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The tickler becomes the

The tickler becomes the ticklee! Oh god! It's like a laughter conga line! Someone must end the madness! :)


Then there are eagles that

Then there are eagles that can spot a mouse from a few hundred feet up... or higher. Or fish under water from really high up too.


Hiya everyone! Surprise

Hiya everyone! Surprise tickles Lady N during the hug

Tea rocks, tanya. You should consider making a tiny cup of that, TGE. :)


1-2 more hours then I can go

1-2 more hours then I can go to bed. I dislike having to be up during daylight hours. Well up and going outside.


most predatory birds have

most predatory birds have overlapping fields of vision like humans. Owls have the most. Some hawks have a tiny field where they overlap. So I mean they aren't owl/human like but rather like some of the hawks....that field is still there, just smaller


Heya LadyK. I'm actually

Heya LadyK. I'm actually pondering a cup of tea because I'm still cold, though slowly warming up.


Well, they can move the heads

Well, they can move the heads perhaps a little more so than birds, but greater depth perception would definitely be a huge asset just because then they won't go crashing into things. :)


GE: then they'd stop flying

GE: then they'd stop flying and thus they'd stop birthing elves with wings till soon no aerial elves.

Yes, probably A. Would mean looking at their toes while standing would be a challenge. Probably eyes wider apart, smaller field that benefits from depth perception. Since while flying looking up would entail rotating the head and having eyes semi on the side would benefit that change.


Or maybe they're the same as

Or maybe they're the same as everyone else and just have to deal with the uncomfortableness.

@AWAS create a forum post in the SH requests forum with the wording for the skill and the link to the scene.


Has come to the conclusion

Has come to the conclusion aerial elves are built one of two ways at the neck/head. Either A. the socket is rotated slightly making it easier for them to look straight ahead when flying. Since straight ahead would be like us looking straight up for an extended period. My muscles get tired doing that and it's uncomfortable.

Or B. the joint is much more of an open ball socket like the arm is. In which case it would mean getting the joint dislocated is easier. Dislocated head is bad. Though the image of an elf ramming their head into a wall to re-locate it quite amusing.