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heh, yeah, they did a great

heh, yeah, they did a great job at keeping it under wraps. I've known about it cuz most of my Rift guild came from EQ and a couple of them did some digging and found a website that was like an EQNext title page and that was it.




Kid you not, top of my twitter feed right now: "EverQuest Next is Real," by IGN


TESO's playthrough looked

TESO's playthrough looked good, definitely one I'd be tempted to try.

EQ's premise sounds cool, but it's still semi early. Based on premise alone, I'd be tempted to try it as well. We shall see after it gets closer to release, whichever year that is.


Yes, TESO is Elder Scrolls

Yes, TESO is Elder Scrolls Online. Watching a video of it right now on IGN. It's looking pretty good, some interesting monster AI.

EQNext has been in the making for about 4 years. Till now, they've kept things pretty tightly under wraps. A lot of people thought that maybe the project died, but it turns out that it didn't. They just kept quiet. Finally they released some info and it's looking good. Supposedly it's going to be kind of a cross between Eve Online's open sandbox and WoW's very linear play style. Supposedly the world is going to be fairly destructible and things might be permanent. Blast a hole in a mountain, it'll still be there a week, month, year from 'now'. Which also means the environment could change, keep blasting the mountain...there might be no mountain left.


Elder Scrolls? Jamie was

Elder Scrolls? Jamie was chatting me up about that the other day.

She's pretty excited for it :) I hadn't even heard of Everquest Next.


Blinks and then busts out

Blinks and then busts out laughing at some of the videos for Everquest Next. See a guy running down a tree lined path and then ducks inside a building. A little later, an enormous walking golem, bigger than the building, comes down the path, uprooting trees just from walking due to it's sheer size. It stops at the building and then BAM! Roof and wall is gone. So much for hiding in the building....


Ugh, kinda, 3 more weeks.

Ugh, kinda, 3 more weeks. Maybe if things go well, I can get a pacemaker for my birthday. That'd be a great day to go in for the minor surgery. Surefire way to avoid everything else.


Ah well gonna head to bed.

Ah well gonna head to bed. Getting tired and gotta be up tomorrow. Plus been up since 5. Wee bit tired. hugses nigh nigh dearie


I think I have a couepl of

I think I have a couepl of episodes of taht to go, think it was cancelled, not sure, they canceled alot of stuff I watched