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The Kalvania

Length: 87 yards from Forward to Stern. 49 yards From Port to Starboard. Four Decks, roughly 33 yards in height, with a total crew compliment of 79.
Minimum Crew: (Excluding Security and Medical Personnel with all weapon alcoves manned) 24.
Armament: 12 Mark 3 Sirian Interactive Energy Cannon Alcoves. 24 Mark 4 Sirian Tactical Automated Energy Cannons. Two Primary Single Barrel Mark 5 Energy Cannons. Four Missile Bays. Primary and Secondary Shielding, Type 4 and 2.5 respectively.
Specifications: Primary Type 3 Deuterium Power Generator. Secondary Type 1 Deuterium Power Generator. Quad Signal Array for multiple tractors, beaming, or other Sweeping Array Functions. Limited Long Range Sensor Capabilities. Mark 4 Targeting Sensors. Primary Type 5 Ion Solar Drive with Two Secondary Mark 3 Ion Solar Drives running in parallel. Type 2 Inter-dimensional Wake Drive. Jack Rabbit Thrusters of unknown Zuxian technology.

The Kalvania is a small ship that is more suited for quick raids, or tactical combat than for exploring the galaxy. However, what the Kalvania lacks in sheer firepower, it makes up for in maneuverability thanks to its Jack Rabbit Thrusters and overstuffed engine room. In atmosphere or in space, the ship can 'dance' and plan its attacks.

The hull is made up of Steel, Mithril and Titanium components. The ship has been giving a glaze to its exterior to remove all sudden stops, seams or drag. Other than its 12 Mark 3 Energy Cannon Alcoves and the 24 Automated Cannons, the ship seems free entrances, until an access hatch or the hanger bay opens. It has the rough shape of an Isosceles triangle, with a flared backend.

The hull of the ship has been given a silver sheen. While the interior is a mixture of silver and greens. Each deck is accessed by shafts, with levitating platforms that take you through access shafts throughout the ship. They are all interconnected, moving you up and down at your desire and sometimes sideways through the heavily accessed areas. There are also some smaller crawl space access shafts, which serve as maintenance corridors on the ship.

Command and Bridge: (Deck 4) Perhaps the most important part of the ship, as it has vital areas including droid Command, Six of the Interactive Weapons Alcoves, as well as the Bridge is located here.

Primary Facilities and Crew Quarters: (Decks 3 and 2) Deck 3 is primarily the medical quarters, security station, the holding cells as well as the primary weapons locker for the ship. Recreation rooms, the mess hall and both holorooms are on this level.

Deck 2 is primarily crew quarters. The standard crew quarters is 7x9 (2 meters by 3.2 meters), including a table with three chairs, a data terminal, a small double bed (sleeps two comfortably), food/drink replicator, and a door leading to a full bathroom (shower not tub). Built-ins include closet, viewing screen, and storage. While size is standard, the layout can vary depending upon section of the ship.

Hanger Bay: The Hangar Bay spans the width of the ship, towards the front between Deck 3 and 2. It allows the ship to contain 12 Pipe Fighters (see: Sirian/Ships/The Pipe Fighters : The Pipe Fighters, 2 Shuttle Craft, 2 Exploration Craft and/or one or two larger vessels.

Operations: (Deck 1): The bottom of the ship.

Engineering covers the aft section of the ship, as well as creeps up into Deck 2 and 3 in areas, though is not accessible from there. The other Six Interactive Weapons Alcoves are located here, as well as the four front facing missile bays. Heavily protected as well are the life support systems, backup systems, emergency power and other key systems.


Being the ship's Intranet - a collection of what parts of the Internet of the planet were flagged for uploading when they last left - including research journals, design updates, and generally a cached copy of the internet from Sirian Planet Plus a collection of on-ship-generated material: Forums, videos, photographs and entertainment. The on-ship collection of the internet is updated anytime the ship comes in to port, but otherwise due to distances between the ship's net and the planet's net is known to be out of date until check stations or comm probes connect it back with the rest of the net at port.


