second time I didn't fall out a window two seconds later. So there wasn't a broken leg to deal with too." Seryi shrugged, and finished his glass with a smile like maybe it was all a joke - not that it was exactly.

It's only when he set his glass down after the story and looked up to realize Catherine was sort of giving him the fish-face - all open mouth and wide eyed - oh crud. "I - not recently, I mean - before I came here. It was one of the reasons I came here but - before. And then uh... a few years ago. There was a fight. I've not gotten stabbed since in a lot time - "

"I'm much better about watching my back now, I promise."

"I think the standing loser forfeit has been a round for the table-" Seryi lifted his second glass to Fridi, with a wry smile. "But Catherine's closest thing we've got to a champion now... so -" He grinned sharply, "I'll just watch." By which he meant mooch.


Catherine's eyes were getting

Catherine's eyes were getting wider and wider. She was going to look like a fishie at this rate. Seryi had been stabbed multiple times, Moreaaiwe had been stabbed... That was too much stabbing. Sure they were heroes and that sort of stuff came with the job description sometimes. But Catherine worried. She'd fixed a cut on Mo's coat once and that was bad enough to send her into a mother hen style tizzy. "I need to start making armor. Armor that looks like clothes." She said with a hiccup in place of a normal pause at the end. "So you don't get stabbed. I hate stabbing. It's the worst stuff." She said with a slightly more bleary tone to her voice than before. She drank a little fast.

As Moreaaiwe mentioned the ocean and the shooting, Catherine's eyes widened. "I didn't realize they'd gotten you so bad! I'm so sorry!" She blurted out. She'd seen them going after Moreaaiwe, but in the chaos under the water she hadn't realized quite how serious the injury was. And it made her feel like a bad friend. "Those people were jerks. And there were all those portals, and they kept taking people from the village. And they ruined a corset... those bastards..." She tugged at the handkerchief in her hand. "Do... You want a hankie anyway?" She asked with big goofy eyes.

She did smile as Seryi mentioned dancing for fun. "That's one of the best times for dancing, really. That's when you get to try out all the latest dances and you don't have to worry about not knowing every step." She said with a smile.

"I gotta go with Fridi." Catherine admitted. "I don't imagine it gets easier to get hurt like that." She looked over at Fridi as she mentioned having arm wrestled before. "Oh, sure... We could arm wrestle." She said. "Did you want to bet something, or do you just want to buy a drink at the end for the winner?"


"She seems nice." Fridi

"She seems nice." Fridi motioned toward Jess as she left the table-side, taking Seryi's invitation to join the rest of them at their spot.

"I don't know." Fridi interjected. "Look- I don't know what circumstances you're all talking about, but getting stabbed... pretty sure that always hurts 'bout the same there. Never been a problem for me before, so no experience. Still, I can't see that ever feeling 'not as bad'."

When it came to Catherine, Fridi was in a conundrum. On the one hand, someone wouldn't claim they were something as specific as an arm wrestling champions, especially not multiple people in a single group. Then again, a loose handshake and Catherine's bubblyness did inspire some confidence for Fridi's success.

"Once or twice... is that a challenge? I'll totally do it for the record, but if we do I need to know if we're going for more than just bragging rights here."


"Words are a bit part of my

"Words are a bit part of my stronger features. So I do try and give as pleasent of a conversation as I can when I can."

She nodded her head a bit somberly as it dawned on Catherine about the dancing shoes and dye. "Aye, and some of them you can't put in the extra padding as it just ruins everything, so just make it to where you can't see the blood. Don't want those in the front row to start a panic after all." Though as she raised her glass there was some discontented muffled muttering about certain venues complaining should the dancers just start bleeding and all..

A quick, perhaps slightly frantic wave of her hands about as it seemed Catherine was reaching for the handkerchief to maybe offer some aide. "Oh not like today, a while back, in the ocean. I think that was one of the ones you actually shot too. They did put a hole in one of my favorite corsets though" she said with a pout.

As Jess stood to leave, she gave her firey friend a large wave. "Have a goodnight Jess, be safe!"

night maddy, thanks for joining!


