Sharatar Planet

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Sharatar Planet

The planet, Sharatar, 8th in the Sirian home system, is visible outside the windows a ball of swirling blue and green streaks. A large hurricane sized storm is visible in the lower edge partially hidden behind the glittering blue rings of the planet.

This gas giant, is primarily methane with wide rings of methane ice and rock. It has 54 moons - some captured and some standard orbit. The large rings are composed of methane ice and rock and are moving at a relatively high velocity. Ships are advised to match momentum before approach, and keep an eye out for the occasional rock going slower or faster.

Area warnings: Radiation levels are fairly high in the proximity of this planet.
Planet warnings: High wind, poisonous, flammable gasses and an entirely unexplored core. Exercise extreme caution.


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Glad you guys had fun, muhaha. There will be RP opportunities available for all, to talk to the 21 survivors and ask them just what's been going on, how they got to be digital and how to get them back in the flesh... but all that for laters. Now is the time on Space Sprokets when we Sleep! ;)


Medical Bay first, he didn't

Medical Bay first, he didn't have any large debris in the wound but we need to run finer scans to make sure anything microscopic still isn't in there that could cause damage later on. Ballard wasn't going to be doing much on his own for a few hours, what was running in his system could be said to be a hair lower dosage of elephant tranquilizer, with less of the sleepy effects. Field triage isn't pretty, and is usually quite painful. So she has a special cocktail for that. Least the man will be feeling damn happy for about 5 hours give or take. So Tarae gets to have fun with a rag doll of a man that is probably muttering quite amusing trippy things.

Yes, yes, excellent works, but we all knew that anyways :p
thanks bast.


Tarae smiles as he feels his

Tarae smiles as he feels his magic working on the man. Wounds closing, bleeding stopping, though it was a bit of a surprise to watch the drugs work. He chuckles and looks at the doctor when it was all said and done.

You want me to take him to the medical bay or to his quarters? Tarae doesn't move, but holds Ballard still for now. Just so that the man doesn't rush off and do something stupid or something like that. There were a lot of questions that were going to be needing answers soon! Tarae was going to ask them of course too. There was much to be learned from these people that they had just rescued.

Soon as the good doctor tells him where to take Ballard, he would teleport all three of them there.

Awesome! Thank you for letting me join in so late. Thanks for the session! It's bed time for me too. G'night!


If that meant hers, she was

If that meant hers, she was going to have to tidy a few things up. Make sure the glowing plant was extra glowy with fresh soil, and put an extra pillow or two out. "It worked.. seven data pads.. can start a star ship engine..."

Her eyes turn towards the injured soul and she starts chuckling a little.

Once they were free, she agreed to see Darcy within the hour... once the scene was set for her to show up to a darkly lit room with a glowing multiple colored plant and a purpled haired woman waiting for her.

For now, she was going to try to ignore... that there were digital people.... and what implications that left.. though, the ramifications were to hit soon... but hopefully not till morning.

good job.... sweet first time at it... can't wait to see what else is up the sleeves...


Darcy gives Aati's hand a

Darcy gives Aati's hand a squeeze, echoing the grin back. "Yours, I'm dumping that monster assembly in mine so I can see about undoing it and getting folks their stuff back later."

"I'm just thrilled that worked..." Hearing Ballard nearby talk about the 'pretty lady' Yalara, Darcy can't help but laugh, honestly just feeling relieved after that whole ordeal.

It won't be till the debriefing when she realizes that part of wiping the datapad she brought with her means not only did she lose the pretty images of the gas giant and its storm, but the sensor data they were sent to collect, as well as all her various projects which will now need to be reloaded from her most recent backup.

It's going to be a rough set of days for that poor little datapad and its poor little network connection...

I am finally crashing for good. Thank you, everybody! I had a blast :) Well worth the sleep dep tomorrow


The pads are definitely

The pads are definitely warmer than they really ought to be. The smell of ozone and crisping silicon in the air. But so far the ship was holding steady. The fleet acknowledges, sounding a little confused "I thought you guys weren't supposed to be back for another couple of hours,... and. Are... are you venting?"