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The grumpiness supreme fades

The grumpiness supreme fades a little, as she catches a better eye of Darcy and Jake, and well from their interactions, she now was kind of wondering if maybe they were doing pranks gone wrong and put each other in the med bay. It would not have surprised her in the least

"It was kind of like, sticking your tongue in an outlet while getting a severe migraine at the same time." she paused for a moment, while looking herself over for a quick second. "Well, guess it could have been worse..."

She huffed a laugh at Darcy's mention of percussive maintenance. "That can work sometimes, pending where some of the connections are..."

She looked a tad worried as darcy mention she was getting dizzy, looking for a moment like she would hop off to help if Darcy should prove a bit unfortunate, but it would see she got settled into her seat more securely as the bot could work.

Pepper flopped back into the seat to try and get more comfortable and nodded at jake and flailed her arm towards where they had taken her other arm. "They are looking at it now, like I have been over this thousands of times, and honestly I did it to an older arm no issue." she grumbled out "It wasn't even something that big either, just like a setup test to even see if the arm did have enough power and wouldn't like overwhelm anything...."

Though with all the ows and Darcy now out of it for the time being. "Ok, did you two like put each other in here? Or you both just having as -great- of a day as I am?"


"I'm in med..." He cackles at

"I'm in med..." He cackles at Darcy's threat, laughing warmly before interrupting himself with another quiet 'ow'. This time the glop on his neck was peeled up slowly and tissue stuffed under to keep it from re-sticking.

"... yeah, you take a break, Big-D. Dream of ..." He editted himself before he could suggest 'large women' to Darcy in front of 'cute nurses'. "... dessert."

Then back over to Pepper who looked to be having a terrible day, just a right out terrible day. "... feedback? You know - I can try to help with that? I mean - not the after effect, that's squishy bits now and I'm not good at that part - but the other if you ever want a second set of eyeballs on it?"

Once Darcy was out though - Jake was already making plans to leave some tangles of yarn in her room...


"Jake, I swear to god, I will

"Jake, I swear to god, I will send you to the med bay. Like, not this one, obviously. I will hurt you so bad you have to go to the special med bay, where they shave you and none of the nurses are cute and the med bots all have that one personality chip they demo'd before everyone realized they hated passive aggressive robot voices? You remember that one? Yeah. That's where I will send you if you don't shut your ugly face about star cocoons in the freaking hull gap, okay? I'm not remotely joking."

She sways a moment and settles back on the med table as the hologram display above starts flashing yellow with early alerts about spiking activity. Taking a deep breath and rolling her head to the side to look at Pepper she winces as the mention of feedback. "Oof, that cannot feel great. I have a hard enough time with tech on the outside. At least when I misbehaves I can smack it with a wrench without also smacking myself. Usually, anyway."

"hoo, okay, the room is going all spinny a bit so I think I'm gonna listen to the nice robot doc and shut my eyes for just...a second kids play nice, okay? And Pepper, if Jake keeps talking about star cocoons, you have my permission to put your other arm somewhere uncomfortable to shut him up..."

With that, she quickly trails off, letting the med bot do its work and listening quietly, half-awake, to the sounds of the med bay.

Gah, I'm sorry, I vanish to stream in just a bit - next time I'll get started quicker so I'll have more time to hang out :D Thanks for the RP!


Pepper did not move from her

Pepper did not move from her pouty tantrum faceplant position, though she did at first grumbled a greeting in return. Though at Darcy's mention of terrible club, she waved her one remaining arm in agreement, with something that is best described as a muffled argh.

Then as Jake asked if she was ok, there was another string of intelligable grumbling though it quickly trailed off.

Pepper then took a deep breath and then placed her one arm under herself to get her more in a sitting position. Which took a bit, as she was being slow and careful in managing what balance she had. But eventually she got herself flipped right on over.