"At least with getting

"At least with getting stabbed in the back it passes soon?" Seryi offered wryly, with a half smile, dropping his hand from his chest. "The second time doesn't hurt as much as the first, I'll say that."

As Fridi joined the table, "Yeah, Jess's been taking on all challengers so far - unbeaten -" He nodded to the chair across from the red head, scooting to make more room for Fridi to join them.

"And will continue to be -" He stood, giving Jess a quick one armed hug. "Y'have an excellent night y'self - don't get more bruises than y'want -" And ducked away before she swung for him to take his seat again. It was weird really from his perspective - she hadn't sniped at him once and he'd given plenty of chances.

"Ah, dance - socially, for fun. Not for performance -" He shook his head, "I won't embarrass myself at a ball, let me put it that way. But everything I've learned has been for social graces, niceties. Not artistic."

ty maddy! :)


It appeared as though the

It appeared as though the Three Seryis were totally teasing Jess. Catherine's eyes widened as she saw the look on his face. It was totally going down at this rate. She giggled. As he traced his hand over his heart, she looked at him with curiosity. She wasn't totally sure why he had done it, but she did catch the gesture. "Seryi, do you dance?" She asked.

"Oh my god..." Catherine said. "The color of the shoes... That makes so much sense! There was a woman that came in and she wanted her dress to be dyed to match a pair of dancing shoes. I wondered why she didn't dye the shoes to the dress instead since they were smaller. But she was trying to hide any blood from future injuries." She took a big drink. "It's so gruesome now that I know... With breaks not immediately apparent, that seems like a recipe for a long recovery afterward."

She looked over as she mentioned being stabbed in the back. "You. Were. Stabbed?..." With her drunken brain just addled enough, she starts grabbing at her pocket for a handkerchief. Whether it's to offer as a makeshift bandage, or to dab tears that aren't falling yet is unclear.

She nodded to Fridi. "It's absolutely bone chilling out there. Much nicer in here." She agreed. Her handshake was probably not all that strong, actually. She's pretty tipsy by now, and though she held her own, it was more of a fluke. "Do you ever arm wrestle?" She asked with a giggle.

Catherine nodded as Jess stood up. It looked like she was on her feet, but she figured that she wanted to get home under her own power. Who knew how long that wind would be in her sails at that rate. She nodded. "Absolutely. Rematch it is. Maybe with thumbs." She said gleefully. "Goodnight, Jess!"

Thank you for the RP Madius! It was so much fun! :)


Jess staggers back to the

Jess staggers back to the table, minus her mug, and catching onto the edge of the table itself a bit awkwardly. "Awright, barkeep says I've hit my limit. Reckon it's time to stagger on homeward and sleep this one off. Y'all have an excellent night, an' I expect a rematch next time we run across each other."

She says the last with a finger waggle roughly in Catherine's direction before pushing off the table and staggering toward the door, waving behind her as she goes.

What she said :D Thanks for the RP, all! It's midnight here, so I'ma go curl up with cats and sleeps


Jess, another name to add to

Jess, another name to add to the list of random strangers in this town. Ramsalon had a way of everyone introducing themselves. The long bellowing belch before hand made for a pretty solid introduction- Fridi felt it answered everything she needed to know about Jess.

And Fridi was impressed.

Fridi found her arms crossing when it came to between Jess and Catherine. Her drink was still in one hand, so as her only free one went to Jess, it changed directions very quickly then to Catherine. So many hands to shake, it almost made drinking her ale impossible.


Fridi swallowed. "Mmm! Well thanks- figured I might as well make tonight a good night, eh? Better than being out in the cold at least. It's a pleasure to meet you, Strongfingers." Taking her hand back, Fridi did briefly judge the handshake Catherine had given her. After all, a supposed arm-wrestler should have a decent grip, even if this was a formal greeting. "So, arm wrestling?"

Seryi's correction had Fridi nod. "Right right, Seryi, now I remember. No- I think it was from our mutal friend Momo here. Just a talk. Besides, I'm not one to do much punching myself. I'm more of the magical sorts, so I guess in my case it would be blasting?"