Dale hit the radio, "Yes - we need landing - now - make a hole. Also got an injury - and. Stuff." He wasn't exactly sure how to explain what it was they'd run across, but there was sure to be a lot of follow up.

Kneeling over Ballard, Tarae can feel the injury the man has is pretty extensive. An artery's been nicked - that's why there's so much blood. Setting his hands over it, he can convince the mans own flesh to start drawing together, knitting the flesh together quickly from the inside out. By the hiss between Ballard's teeth it's clear that hurt. But it worked to get the bleeding under control.

Meanwhile, Yalara is also working on the man - and mid pained hiss, Ballard goes limp with a sigh and looks up at her, "Pretty lady makes the pain stop...." Clearly the drugs work fast on this one.

Tarae can feel through the magical field how the drugs are interacting with his target - making certain parts of the man's aura ease - nerves numbing, blood flow slowing to the area to clear it for the repair work. The distraction of pain lessening as her work complements his. For her part, Yalara is reaching for the wound with the field-kit to plug the whole and watches as it seals itself up from the inside out practically under her fingers. It's an odd thing to watch - like a time lapse of a wound's natural healing progression without the usual external scab concealing the work the body does to heal itself.

There's a thump from the outside world as the ship touches down inside the hanger - the holes stop hissing as air pressure is restored to the hanger.

And home free! 21 people saved from a slow gruesome disintegration - one injury but nothing long term - good job all around guys and thank you for staying up late :)


The good news, it was a clean

The good news, it was a clean shot through, the bad news, it was a clean shot through. Least that means there is nothing large enough in there to worry about her having to dig in, as sometimes that can make internal bleeding an issue if you manage to seal the wound on the outside.

The bag is becoming even more of a mess as she is having to dig around in it. Though the stuff she is looking for is some of the things she makes sure she has secure in distinctive pockets. Pre loaded pharmaceuticals for emergency uses. Ballard would get a heavy dose of one such blend, high dosage pain filler, antibiotic, and basically something to shut off the nerves in that area. She aims the inject right by one of the more major nerves of the region, as well what is going to come next, Ballard will prolly be feeling for the next couple of days.

With that done, she keeps one hand applying pressure, while the other surfs around for a vial that looks like its filled with putty, and it kind of is. Its a gauze and paste that is designed to dissolve over time in the body. While not ideal, its a great thing for treating wounds in the field. Basically she gonna stick some in that hole, unless Tarae takes care of everything anyways.


He has flown the Joy Rider

He has flown the Joy Rider before by the very same means. So it wasn't new to him. It was different for sure, but not that much compared to piloting his own ship. Which he hasn't had much of a chance of lately. He takes her out flying and she breaks. It was quite sad really.

It was when Darrian takes over that he lets the man fly his own ship. I guess that's what we picked up. But in the mean time. I still have one question for you. As he looks up at the cieling for a moment. Why did you leave Sirian? Why were you in stasis? With all the other commotion going on as well, it wasn't hard to notice that someone had been hit. Yalara was there trying to fix the man too. Tarae looks at her, looks at Ballard.

If you want to measure this, then start now. With that, he takes a bit of a breath and whether or not Yalara was ready, Tarae heals the man. Ballard was going into shock more than anything else, but he was bleeding pretty bad too.


Thankfully, she was able

Thankfully, she was able reroute things around the damaged area. It is never fun to have severed lines or conduits threatening to blow. So, that is safe. She feels better.

Aatishon looked over the programs, and debated something that would save more programming space and maybe be able to bring something down. It all seemed pretty essential. She did debate cutting the translator, as it was a space sucking program, needing a lot of processing power and memory. However, with so many different races on the ship, and dialects, she decided to keep it on.

She hoped no one thought her selfish for that. Who knows what the voices above speak? Or if the Rohearn, or Clanspeople could even speak basic Sirian? Perhaps that is a discussion for later.

