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Twi's shadow magic wasn't

Twi's shadow magic wasn't technically totally shadow magic. You could say he was a light mage...and a dark mage. His magic was made by channeling both

Dude you saw me in WoW pvp... Though that would be funny shit. What level is she?


I could always finish

I could always finish leveling refi on swtor, and we an pvp against each other queue epic music


Shadow wants to kill Twi.

Shadow wants to kill Twi. Twi wants one: not to get killed and two: make peace with Shadow (and thusly reform). Twi had what it took to be a Shadow Creator (as opposed to Cecil's shadow summoning). He was tainted with darkness, but he still had his parent's love for him, so he was also very 'light'. Heh, I should say Shadow Creators need something that makes them broken to be a Creator and not some other school of Shadow Magic. Hence the rarity.


yeah, same. Just wish I knew

yeah, same. Just wish I knew way back when what I know now.

Clothing isn't anatomy, it's another thing you gotta study. I'd sometimes look at pics of modeling to see how clothing fell.