The look of unhappy would be an understatement in how Pepper was looking. "As I can be for being" she finally answered with a lot of venom on the word here.

She then looked over at the attachment plating on her left shoulder and just groaned again, with a bit of a faceplam. "Should have not been any feedback, just ugh."

"Also I don't get pills, rather stabbed multiple times to make sure the neurolinks didn't get fried." she muttered out rather crankily.


"Oh know - everyone knows it

"Oh know - everyone knows it's not razorbats. That's just ridiculous..." He shrugged cheerfully. "It's star cocoons. Hibernating before The Hatching."

He left it at that, partially because he was going to just let that linger in Darcy's thoughts. Partially because Pepper looked even less happy to be here than he usually did and that was a genuinely impressive amount of less happy.

"... er. Pepps? You ok?"


Darcy shuddered, pointing an

Darcy shuddered, pointing an accusatory finger at Jake. "Don't you start with that 'razorbats in the walls' bullshit, okay?? I have to work in those goddamn creepy-ass vents every weekend and I've never, ever, not ever seen anything conclusive, so, just...just drop it, okay??"

She shudders again, flashing a pained smile when Pepper walks in. "Heyyy Pep! Welcome to the club! It's a terrible club, honestly, I don't recommend it. But we get pills, so, it's not all bad I guess."


Pepper sluggishly made her

Pepper sluggishly made her way through the med bay to the open spot they directed her.
If this was one of her usually scheduled visits she would have some place a bit more secluded for them to work with, however this visit was not one of those visits.

She wasn't hearing a single word that one of the personal was saying to her. She just knew she didn't want to be here, she hated this place, and her essentially forced steps and stooped stature was the silent tantrum of that fact.

But she had no choice... especially as she was missing her left prosthetic arm, which was in the hands of the medical worker that was essentially giving her an earful of what would be summed up as 'unregulated modifications.

Pepper just like nearly full body flopped onto the table they pointed her and just groaned, perhaps a bit too melodramatically. "Yeah yeah yeah, just do your thing ok, just, ugh." And then she promptly face planted grumbling more.


"... yeah really. Right

"... yeah really. Right nowwww-----" Jake winced through another tug and yank. "I'm just hoping we don't have to shave it. I do not looks good with a mohawk, I promise. I've tried. It's not a good look."

"Plus the whole..." Jake raised an eyebrow, obediently tilting his head to one side to let the nurse oil up more to peel the epoxy off his skin. "... ow. That's... rough. I mean yay for safety -" He gave a thumbs up.

"But... ow... did you see anything cool in the outer crawl space? I mean... there's rumors of... things living there... in the shadows... " Jakes voice lowered to deliberately creepy pasta storytelling tone. "... in the dark... in the cold..."

I am a terrible person... and i love you.


Darcy winced. "Oh shit,

Darcy winced. "Oh shit, really? Ohohoho my god that SUCKS, Jay. One time I got bonding agent in my hair when I was working on fixing an old antenna? Anyway long story short being bald isn't so bad when you live in the desert."

The medical bot chirped and displayed its initial diagnosis - minor concussion, cracked rib. Nothing too serious. Darcy didn't pay it any mind as she sat up, kicking idly over the side of the med table. "Fuck, I wish - pressure blew over on A deck in the outer crawlspace. My safety harness kept me from tumbling around the whole outer hull but I still wanged my head on a crossbeam and the strap might've strapped something around the middle somewhere."

"I hate getting old, is what I'm saying."


"..." Jake sighed and tried

"..." Jake sighed and tried his best to fall backwards to flop on the medical table and hide his face in his hands. Thankfully the nurse working on his hair yelped in alarm and grabbed his wrist and shoulder to keep either from happening. ("Don't move! You'll get stuck! ... again.")

"..." Jake sighed. "... epoxy." He looked over at Darcy - half his head covered - hair plastered flat and a good bit of his shirt plastered down to his skin. "... something sprung a leak in the cargo hold on D section and then it floated and then..."