As they end up back at the fleet, she smiles a bit tensely... and then shakes her head. This all felt weird... very scary, very odd... but oddly intriguing. They had gotten within spitting distance of the planet and picked up digital hitchhikers... and now, back to fleet.

She slid her hand into Darcy's, and then gave it a squeeze. She bit wasn't sure what kind of debriefing this was going to go well, or what to make of it....

She frowns a bit more. "Your room or mine? Once the interrogations are done?" by the time she finished the sentence, she was smiling.


Darcy sends the friend-foe

Darcy sends the friend-foe signal to check in with the fleet the moment they appear, getting their bearings and relaying to Dale distances, orientation, and all the usual necessities to get them into a hangar bar as quickly as possible (on whichever fleet ship is closer and has an airtight hangar bay).

Once the info is relayed, she glances over her shoulder to check on Ballard and the doc. "Everybody all right back there? Those pads catch fire yet?"

The latter question isn't said in as joking a tone as it usual is for her. Combustability is a much truer concern with that fragile little setup than it usually is.


Aati's fingers fly - locating

Aati's fingers fly - locating the damage to the ship and quickly rerouting around it. Someone else could help Ballard once they were no longer in the middle of a firing range. The rings were pretty - but they were really just way too close to them. Her quick work reroutes around a damaged conduit and keeps the power running through the consoles so they can keep flying.

A few of the others in the cabin scream - air is hissing through the two holes - and Ballard is starting to slump to the floor.

Meanwhile, Tarae turns back to the console - interrogation time later, right now - piloting time! And piloting through the mage's console too - now that was just, weird. Like fitting his mind into a different skin. His side hurt, his nose hurt just a little. But he could wraggle left, wraggle right and more importantly - kick every thruster down and go up. It didn't feel quite like piloting normally did, but he could make it work. Which brought them out of line with the business part of the rings and into the safer slushier pieces. The sounds on the hull returned to that slushy hail slide.

A little bit of ice was starting to slip through the holes - either formed from the humidity in their room - or more likely slipping in from the slush the ship was sailing through. It smelled a little odd, but otherwise didn't do much to block the holes.

Meanwhile, Ballard slumps out of his chair before he falls out of it - saving himself hte head injury to go with what is effectively a shot through the soulder. The doctor is by him almost immediately, which is good as it does look like he's taken a pretty ugly shot from the amount of red there. Clothing ripped off or cut off easily, and she can tell the hole on Ballard's front is matched by the hole on his back. It looks like a little bit of fabric may have gotten dragged into the wound but the bleeding was more critical than infection. He could survive to surgery - but first - gotta stop the bleeding.

In the cockpit, Dale's finishing his consoles boot up - and hands settle on the stick even as Tarae gets them out of the line of immediate trouble. Dale yells back into the cabin, "Vacation called on account of... of hitchhikers!"

Dale reached for the FTL the second they were out of the ice rings - one breath and the next and they were staring out the window at a welcome site: The fleet, right where they left them.



Now it was really starting to

Now it was really starting to be a bumpy ride...

Then there is a sound you never want to hear when in a ship that is in an asteroid field... For a brief moment the hissing sound has her look over, but then as Ballard's voice calls out for her, she already has an idea what happened.

She scrambles over to get her kit "Keep a hand over that wound" She orders out as she grabs hold of her kit and then gets over to where Ballard is sitting. Should someone had listened and help Ballard in trying to keep the red stuff on the inside she would signal them it was ok to let go now and let her work.

Her bag was an absolute mess from what it usually is. Mostly pills, small sample collecting utensils, but egad, if there wasn't an emergency right now she would be sorting, ugh. She digs in with one hand, trying to find what she needs, while with the other hand, moving the clothing around. Though if she needs to cut any clothing, thankfully her shears were secured and easy to reach. But for now its external assessment, she has to see what kind of wound was made, and if there is any debris still in there. While all the time trying to keep the bleeding to a minimum, which entailed, using a handy dandy wipe to clear the area that has a chemical in it to encourage blood coagulation to help try and slow the bleeding for now.


