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(just popped in to run some updates - will logg back in later for socials ;p


Oh, before I just blank

Oh, before I just blank entirely on being a functioning adult, don't let me keep you up if you get tired. My clock is totally off right now, so having an early night has still meant going to bed at like 5am. So whenever you get tired or want to stop, just let me know. Heh.


Well, hopefully they'll still

Well, hopefully they'll still stay around after. After all, you did your best and they'll know that. Ideally when you find your new team they'll still be there. And who knows, maybe they can join the new one with you! :D


I just upset I failed my

I just upset I failed my friends, but there does come a time where some people don't have the energy anymore, dynamics change, it isn't the same and sometimes the best is to scatter

I put some flags out that I am looking but I dunno.


Aw man. Buries in Gummies I'm

Aw man. Buries in Gummies I'm so sorry though. You've been working so hard to keep them together. I think they'd have been really happy if they had done it. But people get scared to do new things and then they get crummy about it.

Hopefully this just leads to you finding some folks that you really like that don't cause you as much stress. Which is a scary thing, but you deserve to find your happiness too.


well I think at this point

well I think at this point the team is doa

more and more peopel are bailing on the move and rebuild so I dunno

my heart is broken really but sometimes its for the best for people ot go find their happiness


I still want to make a slap

I still want to make a slap machine with big mickey mouse style gloves that I can just rev up any time they're idjits. That way I don't over extend my arm or something swinging so much. Cause lord is it tempting to slap the sense back into those folks.




its gonna be weird not raiding tommarrow


So good. :D Oh man, now I'm

So good. :D Oh man, now I'm all hungry for them. Heh. I'm going to be an absolute monster until I get some. XD


yeah not sure what they would

yeah not sure what they would be on sale, but that is their usual price, and they just have a big ol freezer of them with different flavors


I think that's about what it

I think that's about what it is here. At least when they go on sale and Chord grabs them he told me that's about what they cost. Still so worth it and so good.


Oh niiiice. :D The Fred Meyer

Oh niiiice. :D The Fred Meyer here in town has a section of those. They have so many flavors. Sadly they charge an arm and a leg for them. But my god, every one I've tried has been amazing.

Pretty sure I would fight a war for Mochi Ice Cream if called upon. XD