He made sort of a wibbling splatty sort of motion with his hands. "Zero G. Glue." He squinted at her from behind a bit of glue, eyes flicking down to her side then back up. "What'd you do? Try for a three snake sunrise salute yoga move on a date?"


Darcy more staggered than

Darcy more staggered than walked into the med bay, accompanied by one of the girls working with her on the morning shift. "Okay I think I got it from here. Think if I just fall face first into the room a cute nurse will have to come catch me?" ("Shut up and get on the table") "Whatever, mom. You're robbing me of valuable cute nurse ti--"

She spotted Jake and snorted a laugh, wincing and holding her side immediately afterwards. "Oh my god, what did you get in your hair? Wait, wait, I've got one - looks like your last date ended well, huh, Assborn? Pffft, nailed it. ...okay I should really sit down probably."

With help from her friend, Darcy got helped onto a neighboring table and settled in while the med bot started to assess the damage.


Jake was not having a good

Jake was not having a good day. And for once. It wasn't his fault.

"Ow. Ow." He winced. "OW." ("Oh hold still you big baby.") "... it pulled hair." ("Baby.")

He winced again and had his head yanked to one side again as the nurse worked to pull yet more of the sticky goop currently coating half of his head free. Another squirt of oil to loosen it from his hair. It was followed by another tug. And another quiet 'Ow.' followed by 'Being a baby.'.

Jake sighed, shoulders slumping as he just waited it out. At least this visit to the med bay was more a matter of embarrassment than pain.


Nodding at the panel she just

Nodding at the panel she just replaced, Darcy gets to her feet as well. "Yeeaah, the squeaky balloon noises are taking their toll, and technically I'm done here, so I may walk you to your room, if you're up for company on the way." Then the woman mentions scotch and movies and Darcy just grins like a little kid for a moment. " Take me, I'm yours!"

Laughing, she looks to Jake to offer to invite him along before realizing the head shot he likely took means booze may be a no-go for the night. Hearing he has to work, she does her best mock-sympathy face. "Awww, po' bebe." She leans in and gives him a kiss on the forehead. "Don't worry, you know I'm a night owl, and I distinctly heard 'movies,' plural, so."

She swoops an arm under one of Cami's with an impish grin. "Catch you later, Jake! Good luck on shift!" As they turn for the door, she looks back over her shoulder, mouthing a silent 'don't hurry' to the boy before tossing a meaningful glance to indicate Cami. Naturally it'll likely just be scotch and movies, but hope springs eternal.

That was delightful :) As it happens, I need sleep myself. Thank you both for the RP!


"Y'get plenty of booze on the

"Y'get plenty of booze on the Station - it's civvie." He grined, then winced as that was a bit much for his face at the moment. He settled back as the doctor headed to the next patient, carefully exploring the edge of the shiner he had.

"... mmph. Yeah that's gonna be fun in the morning... match the hair at least."

He smirked at Cami. "That's what I said. And... what I got punched for." The grin turned into another wince. "I guess technically I earned it. But seriously...?"

Of course, the invite gets a quirked eyebrow and an enthusiastic thumbs up from Jake. "Y'know - might just take you up on that after shift..."

thank you for hanging out! Lots of fun :)


Grinning, Camisila held her

Grinning, Camisila held her peace as the doctor examined Jake. She saw him get a clean bill of health

"Well at least you won't have a concussion. You must have a thick head" She set up another innuendo, but just acted super calm as if she didn't know what she was doing

"I think you may be right. Skittles seems like the type to perhaps rig some of these events to happen. Might take some further investigation."

She seemed to agree with Darcy and laughed "Yeah. I must admit I would take booze before candy. Which is kind of sad. I miss candy. The one piece I ate the other day wasn't very good either. I'm afraid I've turned into an old woman. I prefer vegetables and hard alcohol over sweets and simple things. she smirked and rose up

"Well I think I'm going to head out. I can elevate this up in my own room where there isn't giggling kids, squeeky balloon noises, and where there are movies. If you all are bored, you are welcome to join me. I have some aged scotch, comfy digs, and lots of movies to select from." She was sure they were going to be busy, yet if they wanted to, they were able to follow her.