It's all Darcy can do not to

It's all Darcy can do not to hum 'the hip bone's connected to the dongle bone' as she goes about hijacking hardware ports in ways God never intended in order to create the sloppy but functional raid array to host enough of a buffer to get the ship the boost it needs.

She winces a bit at the light flicker, shutting her eyes and waiting and praying, until she hears Dale's yelp and the hum of things powering back up. Her eyes open, echoed by a bright grin of success as she starts to flail her arms in the air in triumph. "YES. Okay. ...I may owe you all new datapads, but WHO CARES? We're going home!"

With Ballard in her old chair, she rushes up toward the cockpit to settle in in the copilot's chair, inert though it be, to strap in and get set for the ride home. She's halfway past Ballard when she hears him mumble for the doc.

Turning about slowly, it doesn't take her long to size things up and go a bit pale herself. But, bigger problems: they have a hull breach, and that shortens their trip in a hurry.

Trusting Ballard to Yalara's capable care, Darcy finishes her sprint to the cockpit and starts strapping in, shutting down Ballard's console remotely and redirecting sensor functions to where she's sitting. "Dale, if you have any moves left in that sweet, sweet ass of yours, now would be the time!"


She cocks her head to the

She cocks her head to the left, then the right and leans in close to the monitor. It was telling that it couldn't... she frowns, and then remembers what to do. She will force it! It shall bend to her will. So, she starts hard closing the programs.

Once the list is done, she looks at the other ones and doesn't shut anything that looks important (by guessing) and which ones she knows are important.

She looks over towards her favorite blonde and watches the datapads being strung together. That Ballard is being yelled at is amusing, and thankfully he is taking it well.

She blinks as there is a pop and looks about. When there is blood and the warning pings, her eyes go wide. "No! No, no no...." She glances at the string of computers, and then pulls up the engines from her terminal... and presses on the interface to turn them on. "come on.. come on.. come on.... on... on.. on... Fly this stupid crystal bucket, Darrian..."


Tarae was feeling all the

Tarae was feeling all the hits that the ship was taking and was about to say something when the engines came back online. With him already being at the magic station, he fires up the engines and starts taking them out of the rings! But it was already too late. Something had penetrated through the hull, glass, Ballard and the rest of the ship. He would have gone over and healed Ballard, but they needed to get out of danger first. Hopefully Darrian didn't mind him taking complete control like that. He pushes the engines hard too, giving them all he's got, plus all that the Joy Rider has so that they could break free from the planet. Soon as they were out of danger, then he'll definitely be asking a whole lot more questions. Unless Darrian kicks him off or out or both...


Aati dives in like a small

Aati dives in like a small engineering fiend. It's tricky getting these programs to shut down and release the memory they're holding onto in the system. Every time she tries to shut one down it kicks up a message 'Can't write to file - cannot shut down'. But she knows a trick! She can force the program to just shut right down - forget writing to the file at all - just turn. Off. She pulls up the processor list and starts taking down systems: Weapons, shows, everything that's not essential gets turned off. The hard drive feels a little less 'full' to Tarae's connection with the ship. Not quite enough, but getting there.

Meanwhile, Darcy is getting her parallel connections running! She strings seven of the pads together before plugging them in. Ballard sort of stumbles over his words and returns his attention to his console - a little distracted at the miracles occurring behind him. But Darcy's system is up and running and running a little hot but functional. She plugs it in, completing the circuit and the lights dim a second time before stabilizing. Tarae feels the ship's brain suddenly start moving again. No need to transfer souls - there's just enough room on the data pads for the ship to finish bootup.

The voice speaks up, answering Tarae first "Uh. What message? We didn't send a message four months ago - we were in statis by then -"

There was another small mechanical grind, like the voice is struggling to keep hold of his position in the ship. "You're the first ship to hear the signal I started up after we got hit." There's another pause, "I can't. In order to start things up I'd need to kill someone..." As Tarae goes back to the console - it's clear that his allies have already taken care of at least some of the problem. From the front of the ship there's a startled yelp as the thruster and FTL systems abruptly come back online.