Once again, Fridi found herself nodding when Moreaaiwe spoke. "Yeah- I'm pretty certain we've spoken a few times here and there. I remember it being fairly polite. So I guess you've got that going for you." Fridi ran a finger over the coins before her. "Buy you a round? Least I can do, friend."


Catching Seryi's

Catching Seryi's acknowledgement, she gently squeezed his hand. It was something of a bit for another time.

She gave Fridi a nod as she turned to greet them as she could, though she had to bite her lip to stifle a laugh at Fridi calling Seryi, Marinara, maybe if one was drunk enough it would sound close enough. "We have ran into each other a few times, and Momo is kind of close enough to count."

Though she kind of blinked as Jess' belch echo'd about, even despite the crowd. "hmm, just a smidge more bass and you could have rattled some walls."

She just grinned ear to ear as Seryi picked up on the line. "well, pending on your romance and all, but it tis more like inspiration for a passionated moment."
And with the mention of the decor, the grin just grew a bit more. "One of them anyways."

She nodded a little to Catherine. "Oh it could be down right excruiating, especially as some moves with a break already in, causes another one. THere is a reason why some dancing shoes are dyed as such to not show blood. Though the colder it is the worse it can be, as you may not even feel it at first and not adjust. Then afterwards." she just paused. "I think getting stabbed in the back was a bit more pleasant then that." she muttered in a kind of pout.


Seryi glanced up, shaking off

Seryi glanced up, shaking off enough of his drink to pick up the underpinnings there - another eyebrow quirk raised in Moreaaiwe's direction - cause it wasn't like Seryi didn't know some people who might... know some people. But he nodded just a tiny bit to her, leaving that call in her hands.

The sacrement line though gets him, and he splutters fully into the drink. "Ah, Wilde. And yet people still quote that poem like it's romantic..." He leaned his head back a little against Mo's shoulder to return the casual affection, smiling at her suggestion, "Ah, were those the considerations for the hearth decor... ?"

He eyed Jessica for a moment, a smirk surfacing. "Tip from a pro?" He turned the casual phrase into a filthy one with little more than a smirk.

"Mmph. Pointe I hear is terrible for feet -" He shook . his head, "I'll take risking getting shivved after performances over that, m'self." Though his hand did briefly rub at a spot over his heart in reflexive memory. "I am in constant awe of people who can work through that."

Fridi gets a curious look though as Seryi's trying to place the woman himself, "If so... briefly - ah. Seryi," He smiled, "Honestly, it's Ramsalon - if I don't know you I'm sure we met in a Ramsalon hello - one two punch out over the latest beastie to wander the streets."


Catherine grins as she sees

Catherine grins as she sees Seryi's ears getting red. She is so not one to judge on that. But it's good to know they have that in common. She gives him a little nod. "Fair enough." She said, making sure not to smirk or be too rude. She gave him a hard enough time already.

She caught the look from Mo and returned it with one of her own. Also downing the rest of her drink so that it could act as a 'wish toast' of a sort. She nodded. "Aye. Which is why I'm quite glad it's winter. More time spent working indoors and making pretty dresses rather than worrying about all... that..." She said. She appreciated that she knew at least one person in Ramsalon that she could turn to when things got weird. She just hoped that this time they wouldn't.

As he mentioned working on broken toes and bruises, Catherine winced very visibly. "Oh that sounds really painful." She said. "I've seen you perform and I bet you barely broke stride though." She said, clearly very impressed that Mo had been able to keep going when it hurt like that.

As Jess mentioned multiple Fridis, Catherine snickered.
She waved the bartender over as quick as possible to help remedy Jess's empty mug problem. Although with three Fridis already, it was probably less of a problem and more of a blessing.
"Strongfingers McGee does have a good ring to it."

Catherine nodded to Fridi. "I don't think we've met." She admitted. "But I do like your drink choices." She said with a big grin over the cup of her own boozy choice. "I'm Catherine when not arm wrestling by my stage name." She said holding out her free hand.