I've got to head out for a little bit. I figured I'd dip out here.


Darcy laughs at Cami's

Darcy laughs at Cami's mention of going into candy combat as a profession. "Right?? I don't remember nearly this many candygeddons happening abroad. Personally, I blame Skittles. But then, that's usually a safe bet in general..."

She gives Jake a look of 'meh.' "Welcome to Shrug City, Jay. And my lack of taste is pretty much public record at this point. They ought to name a physics constant after it. Call it the 'Get Plankhed' constant. ...Stretch? Yeah, that was stretch, sorry."

"If Whit wants to boost morale, booze before candy. Both are destructive, both leave you wrecked the next day if you have too much. It's candy for grown-ups!"


"Good god Big D - y'have

"Good god Big D - y'have sliding action' right there jus' beggin' for innuendo and you go with long gun? Really?" He nudged her with one foot lightly. Though he was as much speaking into the doctor's hands as anything else. "Girl got no taste - telling you that."

He winced his way through numbing agent as the doctor tsked at him. "Going to hurt in the morning, but nothings broken. Don't do it again..." She trailed off waiting for him to give his id, and he just grinned at her before saying: "Kitterling."

Kitterling, Darcy knows is a bit of a squirrely fellow on the Kalvania's engineering second shift crew. Definitely not Jake. The doctor nodded, "Alright - y'good to go. Ice it. Be gentle. Don't... do whatever it is you did to get that again..."

Jake nodded, then went back to giving Darcy a glower. "Seriously."

Still, Cami got a smirk, "Seconded on the candy thing - not normal around here, but it helps. I think Whit lists them under morale boosters."


Nodding a little bit, she

Nodding a little bit, she seemed to agree with Jake's assessment. It was why she brought her light guns up here as well. Darcy made her giggle a little bit with her nopes. "Yup...Needless to say I screamed bloody murder, which I think caused a few other people on the range to miss their shots. It happened so fast that It took a moment to register."

She winced at his shiner and raised her eyebrows in observance to what the doctor was doing. "Eww...That's going to be bad tomorrow."

She didn't even begin to understand how they seemed to misplace so much candy "You know...I think I got into the wrong profession. If I had known half as many candy related incidents and explosions were involved, I'd have learned that instead of knife fighting." she chuckled and gave a weird scrunched up nosed look to Darcy as she says he likes the 'long guns'. She wasn't sure what she meant for sure, but had a feeling she knew.

Instead of commenting on it, the overwhelming lethargy weighted on her mind and she just wished she had some coffee "I think at this moment, I'd slay for a honeyffee" which was an alcoholic whiskey/scotch coffee drink with cream


Darcy laughs at Cami's

Darcy laughs at Cami's mention of sliding action, and then stops suddenly. "...actually no, I can't make a euphemism out of that. Not without some painful imagery, anyway, so nope! Nope nope nope." She winces. "Autofire? Gaaah, I can't even imagine."

"This is why I stay with safe weapons. Like shotguns! And dot rifles - those are extremely safe if you don't point them in your eye. She says, hypothetically, having never ever done it just to see." She chuckles at her own expense, shaking her head. "What's this about jellybeans? Was that a euphemism?"

With the circuit in place, she pulls up her datapad to ping her cohort at the engine room to flip the switch back to primary power so they can get off aux finally. There's a brief hum as the larger devices start coming back to life, and no sparks, so Darcy slowly starts to smile, giving it a minute to see if it fails before plugging the cover panel back into place.

"Pfft, reading room is nothing compared to that candy spill in the hangar. There's something stuck in one of the vents still, I know it - I keep smelling peppermint." She snorts at Jake, leaning over to Cami as the doc sees to him. "Don't let him fool you - he loves him some 'long guns.'"


