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Jill, cuz of a combination of

Jill, cuz of a combination of his looks, his humor, and his in your face fighting style. Especially the combination of humor and fighting. Logan isn't much for comedy.


Keep waiting for the day he

Keep waiting for the day he ends up on Earth, in Tokyo.
Larth: Turning to Cho, "Any idea why we are here?"

Cho: for once looks just a bit flustered and points

~BOOM~ ~Thud~ ~Thud~

Larth: turns and sees Godzilla ... I hate my job. What the hell am I supposed to do against him? Should've known there'd be at least one reality where he was real


Could see another time

Could see another time

Mellyra: Where...oh you?
Angeogy: He's not in hell
Sehanine: That was fast with that.
Angeogy: He goes there so often, I got it on speed dial now.


Zee: *as Mellyra is about to

Zee: as Mellyra is about to speak Give me a second, Knowledge. I can find him, just takes a got him. Why the hell is he there?


is this as Cho or when she

is this as Cho or when she finally becomes Zee for a bit. Cuz knowing Mellyra...she'd probably be the one to bamf him.

Course I could see a sci fi method of bamfing him somewhere.

Mellyra: Where the hell did he go
Zee: I...don't know. It wasn't with magic.


and cho is off somewhere

and cho is off somewhere taking bets among the gods on when larth gets bamfed to hell again...


Larth: *sighs* Neither of us

Larth: sighs Neither of us can be disarmed. Neither can be killed. Neither of us is evil nor a bad guy. Wanna go shoot pool or do karaoke or something. Cuz as much as we have eternity, I do have other things I want to do. Nothing personal.


maybe in him would be a

maybe in him would be a better description. He's like a cross between Wade and Logan.

Logan: heh, your outta weapons, bub. ~snick~ I'm not.

Larth: ~snick....fwump~ ~brvvang~ Hey guess what, mine are bigger.


and when not dual wielding

and when not dual wielding his shadow swords, he's dual wielding pistols. Sometimes swords just aren't the right weapon for a fight