Jess claps a hand on Seryi's

Jess claps a hand on Seryi's shoulder at the 'knees' comment. "Do what I do - tell folks it's from training. Nobody ever asks what happens in training, y'ever notice that? Works on all sorts of happy bruises. Tip from a pro."

She winks and cackles, cashing in on her refill and hoisting it in a toast to all assembled, scooting over to make room for the excited newcomer. "C'mon in! I don't rightly recognize you or yer two identical twin sisters there, but there's room fer all three of ya."

She pauses to let out a rather impressive belch, staring into her empty mug accusingly. "The hell'd that come from? They must really be bringing out the good barrels tonight after all."

She offers a hand vaguely in Fridi's direction. "Jess! Jess Langley." She points at Catherine. "This is Strongfingers McGee and y'all already know the marble goddess herself over there and her willin' footstool, Hats MacDuff. I'll leave y'all to get acquainted while I fetch myself another round..."


Fridi was starry-eyed as her

Fridi was starry-eyed as her order and money were taken. Granted, she wasn't too fond of the money taking part, but it would be worth it in the end. Suddenly however, her concentration was lost as a voice seemed to speak to her. Catherine had caught Fridi entirely by surprise.

"Wha- oh! Sorry, I had literally no idea you all were sitting here. Got lost in the moment..." Fridi paused. Now having a chance to actually pay attention to her surroundings, Fridi found herself narrow eyed in the direction of the group.

"Wait- don't I know you people? You're uh..." Fridi snapped her fingers, trying to think of Seryi's name. She's met him, but only once very briefly. Then, her drink came. Continuing her snapping, Fridi started her ale while doing so. Suddenly it hit her.

"Sam Marinara. No wait- that's dumb. Eh, close enough." Fridi returned to her drink. Her eyes then went to Moreaaiwe, she was far easier to remember. "And Momo. I think."

"Been a while. How you been?"

Fridi paused. "Wait- I do know you guys, right? Can't remember, must of been a long while ago I guess."


She nodded a tiny bit as

She nodded a tiny bit as Catherine said Ronin had behaved. Though at the mention of 'starting over' her eyes narrowed sharply. If only she had a silver for every story she knew started with that... "Hrmph.." she muttered into her drink as she basically finished it off. "Well, second verse same as the first and all." she sighed with a look at Catherine which was basically a 'if you need, she is there' type. and didn't push it any further.

Moreaaiwe just leaned over for a moment and rested her chin on his shoulder, with this kind of impish grin upon her lips. "That only means you are partaking of the sacrement proper, and you know what they say of returned favors and all." then she just tilts her head. "Though if you do use a pillow, get one that isn't all fluff, else it goes a sliding. Although, I do think they have a setup for that as well."

She just grinned at Jess "Well there you have, sounds like you are all set."

"There have been a few times, for as they say the show must go on. I have had to dance on some broken toes, a twisted ankle. Did a few rounds with some bruised knuckles and twisted fingers. Being a healer comes in handy and all, but you don't always have the fortune to stop a show patch up and then keep going."


"Ah, good - that was his name

"Ah, good - that was his name. I caught Stephyr's but not his - it was a spectacular show." He nodded to mo, smiling a moment, "I'm sure we'll see him again -"

To Jessica's spluttering defense, "What's said can't be unsaid - tis true -" He laughed, grinning at her. "To good fortune in romances -" He offered his glass for clinking,

"The bears - summoned - both of them. Same round even, it was amusing. Good example of how you can get at the same effect from different corners of the art I suppose. Magic's never been my thing -" He shrugged a bit.

Catherine's cackling only makes Seryi's ears get a little more red as he ducked into his drink. "In my defense, it's not a planned event in those cases." He rolled his eyes, ears still bright red.


"Bears?" Catherine said with

"Bears?" Catherine said with eyes widening. That seemed like a new one for the tournament. "Did they bring the bears in at the beginning or... How did they bear?" She finally managed. As he opened the sketch, she couldn't hide the sigh of surprise. It was really lovely. "Oh, wow. That is gorgeous. It looks so intense!" She gushed. As Mo gave her the names, she nodded. "Hopefully I will see Azura and Stephyr both next year." Both mages sounded like a hoot and a half.