"Whatever, I'm like one year

"Whatever, I'm like one year older'n you brat. I just got good taste with editors..." He sat up a little more, to peer at the circuit. What with the last one getting fried and all. Of course that involved him peering and half tilting sideways to get the one good eye in her direction.

He wrinkled his nose at getting dumped in the doctor's lap. Though winced as he saw the cut. "Mmmph. That looks like it hurt. Done it myself. I prefer long guns but..." He shrugged. "Sometimes you don't want that much power to y'shot. Specially not up here."

He seemed to be trying to avoid getting looked at as he babbled but the doctor eventually just put the clipboard down and started reaching for his face, cooperating or not. He let her take the washcloth away, where it was pretty obvious he was sporting an impressive shiner. Someone had got him but good.

"... eh. I only throw those at Skits cause she eats em. A bag got loose in t'reading room once and I had book duty f'a week to clean it up. I keep em under wraps nowadays." He waved a hand loosely in Cami's direction before yelping slightly under the doctor's attention as she did something to his nose.


Whenever she heard Jake talk

Whenever she heard Jake talk it was like she needed her translator to step it up a notch. He seemed to be pretty smart, and Darcy was no pushover either, firing right back at him.

"Sorry, I think you're up. I just have to keep this elevated. They've already worked on me." she said to Jake as he tried to pawn off the doctor on her. She wriggled the fingers of her hurt hand to show him she was functional, which stung a bit, but whatever; she didn't care.

Now sitting, she listened to Darcy and contemplated. It was true, as she observed each of them, they had better days. How bad would they look after a serious battle?

"Yeah, I was being careless. I'm not so good at pistols myself. I prefer my hands being far away from any sliding action, but I needed to practice. Sure enough...lost focus while firing on auto..." She shrugged and listened to her call Jake an old man. Chiming in she said playfully

"He probably threw a jellybean at someone less appreciative."


Darcy laughs at Jake, glad

Darcy laughs at Jake, glad she can still rile him up even when he's bleeding out of his face. "Whatever you say, old man."

She sticks her tongue out at him, ignoring the remark about the circuit and turning her attention to Cami instead. "Right? The legal firm of Bruised, Battered and Smudged." She points at the woman's hand. "Had that happen years ago. My sympathies - it's an awful spot for a cut, gah."

She turns her attention back to the circuit, working it into place. "So, old man, if it wasn't your ridiculous devotion to outmoded editors, what led to your current state of smashed-in-ness?"


Jake settled in and waited

Jake settled in and waited for a moment to make sure the nose wasn't about to become a spigot again. He pointed one finger at Darcy. "Nuuh. None o'that. Not gettin' into it w'you about you and your vim-ness. Wierdo."

He waved at the doctor lightly, and pointed at Cami - "She was here first I think -" Still nasal, even as he got the side-eye look from the doctor for being at the medical bay... of the wrong ship for his assignment.

He nudged Darcy with his foot, "So nope. This isn't work related..." He eyed the chip in her hand, then chuckled. "Careful not to install that one upside down."


As Cami hears Jakes reply and

As Cami hears Jakes reply and watches him move over to Darcy, she wondered what the heck he did. Darcy nodded for her to come over, and to be honest it would be nice to get away from the kids. Everytime they would laugh, it was like a migraine waiting to happen. Of course she didn't have her coffee this morning, so it was not helping much anyways.

The doctor had said to keep it elevated for a while and so there was nothing wrong in her mind to taking the whole elevated metallic tray over to where Darcy and Jake were. Sliding off the chair, she lifted up the thin medical tray and carried it over to the forming group. Then grabbing a nearby Zebra child's roller toy, she sat upon it. Carefully she set her hand down onto the pad on the tray

"Well, don't we look like a cheery bunch."


Darcy winces sympathetically.