Unfortunately, their luck can't hold forever - as the ship finally hits the worst of the ice and asteroid section of the ring they're in. There's a sharp 'pop' sound from the left side of the ship. One of the windows looks like it has a tiny bullet hole in it - and there's a hissing sound. The rest of the ship is holding well - but Ballard is holding his shoulder and looking surprised. And paler than before... blood starting to show under his hand. There's a matching little hold in the hull of the ship past him. "Uh... doc?" Ballard murmurs weakly.



Just braces herself as they

Just braces herself as they get rocked pretty good. Though with the sudden jolt she looks up to see if the people within her range of sight were alright. It was one thing they just had gotten their gravity back on, now they are like a toy boat in a hurricane. This 'vacation' just keeps getting more fun. At the moment it seems to be about wresting control back over the ship. So for now she is silent, unless she sees something that needs her attention, while she kind of readjusts herself from the sudden lurch.


He understood that there were

He understood that there were sometimes some things that just weren't compatible in the world. So he only nods his head when the voice says that they require digital storage. At least he offered. Though he couldn't help but chuckle at the voice when it mentions that they weren't going to have to hold anyone hostage.

You wouldn't have been able to keep him hostage anyways. Though why did you not just ask for our help instead of taking over the ship and filling her up like that? The message you sent was four months old. We know that. What's been going on, why did you leave the Mecha City? He's a little excitable, and Tarae doesn't have a datapad. He has a lap top that he uses, but he left that back in his quarters. Besides, Darcy and the rest were better at those kinds of things than he was.

That's when things really start happening then. Along with the ship, he feels the pain of being hit. He winces and even jumps as if he'd been the one hit on each side.

We're taking damage! We need our engines back up! Help us, so that we can help you. Start the engines. Meanwhile, in the systems, he shows them the engines and the damage that they've taken so far. He tries to use the sensors to hopefully use the magic cannon that he's used before to target and shoot anything that's big enough to hit them hard like that again. It would hopefully be better than nothing.


Darcy's hands fly out of the

Darcy's hands fly out of the access hole at the shock, preceding a string of swear words I'll do us all the kindness of not printing here. Teeth gritted, she looks at the cabin, and then Aati, going from pained to embarrassed very quickly. "I'm fine! I'm fine. Everybody chill out."

"I got this." That said, she licks the tips of her fingers, flexes them a few times and then, more carefully, tries again to wrench free a few spare wires to jury-rig a networked solution.

In the midst of which, the ship rocks under the impact, which isn't helping. Letting her temper get the best of her, she whips her head around to bark over her shoulder at the other technician. "Dammit, Ballard, what part of 'keep me posted' was I not clear about?? Get your eyes on that console before I glue them there..."

Returning to the wiring, Darcy makes two notes to herself: a) impersonate Honey more often, it gets results, and b) apologize to technician Ballard later, she really is barking at him a lot...


She looks about the room,

She looks about the room, listening to the various conversations as the translators feed her the lines. Thankfully, most of this makes sense to her. The words all do, but the idea of digital people.

As Darcy starts talking about the datapads and getting them out, she is still trying to comprehend what this is. This was a bit terrifying to think of.

When it comes to figuring out what to do, she watches Darcy in the lead and starts looking over the ship's systems. What didn't need to be run?

When the ship lurches, Aatishon speaks up "We need control back... we don't want to crash into a blue and green hurricane.... please and thank you."

She starts turning off programs left and right. Video recorders inside the ship? Off. Shower regulator? Off. Weapons systems? Off. Weapons regulations? Off. Mage's missile? Off. Holographic window display? Off. Weapons alcoves? Off. And down the list, so that only shields, life support, navigation, sensors, and such were going.... misc stuff starts going offline, and so do their programs. not dumped, but not running. Turning off secondary piloting, so only Darrian could run it without needing an engineer? On/off.