She gave Mo a quick look of slight worry along with a sigh. "He did. Mostly." She said. "Apologized. Said he'd been on a journey, wanted to start over... That sort of stuff." She shrugged. She really didn't know. But she also didn't want to make Mo worry too much. It was a night for drinking, not thinking about your kidnapper/stalker. Nothing ruined a good buzz quite like misery.

She laughed heartily. "It is nice to have cushion. Preferably layers upon layers so it's like being in a cloud when the headache hits." She said with a grin. Although as Seryi spoke, she froze and her eyes widened. There was just a split second of silence before Catherine started guffawing. This lack of filter was EXACTLY what she'd hoped for. "Oh, Seryi... Throw down a pillow, dear. It helps a lot."

She winced at the thought of breaking a finger, suddenly realizing what she was playing at. "Oh yikes." She could just picture Mo keeping on playing like a pro even with a broken finger. She was curious. "Have you ever had to keep performing when you got an injury partway through?" She asked. She knew that Mo had described some difficult performances for various reasons. But never injury based ones. But Catherine wouldn't be surprised if she'd done it.

Catherine is stunned that she held out this long. So as Jess manages to get that win, she giggles and claps for her very capable opponent. "Well done." She gushes. She giggled as she mentioned using it as a pickup line. "Holy moley. I'm going to have to try that." She said with a giggle.

As Fridi took a seat nearby, Catherine heard her order. It was good. She was clearly getting into the swing just like they were. "Excellent choices. You're a lady after my own heart." She said with a nod as Fridi placed an order.


Jess about chokes on her

Jess about chokes on her drink when Seryi mentions being a good mom. "Y'all take that back right now. I done did my mom years, I'm all cashed out. Probably. Maybe. Shut up anyhow."

She warms considerably and blushes more than a little at the compliment. "Yeeaah, I don't rightly know how he's still puttin' up with me, but I'll take my good fortune so long as it'll carry me. Could say the same 'bout you'n the sparkling wonder over there."

With a fair bit of effort, she finally manages to turn the tide in the pinkie wrestling duel and win out, slamming back the dregs of her current drink to celebrate. "Damn! Told you. Archers: strong fingers. Learned that from a fella tried to use it as a line. Might maybe've made the wrong call not takin' him up on it, now that I think on it..."

She laughs at Mo's suggestion of winding up nude in a froze puddle. "Hell, that happens it means I must be family. Some of the stories that boy has o' his family, if things go smooth is about the only time I'll be worried. I'm sure it'll go fine. And if not, won't be any shortage of strong brew to land soft on after."

She chuckled along about the pixie at the tournament, remembering the odd bout. That the fairy was confused about the purpose of the tournament helped explain a few things about that match in retrospect...


The cold, chilly night was no

The cold, chilly night was no place for Fridi. She always had her scarf to bundle with and her poofy attire, but hanging around outside in the snow all night wasn't exactly the place to be. It was for this very reason Fridi always made sure to save money during the winter for the various drinking establishments in the city. Here, she could find warmth, a nice stiff drink, and a place to pass out in a corner if she needed to. It was for this very reason Fridi was in a good mood walking into the Town Green.

With a quick shake to knock off the collected snow about her person and a long stride, the sorceress made her way inside only to stop upon seeing some signs inside. "Half off? Yes! Jackpot!" Her arms raised in surprised and a new energy bursting forth from the spot, Fridi spent little time finding a seat. In her excitement, she'd taken a spot nearby a semi-familiar group without realizing, he main focus on immediately ordering.

"Okay. Let's see..." Fridi grabbed the coins in her pockets and dumped them out in front of her. A tiny fortune to anyone paying only half price. "Start with a ale... maybe two. Then something stronger. Wait- is top shelf part of the deals today too? I think it is!"

Fridi's eyes literally glittered with excitement.