Darcy winces sympathetically. She knows that bite. First (only) time she used her brother's military sidearm during target practice one summer when they were killing time. He'd offered to help, but Darcy was showing off. She remembered the safety, knew how to brace it - everything she'd learned about pistol use. And then the slide cut across the soft part of her hand and she was a shotgun girl for life.

Still gesturing with one hand, she points at the open panel behind her, then holds up the fried circuit that started the whole mess. It's a scorched husk with frayed edges at this point. Then she holds up the spare - new and pristine - that needs to get socketed in in its place, punctuating it with a light shrug before going to do just that.

She jumps again at the pop, grateful she didn't drop her tools this time, at least. The laughter from the kids makes up for it, thankfully, but it's a narrow margin. When he comes over, she gestures with her head to beckon Cami over as well, giving Jake a look over.

"Lemme guess. Another casualty in the text editor wars? I told you, nobody uses eBART anymore. Even I know that much..."


In answer, Jake waves weakly

In answer, Jake waves weakly back in Darcy's direction managing to roll his eye - eyes based on the slight wince that followed. A pop from the kid-zone gets a jump from him, and he hissed a little as the napkin in his nose knocked loose. He squished the washcloth more against his nose to stop anything getting loose there and leaned his head back against the wall with a slight groan.

At the hello, he glanced around his washcloth and waved in Cami's direction next. "Hi -" He sounded more nasal too even.

Then with a low sigh, got up to escape the kid and balloon show and made his way over to flop bonelessly into a chair near to Darcy so he could peer at what she was doing. And be close enough for better conversation without having to yell.


It wasn't until the overly

It wasn't until the overly out of place Dammit and the twist of her body to look around that she noticed Darcy. Waving her free hand, she wriggled her fingers. To her question Camisila sighed and reached down to pat her pistol. She then sneered and shrugged.

She couldn't exactly see Jake from where she was, but because of Darcy's look, she scooted forward on the table with little crinkle paper sounds as she moved to look past the screen that divided her room from the small waiting room.

As she leaned forward, her red locks fell down toward her feet in twisty curls, and she could just make out the blue hair of the jellybean throwing mechanic. "Oh hai there." She said delightfuly and then leaned back so that her hand rest back on the little table.. She then looked to Darcy curiously. She mouthed silently "What are you doing?"


Darcy's her usual dress-down

Darcy's her usual dress-down self, Fleet jumpsuit half-unzipped and basically serving as pants with tails leaving just the black sports bra up top. Makes it easier to work in, anyway, and it matches the black smudges all over her forearms and hands.

She mutters again, working hard to keep it quiet as the wirestrippers lock up again before she wants them to, pinching a bit of the skin between her fingers in the process. Gingerly unlocking them, she finishes stripping the wire for the splice, weaving the new one in despite the narrow space to work in.

With the new piece in place, she waits for the extruder to warm up and glances around the room, sucking on the pinched skin next to try and bite down the sharp pain. Spotting Jake and Cami, she manages a weak grin, waving her other hand in greeting and giving them each a raised eyebrow question about their current injuries, asking the obvious question.


Jake sat in the waiting room

Jake sat in the waiting room of the medical center with a small washcloth pasted to one eye and a bit of what looked like tissue paper stuck in the nostril that went on that side. His elbow leaned on his knee as he watched the kids and the balloon animals with what can almost be described as a... surly expression.

Since he's on the Fleet this eve, his tags are showing so to speak, even if technically he's supposed to be on the other ship.

Otherwise, he's in his usual 'work' clothes. Jeans, thick soled boots and a solid black t-shirt. Pistol at a holster near his back - the commander still had him under orders to be armed and given recent events he was perfectly ok with that.

For once, he's not slowly vibrating his way out of the chair, so he seems a quart low on his caffeine intake. As usual, the blue eyes (eye really given the washcloth on the other one) and blue hair tips match. And his the piercings in one ear were catching the light as he tilted his head to watch the kids.