As for not handing over her datapads.... or going for them, and making sure no one touched them.. she had her reasons.

turning off as much as possible, to allow the system to run leaner.


The voice hesitated as Tarae

The voice hesitated as Tarae spoke - "Not really - we're needing a digital storage..."

The sudden scramble of people and voices though got the voice in the computer to shut up as they talked. "Er. Ok... um - so I don't need to hold anyone hostage? That's kind of a relief." The door to Dale's cabin pops open. "My apologies."

The rest of the crew all look at each other a little confused, as things suddenly seemed to go from a hostage situation to... suddenly needing all their data pads? But at Darcy's insistence - they start coming out - getting stacked up in the center of the walkway and cleared of data.

Meanwhile, Darcy manages to latch onto a live line. And by live we mean - ow - ow - I can feel the fillings in my teeth - ow - she manages to let go before doing anything permanent, or dimming the lights in the cabin for more than half a second. Both hands are numb for a little bit though and there's a little bit of a singe on her left hand where the current passed through.

As the group discusses, the first of the larger chunks of ice and rock ping off the side of the ship. There's a distinct ding and the ship lurches a little to the left - like something something larger just slammed hard into the side of the ship. On Tarae's console the ship flares up with a bit of pain - on the right side of the ship - there's been a hull breach. Nothing critical... yet.


2pt to Darcy, bit of a shock there


Yalara only knows stories

Yalara only knows stories about the mecha king and such, but to now basically have their ship playing host to twenty digital refugees "Truly astonishing" She says as she brings out her own two data pads for the use. Though this can not mean good news...who could attack the citadel as such to cause such and exodus...and into space, and not somewhere more local on the planet. Though didn't the message they caught that had them in it say something that sounded like an invasion. "Here," she says offering up her own datapads to try and help these digital people


The realization is painted

The realization is painted all over Darcy's face as it sets in. She shuts her eyes with an audible groan at not realizing it sooner, and shakes her head, looking at Aati with a grin. "Digital people."

It's an incredible leap forward! How cool is that? Another new piece of tech. No more need for ships, just people as data where--

And then the thought of WHY these people are data, and the desperate state they started this little negotiation in, along with the four-month-old message all sort of come to roost back in the forefront of Darcy's mind.

"...Datapad," she says quickly, looking back through the cabin at the other crew members, like they should know what she means. "Your datapads, get them out, turn them on, wipe the data."

She stares at them a moment, urging with both hands. "Everybody! Now! Go go go." As she says it, she hands her to Ballard, pointing at the console. "Kill all the non-essential programs, just enough to talk and see where we're going, nuke the rest, we can ghost it when we get home. And clear that buffer."

That said, she moves back to the same panel she worked at to get the door open, pulling free and rebinding a few of the cables in an effort to salvage enough cord for her crazy, crazy plan.

Working on a daisy-chain notion with all the datapads to make enough of a universal processor to handle either one digital person, or the ship's primary functions


Tarae's eyes widen at the

Tarae's eyes widen at the mention of the Mecha King. He's been in the Mecha King's presence before and it was amazing and beautiful really. Beings formed completely of machines.

We are from Sirian as well, but you are among friends. I don't know how much space you would need, but would an organic form be suitable for one of you? You are machines... Why.... He shakes his head. That was a question better left asked later. If there was a later.

A Phalestine ship called the Joy Rider. It belongs to a man named Darrian Dale. Though he's deeply curious about why they would leave the Mecha City that floats above the Elfin Forest... Or close to it anyways when he was there.


Aatishon did manage a small

Aatishon did manage a small blush about the engines, not wanting to ruin the moment by admitting her failures and confusion. It did make her feel better, though.

At least the power systems are all online and flowing wonderfully. That should let the ship go along without issue, and hopefully without crashing into something.

However, there is not enough space to to finish the final sequences to stop that crashing. But, there is a pattern... a pattern of about twenty or so to go through. They look fairly similar, and she debated dumping one.

