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pending on the lid, could

pending on the lid, could poke a hole, but if you dun wanna do that, may have to wait for it to cool, unless you can slip a knife in there

anyways nigh night, hopefully you get your soups


Maybe a Mothra vs. Rodan

Maybe a Mothra vs. Rodan movie. Though Mothra vs. Kamacuras would be amusing too. Oooh or again another Megaguirus.


Still need a good ringtone

Still need a good ringtone with the Mosura faerie song. Though my mom called finally, while in public, still get odd looks. It's no Godzilla's roar, which would get looks and the occasional chuckle. Now I just get weird looks as Mothra screeches


so looking forward to

so looking forward to Godzilla now...the atomic walking catastrophe. Not Zilla, the mutant iguana. Though that is funny that Zilla became part of the kaiju coalition. Though the battle between Godzilla and Zilla in Final Wars is still hilarious. Less than 20 seconds long.


Yeah, just got a movie on

Yeah, just got a movie on transformers prime left.

Although I have a sneaking suspicion there might be a follow up series. Gonna depend on what happens in the movie, but the series left it pretty open still. Especially with Shockwave being so devoted to Megatron and Screamy being...well...Screamy

I did feel sorry for the neighbors during Pacific Rim, I think there was one point I shouted, "WOOOO!"


ran out of movies too

ran out of movies too considering Arthur and I watched the new Wolverine movie, Pacific Rim (which we both liked, Arthur sat there entranced and occasionally, and After Earth.


mrrr, no more transformers

mrrr, no more transformers prime, bleach manga on hiatus, teen wolf (sigh not worf) nearing the end, ME comic updates once a month...argh Wonder if Rosario updated today


ah well, should have a damned

ah well, should have a damned good tax return next year chuckles Provided I live that long Is kidding, Which provides that I don't go wonky and kill myself or kill someone else and end up in jail