Aatishon hears the different voices and frowns, trying to figure this out. "I... don't get it.... these files are... people? That's not possible.. is it? Have you guys mastered AI?.. I mean, there is Geida... and the ConFabs... but.. the AI in the holorooms kind of sucks..." She looks up and frowns, looking at the files. "We'd need to.... spread it out over a bunch of datapads......"

Her hand sought out Darcy's and linked into it.


As Aati checks the system -

As Aati checks the system - her understanding matches Taraes. Everything is mechanically fine - all the conduits are wired up correctly, nothing is leaking oddly. The power systems came up fine.

There's just not enough memory - not enough clear space in the hard drives - to finish the boot sequence for the thrusters or FTL drive. The hard drive is full. And as she's looking - it seems to be full of the same sort of data - complicated, overlapping data files. About twenty of them. In order to get the system up and running, she needs to get at least one of of those file sets out of the works so it stops gumming things up. Just one should do it.

"Which planet? Where are you guys from that you don't know which planet? Sirian." The voice sounded confused. "... we're from the Citidal - by way of the Mecha King."

Tarae's offer gets a pause, and then the voice comes back - now eager to take that option. "You've got a hard drive large enough for one of us?"

There was a pause, something mechanical grinding in the voice in the background. "Wait... which... what ship did we just land in?"



Yalara does her best to help

Yalara does her best to help the woman to her seat and helps her get secure "Just glad they got the gravity on in time, I was not looking forward to that trip." she says as she helps with a light smile.
Once the woman was taken care of, she turned her attention back to the conversation going on at hand...and 20 souls...wait a minute, twenty souls...did they upload themselves "Digital about that..."


He feels what the ship is

He feels what the ship is trying to do, he was trying to help it, but there's resistance there. His attention is fully brought back to whoever this voice was when it starts speaking again.

Twenty souls? We don't have bodies to put your souls into. This ship can't take it, you've filled her up to the point that we can't move to save you or ourselves. He takes a moment to think. Was there really a way that he could save all these souls in the Joy Rider and save the Joy Rider too? You are off planet, if you mean Sirian. But we need room in the Joy Rider's computers for her to function. What if you use me as a vessel for now, until we can find something better? I should be able to withstand it for a time at least. It was the best that he could offer. At worst, it would put him out of commission for a while, but it was him or the Joy Rider.


As the door moves, Darcy lets

As the door moves, Darcy lets out a triumphant 'ha!' and looks for a prybar, or at worst, grabs the spanner from her toolkit to finish working to pry the door open manually, eager to get to the Aati on the other side, voice or no voice.

Once the door's free, she drops the spanner and takes a moment to throw both arms around the girl, unleashing the last few minutes' panic in one very relieved hug. "Nice job with the engines, Spark," she laughs, adding a peck to Aati's cheek. "Knew you'd come thr--"

She shuts up initially because it looks like Aati has more than a hug in mind, but at the voice's interruption (which doesn't exactly endear it to Darcy), she drops it, narrowing her eyes at the ceiling for a moment. "...Me either." To the voice: "Who are you?"

"Which planet?"


The translators kick back on,

The translators kick back on, causing her to startle as her native tongue hits her ears. She looks up, and doesn't understand the voice. "Awww.. that's not good. He sounds sad."

Her friend speaks and she startles again. "Sorry... not heard you before." So, she went to move on the doors, and it doesn't want to move. Her brow furrows lightly, while she continues to get it going. But, it seems someone is working against her. Well, some thing.

She can hear the voice of Darcy, even through the crystal. She's not sure who is on the receiving end of the lecture, but imagines it won't go well for the person there.

Once the door is open, she sneaks out, dragging her friend with her and throws her arms around Darcy. "HI! Thank you." With a quick peck, she throws a nuzzle and loops an arm about her. She leaned in for a longer kiss when the translators hit her ears and she starts looking up. "Ummm.... what's.... that?"

The arms start unlooping as she moves towards the engineering console to check how the ship is handling its power issues currently. Shields up? Weapons up? Internal systems holding? "i don't get what he is saying..."